Brighton Half Marathon: Arrangements

Some of our Brighton Half Marathon crew last year

Some of our Brighton Half Marathon crew last year


So, the weekend has finally arrived after 12 to 16 weeks of training for the Brighton Half Marathon. First of all, well done to all of you.

You’ve already run the distance, and over some muddy, hilly terrain, far more difficult and taxing than anything that race day will throw at you.

Just think of this Sunday as the glory run, or just a very easy training run compared to our usual runs. It is completely natural to be nervous – just harness this energy as positive energy to get you going off the start line.

If you are not one of our beginners and are aiming for a personal best, or a target time, have in mind what pace you need to run at and be prepared to allow for the affect that wind will have on this.

If you are a bit behind on your training, readjust your pace and you can always do a negative split where you run the second half faster once you know how much you have left in your legs.

Food wise, don’t change anything at this stage. You should all know what works for you now having done lots of Sunday runs over long miles starting early.

On the day, we will be there to help you warm up so you’re totally prepared and ready for the race.

Arrangements for Sunday

8.20am – meet outside Yellowave volleyball centre (meet at their gateway on the pavement outside rather than at their wooden doors) ready for the warm up (either with Rachael or Kate).

Comment if you are going to come (welcome to bring partners and friends who are running too) so we know who to expect.

If you are bringing a bag, put this away BEFORE you meet us. This  gives you time  for a 10min warm up with us, a last minute toilet stop AND time to get into your pen. We will be doing a short bit of running so if  you’re late to the warm up you may not find us.

If it’s cold, wear a bin liner or a top that you don’t mind throwing away on the start line.

Finishing: We will also be there for a post race stretch and celebration at the same place until about 11.30am.

Lastly, it would be GREAT if you could all wear your Fitbitch running vests to help spread the word to other female runners during the race. It’s fantastic to see a sea of purple at these races!

Help spread the women’s running revolution!


13 responses to “Brighton Half Marathon: Arrangements

  1. I’ll be at Yellowave anyway so I’ll join the warm up, won’t be wearing the FB vest I’m afraid as I don’t want to have to define ‘bitch’ to my nieces!!!

  2. I’ll join the warm up. I’m running for Rise so need to wear their vest. Will def be wearing my fitbitch vest for future races though! x

  3. Hi Rachael I will be there, I’m running for Rockinghorse so will be in their vest this time but will be in my FB vest in future!

  4. See you there.

  5. I’ll be there – I’m not running for anyone so I’ll wear my FB vest (over something warmer!) – see you then! xxx

  6. I’ll be there FB vest and all!!

  7. I’ll be there, despite having a disgusting cold. Not going to let it stop me!

  8. Me too awful cold feel like I have been kicked…still hoping I will be miraculously recovered in less than 2 days time tho! Good luck everyone and thanks for being a great bunch to train with x

  9. I’m coming plus 2 others.

  10. See you there x

  11. I will be there for the warm up x

  12. Shirley Waldron

    Fantastic day of running (weather definitely helped!) and finished the half marathon – all thanks to FitBitch. I really couldn’t have done it without you!! Next is Bluebell 10k – no stopping me now! xx

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