River Run, Sunday 24th March, 8.30am

Friendly faces

Friendly faces


We’ve worked a lot on hills in the last few weeks of Sunday sessions, so this weekend, we’re taking to the river for a flat route, perfect to help you focus on technique.

This is also a great opportunity for those who are a little behind in their mileage to catch up, as both the 6 and 9mile route follow the same path, with the 6mile turning back sooner.

Those wanting to run a little further in the shorter distance can do so, until they meet with the front of the 9mile group on their return.

We are short on staff this week so we ask all our runners for understanding this weekend. Fast runners may need to loop back with their ambassador to ensure those at the back don’t fall too far behind (or be prepared to wait and catch up). We will brief you all at the beginning of the run.

This is a perfect run for those currently not training for something but who would like to run in a group.

PLEASE COMMENT HERE IF YOU ARE COMING (marathon training group route will be posted later this week). PLEASE BE PROMPT – arrive with plenty of time to park, sign in and pay. Groups leave on the run at 8.30am.

6miles: Ambassador Elspeth

9miles: Ambassador Mel Lankester

Location: Car Park Riverside, Shoreham by Sea http://en.parkopedia.co.uk/parking/shoreham_by_sea/

Please note, this was closed a few months ago so you may need to park in surrounding streets where there is plenty of room

Time: 8.30am departure

Drop in: £7


19 responses to “River Run, Sunday 24th March, 8.30am

  1. 6 miles for me please, although I’ll probs carry on a bit further…..

  2. I’ll be there for 6 miles.

  3. I will be there for the 6 mile x

  4. I need to catch up so need to do 7.5 miles please! Only if I can get a lift there – if anyone could help? Dyke Road / Droveway area please let me know on here or facebook or twitter where I’ll be posting too 🙂 x

  5. I’ll be there for the 6 miles. Can give lifts from London Road/The level area xxx

  6. Michelle Doyle

    Hi, I’ll be there for the 6 miles as long as my ankle holds up at bootcamp this week!

  7. Julie Alexander

    Hi 6 miles for me too. Julie

  8. Hi, 6 miles for me too! First time for running on the Sundays, but have been attending QP camp and promised Kate I’d do this Sunday – have entered the Bluebell 10K (yikes!). Could I take you up on your offer of a lift Natasha, I can meet anywhere on the Level? thanks

    • Hi Sallie,
      No problem – I can pick you up at the bottom right hand side of the Level (if you’re looking forward the sea) at say 8.10? xxx

      • Thanks Natasha, that would be great! I’ll be on the corner of the level, a bit down from the Caroline of |Brunswick pub, on the right hand side facing the sea, on the corner! I’ll be wearing a green parka! my twitter is @salliebuffy if we need to contact each other! thanks and see you tomorrow!!! xxx

  9. I’ll do 6, unless having a great run could go a bit further…..

  10. Julie Alexander

    Hi- sorry change of plan, won’t be there for 6 miles after all, v sore knees! Now know that combining a run, then badminton match not a good idea. On bluebell package so will come Wed instead if that’s ok. Juliex

  11. Cat McConnell

    I’ll be joining the 6 mile tomorrow. See you then….

  12. Sorry not joining this mornings run x

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