STARTING this week – and Spring Price Increase

Smile on the start line for a great run!

Sunday running gets you in shape and makes you happy

As running coaches, myself, Kate & Melissa love seeing new runners and experienced runners develop,  whether it’s a beginner reaching their first 5k or someone getting a personal best on a hilly half.

However, to help us continue to provide this service we are regretfully having to increase our Sunday price for drop-ins to £10 from this weekend.

BUT…our package prices will only increase minimally by £1 for Sunday runs, which will still include complimentary training plans. PLUS, you can use these Sunday sessions against Yoga for Runners if you miss a run.

This is the only way that we can still continue to offer our spectacular off-road Sunday runs. And with it comes improvements to run club which will include:

  • More running ambassadors per group
  • Different pace groups for those who want to work on speed without forgoing the social aspect
  • Coloured bibs for each group to help you run smart
  • Feedback on your running
  • A new online system where you can monitor the number of sessions you have booked as well as chart your personal running progress (to be introduced in 2-4months)

We recognise that this means we might lose some of our fabulous runners and we have battled with the price increase for some time. But it is the only way that we can continue to provide this service and hopefully, make it even better.

The increase now makes our package deals – or annual membership (price held at £250 until May 1st) the most economical deal.

Many of these packages start this week (Weds or Saturday – switching to Sat this week due to Sunday’s Marathon). Read on if you wish to book any of the following…

(Don’t worry if you miss the first session, as our group packages all come with a training plan – bar Tough Mudder & Kamikaze, which will also be covered within our fitness camps)

Beg-Int to Heroes 10k starts this Weds (starting mileage 2.5miles this sat)

Int-Ad to South Downs Half and Seaford Half Marathon this weds (starting mileage 5 miles on Sat)

Foundation Five Weeks to Tough Mudder (starts at 5miles on Saturday)

Foundation Five Weeks to Kamikaze (starts at 2.5miles this Saturday)

More details are available on our corresponding pages here. But if you wish to book or view prices click here

(Please note package prices are non-refundable and non-transferable to other packages).



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