Sea, Downs and River, Sunday run March 3rd, 8.30am

It's not long until we'll be seeing some of these...

It’s not long until we’ll be seeing some of these…

(For Weds night Feb 27th) training, scan down to the post below. Weds are suitable for all.

For our BlueBell and Marathon groups, the mileage is beginning to increase. But this beautiful run that combines both some off-road and road sections will help to develop strength and endurance safely.

And most importantly, with the renowned Fitbitch camaraderie en route, the miles will fly past.


Bluebell & Social runner groups: Location: Marina car park, Asda, 8.30am

4 mile route (10k Bluebell group) with Melissa and Elspeth

7.5mile route (10mile Bluebell) with Kate & Melanie L

Drop in: £7

(please note: do not jump up a distance – talk to us if you are coming for the first time, returning from injury or unsure of which group to join)

Marathon training group, with Rachael & Tor

Location: Hove Station to catch the 07.56 train to Lewes (don’t be late!)

I have some N parking permits £2 each if anyone wants one – comment here.

Our route will follow the river and head back along the seafront ending at the station to pick up your cars. Dress warm and have warm clothes in your car.

Drop in: £10



22 responses to “Sea, Downs and River, Sunday run March 3rd, 8.30am

  1. Julie Alexander

    I will be there on Sunday for 4 miles. Julie

  2. I’ll be there for the train to lewes!

  3. I’ll be there for 7.5 miles

  4. A train journey and a 15 mile run for my birthday! how exciting ha ha! see you at station.

  5. I’ll be there for 15 mile please

  6. I will be there for the 4 miles x

  7. I’d like to join the 7.5 mile group, is there anyone I could get a lift with to the marina from 7 Dials area? I live on Addison Road, though happy to get anywhere in central Brighton or Hove to suit driver. My no. is 07789990001 Thanks a lot 🙂

  8. See you at Hove station to catch the train to Lewes

  9. Not sure what to do, haven’t run since last weekend, went for a walk this weekend and my calf/knee joint was really painful during the night, but it’s fine when I am walking around. Not seeing Lily until next week. Should I try the 15miles?

    • have you tried to foam roll it? And iced it? Maybe go adn see either Jeanna at Natural Therapies or Jodie at Body Rehab

      • Kim Boucher

        Yep been foam rollering, really painful on the side of my calf. Won’t be joining for the 15miles, will see if I can fit in an appointment next week, thanks!

  10. I’ll be there for the 4 miles x

  11. please can you confirm what ground we’ll be running on for the 4 mile run, as still haven’t purchased trail shoes….thanks

  12. Kathy greenwood

    Hi I’d like to come for the marathon group run on sun 3rd. How far is it this time btw

    Best wishes


  13. I’ll be there for 7.5 please

  14. Suzannah Lamb

    Hi again, last shout out for any 4 or 7.5 milers driving to the marina tomorrow who I could get a lift with. I live on Addison Road, 7 Dials, but happy to get somewhere convenient for you. If you’re doing 4 miles, I can get the bus home. Suzi 07789990001

  15. Michelle Doyle

    I’ll be there for 4 miles please!

  16. Cat McConnell

    I’m looking forward to the 7.5 mile run tomorrow!

  17. HI. Ill be there for the 4 miles

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