Beginners-Intermediate Running Course starts Jan 30th

Join our next running course

Join our next running course

Are you one of these runners?

‘I don’t like running but feel like I should to keep fit’

‘I wish I could run but I’m not good at it.’

‘I like running but get bored after ten minutes.’

‘I can never get past 5k.’

‘I used to be able to run but I’ve lost my mojo.’

Then you are not unlike hundreds of women who have joined our running club in the last three years but who now love running.

We’ve helped coach hundreds of women to distances they never imagined they would be capable of, much less enjoy. And we are talking 0-5k in four weeks, and to half marathon and marathon level in a year.

But the great thing about running is not the distances or the PBs, it’s that huge endorphin buzz you get, along with the feeling of confidence when you realise you really can achieve anything that you set your mind on.

And then there’s the side effect on your body shape too, no bad thing!

If you want to feel the Fitbitch effect for yourself, join us in training for either 10k or 10miles.

The training group will be geared towards the BlueBell Trail Race  April. You don’t HAVE to run this but it’s great to have a goal and will keep you motivated, especially as you’ll be running it with a group of women who you will have trained with for 12 weeks.

Both courses will start at a distance of four miles (perfect if you have just finished our Beginners 0-5k course). The price of the package will include a training plan, Wednesday (7.30pm) and/or Sunday (8.30am) training, as well as a Fitbitch race t-shirt. (you can choose both sessions or use a half package across either session).

Most Weds sessions take place in Hove, Sunday sessions start from different locations.

For prices and bookings, visit our brand website. If you’re a complete beginner then don’t miss our next 0-5k course, details via the same link.


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