Up and running – hills training Wednesday 15th May


The best part of hills is the view from the top!

Join us this Wednesday and let us change the way you think about hills. We’ll be focusing on uphill and downhill technique as well as mental strength, making this a fantastic session for beginners and regulars alike. Don’t worry, we’re not heading off into the hills, but using Dukes Mound on Madeira Drive.

If you’ve just signed up for the 10k beginners course, training for the half or if you’re just coming back since your last race come along on Wednesday and kick start your running. We’ll be tailoring effort to your ability with time to rest between each climb.

Hills are one of the best and fastest ways to build strength and speed. But it’s not all about boosting your cardio fitness and leg strength, running form and mental strength are just as important.

Once you find your stride, you’ll feel lighter and smoother whether you’re going up or coming down, not to mention the paybacks in racing times. 

 Meet us at:  Bottom of Dukes Mound – Madeira Drive

When: 7.30pm

How much: £5 drop in (but check the website for package deals and annual membership)

Coach: Melissa (07894 146016) 


7 responses to “Up and running – hills training Wednesday 15th May

  1. I’ll be there 🙂

  2. Me too!

  3. Kim Boucher

    I’m planning on coming

  4. Suzanne Ford

    I do love a hill. See you there.

  5. Yep should be there

  6. Ill be there!

  7. I will be there!

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