Breaking it down to build speed, Weds training 7.30pm

Know your body, boost your running

Know your body, boost your running

Whether you are new to our club, just signed up to our new course (which you can still do) or are part of our current training groups, this session will be perfect.

We will be working on improving your speed with interval work. For those unsure of pace, this will also be an opportunity to understand what pace is all about and how you can use this in your training.

It will also help supercharge your endorphins for the rest of the week ahead!


Those who have booked a new course, please bring a refundable £5 deposit for you training bracelet.

Location: the lawns adjacent to King Alfred Centre, usual place

Time: 7.30pm

Price: £5 drop in, or part of your course

Coach: Rachael


19 responses to “Breaking it down to build speed, Weds training 7.30pm

  1. Yes please I’m in. (Totally new/beginner). Thanks, Hannah

  2. I will be there.

  3. I’ll be there

  4. I’ll be there 🙂

  5. I’ll be there!
    Would love a lift – if anyone can pick me up on the way from Droveway / Dyke Rd area – thanks!

  6. See you there!

  7. I’ll be there

  8. Hi i have signed up for bluebell Sunday runs. I can make it this wed as well. Is it ok to drop-in?

  9. Hi there, I’d like to come along to this session, not been to one before. Thanks, Clare

  10. I’ll be there.

  11. I will be coming – could you let me know how many sessions I have left on my package (if any)? x Jenny Ray

  12. I’m stil looking for a lift from Dyke Rd / Droveway area – can anyone help?


  13. Thanks Rachel – good to know I can use package wed or sun. Had to go to London for work today so may not make it this eve in time. Defo be there sun. Julie

  14. Hi Rachel,
    I’m Gemma’s mate. Thought I should start the commenting to let you know I’m attending. Will be there tonight.


  15. Iill be there tonight

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