Spring into running, Sat 13th April, 8.30am

Spring into running

Spring into running

Get your Spring running season on the go this Saturday (usual weekend run is on Sunday except for this week) with our training run for beginners who would like to train for the Heroes 10k – or just want to train for fun.

And don’t miss our ‘Escape & Chase’ special run for those training for Tough Mudder or the Bluebell 10k and 10miler.

All runs are open to everyone even if you have not been before as drop ins  at £10 although they are better value if you purchase a package, which include the cost of the runs and a complimentary training plan.  (except TM).

If you buy a package and can’t make a Sunday run, you can use it at our Yoga for Runners classes on Monday evenings, 6pm.

Routes this Saturday:

Our beginners to 10k run will be 2.5mile flat run along the seafront.

BlueBellers have a final post race run of 6 miles with a steady uphill and a downhill all the way back.

Tough Mudder crew (anyone like to join our crew training for this contact rachael 07855 742195) are on for a five mile run.

But there is a twist…both BB & TM groups will be running together but when the five mile crew turn early, their task will be to increase their pace on their return to avoid being caught. Bluebell runners on six miles, your job is to catch them.

This will help everyone work on their pace and give this week’s training run more focus. No one will get left behind so don’t worry if you are a slower runner, although we will be encouraging you to join in the ‘hunt’ or the escape!


Location: Corner of St Aubyns South and King’s Esplanade (by the trampolines on Hove seafront)

When: Saturday, 8.30am (please arrive before this time as this is when we will leave)

Parking: Seafront metres or King Alfred Centre car park

Price: £10

Coaches: Rachael & Kate

Ambassadors: Elspeth and Melanie L






17 responses to “Spring into running, Sat 13th April, 8.30am

  1. Yes please for Bluebell 10mile traiining!
    Could anyone give me a lift please? Dyke Road / Droveway area 🙂

  2. ha ha this looks funny, I’m not sure I’ll be a sprightly hare though as I’m full of cold 😦 see you there x

  3. Julie Alexander

    I’ll be there for 6 miles. Julie

  4. I’m a maybe for 6 miles at the moment, recovering from an awful flu thing at the moment. Going to do a short test run tomorrow morning and see how I do with my breathing. x

    • I’m definitely in for the 6 miles tomorrow. Would anyone be able to give me a lift? I’m near the Level/Open Market x

  5. I’m in for the 6 miles – Clare can give you a lift as usual. xxx

  6. Hi – I’ll be there for 6 miles. thanks Jx

  7. I’m in for the beginners 2.5 miles please

  8. Be there for the TM 5 mile training, same as Jo though – full of cold so not sure how sprightly I’ll be 🙂

  9. I’ll be coming for the bluebellers!

  10. I’m in for 6 miles please.

  11. Hi I’ll be coming for the 6 mile group.

  12. E & I will be there for the 5 miles.

  13. Should have said: am coming by bike, so not sure I can take the flag for tomorrow. Sorry…

  14. Hi Carla
    Thanks for agreeing to give me a lift to the bluebell run on Sunday. My no is 07967361915 to arrange. Thanks. Suzy

  15. I can give a lift to bluebell from hove on Sunday. Planning to leave about 8.45. Text 07812 121 956. Carla

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