Strength, Speed & Smile Session, Weds 13th March

Even after hard pacing, we can all smile...just!

Even after the hills we can smile

Whether you are new to us or one of our regular Weds night runners, come for a technique and speed session on hills this week.

Hill training is vital for helping to improve strength, speed, running technique and mental focus. And let’s face it, master the mind and you’ve won half the battle when it comes to hill training.

Don’t worry if you have never run with us before, we will adapt it for you. But for those who are part of our regular group this is a must-have session particularly if you have signed up for the BlueBell Run.

And for our marathon runners, it is good to do something totally out of your usual slow runs to help fire you up and feel great again. You can easily drop one of your pace sessions this week if you do this session instead.


Location: Peter Pan Playground, Madeira Drive (there are parking metres before 8pm so make sure you bring some change)

Time: 7.30pm

Drop in: £5

Coach: Kate





10 responses to “Strength, Speed & Smile Session, Weds 13th March

  1. I’ll be there x

  2. I’ll be there!

  3. Can’t make this week as have a parents’ eve.

  4. Just heard it may be over by 7 so may make it, are we running up and down Duke’s Mound – just if I’m a bit late?

  5. We are staying in that area Caroline (weather permitting on the hill workout), so if you can make it then it will be good to see you. Plus you need to get the mixed sessions in for marathon training. Call me if any problems Kate: 07702983744

  6. Julie Alexander

    I’ll be there (making up for the run I missed last Sunday). Julie

  7. I hope to be there! Can anyone offer me a lift please? From Dyke Road / Droveway area thanks!

  8. Me too can pick u up belinda if we are quick !
    call me 07970801193

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