Stunning scenic run, Sunday 17th March, 8.30am

Happy Sunday running

Jump, smile and run.

Don’t miss our next Sunday, particularly if you are training for the BlueBell 10k or 10mile as building your mileage gradually, and your hill training is important.

Choose from 6miles (those training for 10k) or 8.5miles (training for 10miles) or if you’re new to us, come along and join us for a social run.

It will start from Hove Park, with a flat route before heading up to the Downs and returning to the park. Those on the longer route will finish with a pacey lap to help focus the mind on race strategy – and just because it’s good to finish on a high!

Our marathon group hit 19miles this week and the advantage of going long? You get to enjoy so much scenery and this route has it all. Sea, river and the downs.

It is a hilly route but where there is an up, there is a down to help you stretch out your legs.

The routes have been chosen to avoid any open fields where it will be very soggy after the snow. BUT trail shoes are probably preferable if you have them.


Running etiquette: Please note that we leave at 8.30am from the start so be there with time to get yourself ready and pay your drop in fees.

Please do not run ahead of the coach, or if you do stay within sight. Those running in the middle, if you lose sight of the front runner, you MUST wait for the ambassador bringing up the back so you don’t get lost.

8 & 6mile route please meet at Hove Park Cafe. 8mile route will be led by Melissa, 6mile by Kate. Running ambassador: Elspeth (group dependent on size)

Drop in: £7

Marathon group: Please meet Marrocco’s Cafe, Hove Seafront 8.30am

Our route will follow along the seafront to Shoreham, along the river and then up over the downs finishing at the cafe for an optional breakfast.

Coach: Rachael, Drop in: £10


12 responses to “Stunning scenic run, Sunday 17th March, 8.30am

  1. I’ll be there for the 6 miles 🙂

  2. Hi – I’ll be there for 6 miles, thx Jenny

  3. I’ll be there for the long run 🙂

  4. 6 miles for me plse. This might be a strange question as answer depends on how fast we run (!) – but what time do you think we will get back to hove park? Rough idea would be handy. Thanks Julie

  5. See you at marocco’s!

  6. I’ll be there for the 8 miles

  7. 6 miles for me please! Smelling of Deep Heat 😉

  8. 6 miles for me, will have rusty running legs!

  9. i’m hoping to be there for 6 miles.

  10. Also the 6!

  11. I will be coming 8.5 miles

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