Off road beauty, Sunday 24th Feb


Glorious skies and witty chat on the climbs!


Whether you are still basking in the glow of finishing the Brighton Half Marathon, or simply inspired by watching your friends/partners/total strangers and want to start running yourself, come and join us this Sunday.

For those training for the Bluebell race, or those joining for a social run, there is an option of a four mile or 7mile.

The four mile is suitable for those new to our running club who can currently run 5k.  It would also be good for those who ran last week’s half marathon and would prefer something more gentle.

Please DON’T jump to 7miles (Bluebell 10miles) group if you’re training for 10k.

And for our specialist marathon group,  we start to pick up our distance to 14miles on an undulating route (with a lovely downhill section) that will build your physical and mental endurance.

We finish at Hove Park cafe for coffee.


Time: 8.30am

Location: Hove Park Cafe

Price: £7 except for Marathon group: £10, for distances over 13miles

Marathon: Melissa, with Karen Russell (N.B if you would like to join our marathon training team on a drop in basis please call Rachael 07855 742195. We are a small group so it’s perfect for those runners who may be feeling isolated or overwhelmed with their current training schedule).

BlueBell & Beginners: Melanie Anning

7mile group: Kate or Rachael, with Elspeth

General etiquette: Please stay with your group when you run. If this means you don’t run with someone you know, start chatting with someone new! This helps us keep you safe, and on the right track.

Stuck in the middle of a group and not noticed where the front leaders have gone? Don’t guess. Wait for our ambassador at the back of the group.



15 responses to “Off road beauty, Sunday 24th Feb

  1. I’ll be there for the 4 miles 🙂

    Would anyone be able to give me a lift from near the Level/Open Market?

  2. Is it ok for my to jump in with the 7 miles group then Rachael?

  3. 14 miles for me please

  4. 14 miles for me too please

  5. 4 miles for me, followed by a coffee 🙂

  6. Shauna O'Donoghue

    I am new to the group and gutted to be working, I was wondering if you could send me the route of the 4 mile as it sounds like lovely scenic route!!

  7. Yes please for 7m and a coffee ; )

  8. Yes please for the 14 x

  9. Hi, planning to come along, probably for the 4 mile, I am signed up for the 10 mile bluebell run, but my longest training run has been just over 5 miles so far, so not sure if 7 too big a jump? Maybe can just do extra lap round the park after the 4 miles!

  10. Kathy greenwood

    Hi just to confirm, it’s Kathy here, I’ve run with you before during jan and in snow, just done half marathon and would like to do the 14 miles with marathon group on Sunday thanks Kathy x

  11. Count me in for 7 please x

  12. I’ll be there for 4 miles please!

  13. I’ll be along for 7 miles.

  14. I’d like to do 4 miles please xx

  15. Hi Ill be there for the 4 miles tomorrow.

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