Marathon Support Crew – arrangements

marathon motivation

The time has come for our crew of fantastic marathon runners to tie on their trainers, slurp back the water and hit the Brighton marathon route.

They’ve all trained incredibly hard and, despite what they may think, are possibly more mentally and physically prepared than most because they have trained through the harshest of winters.

BUT they need our support. If you’ve run a marathon before, you KNOW how important those friendly faces are in the crowd, or those landmarks in the race where you cling on to get you through the next three, four or nine miles.

If you haven’t believe it, it makes a difference.

Come down and lend our crew a cheer, a hug, a piece of orange or some sweets this Sunday.

If you have a Fitbitch hoodie, it would be great to wear it as when you get tired you need something familiar to look for in the spectators or you miss people entirely.

Here are where our Stations will be – and hopefully we should have flags up at both these points. Marathon runners, imprint it on your memory or have it on your watches that this is where you can expect to see us.

13.5miles and 24.5 miles – on Hove Lawns in front of Palmeira Square/Near Hove Lawns cafe (left of this if facing the sea)

hopefully, Rachael or Kate will be here holding the fort. Time expected of first Fitbitch runner at this point 10.40am ish

18.5miles & 24miles – corner of St Aubyns South & Kingsway going out, St Aubyns South and Kings Esplanade coming back

Rachael, Melisss and Emma

P.S If you hand out sweets etc, a little tip. Put them in your hand and give them to the runners. It’s impossible to dwelve into a bag when you’re running. And taking off a wrapper? Forget it!



One response to “Marathon Support Crew – arrangements

  1. Good luck ladies, have a great run!

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