Stanmer in Spring time, Sunday 7th April

Spring is coming

Spring is coming

Brighten up your Sunday with a run from Stanmer where the daffodils will be on show  – er, along with the Spring sun according to the forecast.

We have two different mileage groups this week, the taper 7miles for our marathon group who will join those training for the BlueBell 10k, also running 7miles.

And the race simulation 10miles for our BlueBell longer distance group, with a lap at the end to help you all focus on race preparation.

We are nearing the final weeks of training for both these groups and so neither are suitable for beginners or those not used to off road running (our new groups for beginners-intermediates start in a few weeks).

And let’s support our marathon runners – their last Sunday run before the big day! We will be organising Support Bases for next Sunday’s marathon.

Please note that next week’s training run will take place on Saturday so that we can support our marathon runners.

Coffees can be enjoyed after at Stanmer House if anyone wants to stop for a drink.


Location: Car Park to the right of the entrance to Stanmer Park

Time: 8.30am run departure

7 mile group & marathon taper, Coach: Melissa, RA: Karen Russell and Melanie Lankester

10mile group: Coach: Kate, RA: Elspeth

Cost: £7 all runs

Running Etiquette:

  • Please arrive in time to pay, and be briefed on the run (we leave at 8.30am so you need to be there before)
  • We run in groups, if you are fast we may give you some extra work (speed repeats or more) to help improve your running while others catch up – don’t worry, this most definitely won’t affect your run speed!
  • Don’t run ahead of the front coach. If you are caught between a front and back group, only proceed on the route if you can see the group up head. If not, wait.
  • If you decide to turn back let one of our ambassadors or coaches know.
  • If you’ve not been before, email us in advance

26 responses to “Stanmer in Spring time, Sunday 7th April

  1. Julie Alexander

    I will be there for 7 miles (bluebell 10k)

  2. I would also like to run the route – but as I know I will probably be the slowest – is that ok?

  3. 10 miles for me please! I need a lift there and back if anyone can help? 🙂

  4. I’ll be there for 7 miles – can give lifts from London Road/The Level area – 07511548931 xxx

  5. I’ll be there for the 7 miles, thanks.

  6. 7 miles for me please

  7. I’ll be there for 7 miles

  8. I’m coming for 7 miles!

  9. Jenny Holmes

    Hi. I’ll be there for 7 miles, thx Jenny

  10. Sorry for the late response – I’d love to be there for the 10 miles.

  11. 10 miles please. Carla

  12. Suzanne Ford

    I’ll be there for the 7 miles.

  13. Hey there,

    Am I okay to run the 7 miles? I’ll probably be at the back of the pack.



  14. Can’t make it tomorrow but Lisa, Karen, Suzy I’d love to be in touch and u know I’m not in Facebook. My number’s 07771601916, send me a text! Cx

  15. i’ll be there for the 7 miler – if I can get a lift – i’m at Hove – First Ave, Liz 07506 143370

  16. I’ll be there for 7 x

  17. Sorry not running tomorrow, enjoy 🙂

  18. Sorry change of plan. I can’t make tomorrow. I will be there next Sat instead. Carla

  19. will be there for the 7 miler – can give lifts from Brunswick square if anyone still needs – 07734957857

  20. Will be there for the 7 miles

  21. Hi I’ll be there, not sure what distance yet.

  22. Suzanne Ford

    Sorry, not feeling great so going to give the run a miss.

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