Coming up…

many of these runners have come through our camp system

many of these runners have come through our camp system

Next week, we have a 0-5k Beginners Course starting at 9.30am from Hove Park Cafe on Mondays, and from Lark on Lowther on Tuesdays, same time.

The courses cost £40 and will take you from a complete beginner to a 5k runner in four weeks. Those booking the courses will also get complimentary Weds night training for the duration of their course.

For our regular runners, have you thought about doing one of our camps?

On Monday, we start a four week Ultimate Transform Camp, which includes an optional eating plan and four weeks of fitness. You may drop in on two or three sessions per week if four is too much.

Why would a camp help you as a runner?

As many of you who have been coming to run club are now aware, running is not just about running. It is about strength and conditioning, technique, speed training, flexibility and more.

We cover ALL of this at camp and this month, we have a special emphasis on the all important glutes and legs. And lord knows, most of you have heard us bang on about how important the glutes and core are to help make you stronger, faster runners, and to help you avoid injuries.

We’ll be putting some testimonials up soon but many of our runners have recently been through our camp system. They’ve come out the other side half a stone lighter and with a Brighton Half Marathon PB…so there you go.

It’s our birthday next month so if you do sign up for the entire camp and get a friend, one of you gets the camp for half price. And the following camp is half price too.

Some of our run club have booked on already. Want to join them and see your running transformed?

For all bookings visit

Drop in 8 or 12 sessions, call Rachael 07855 742195


4 responses to “Coming up…

  1. Hi. Are the spaces for the Hove 6am camp from Monday next week all booked up? I thought I saw something on Facebook that said they had gone but the email suggests there might be spaces?

  2. Hey Carlo, 6am Hove is booked BUT our Queen’s Park camp has at least two sessions per week on the Seafront in areas that we also visit for our Hove Camp so you could do the Queen’s Park one and just drop into these locations if you like? Give me a call 07855 742195 if interested

  3. Thanks. I think I’ll leave it this time and look out for the next camp. C

  4. hi carla, the next camp is available to book online – 6am hove sells out fast just FYI

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