0-5k Beginner’s Running Courses, Starts Friday Feb 15th at Lark On Lowther, or Monday 18th Feb at Hove Park Cafe


Take the right step into running

Always wanted to learn how to run? Now is your chance with our fantastic new 0-5 courses on either Monday or Friday mornings.

These courses are for total newbies to running, or those who used to run a loooong time ago and have not run in years.

We will give you the conditioning exercises to help build your strength and get you from 0 to 5k in just four one hour sessions in four weeks. Yes, really.

Meeting at popular cafes in Brighton and Hove, we call these our ‘have your cake and eat it,’ courses. Why?

Because by the end of the session you can enjoy a guilt-free (small) slice of cake.

Dedicated small friendly groups with expert coaches, these courses will get you to the stage where you are ready to join our Sunday off road running courses.

They are fun, effective and once you’re done? You have a fantastic way of keeping fit and in shape that costs little and fits into your schedule.

Our next courses will run from Lark on Lowther near Blakers Park on  Friday and from Hove Park Cafe at Hove Park on Monday 9.30am – 10.30am.

Courses cost £40. Payable in advance. Limited spaces available. For enquiries email info@fitbitchbootcamp.com or call Rachael 07855 742195.

For booking click here


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