Beg-Int Run Training, Sunday 19th May

Learn to run and do good jazz hands

Learn to run and do good jazz hands

If you missed the start of our 10k course on Wednesday, or you are interested in social running with expert coaching and want to start off gradually, don’t miss this weekend’s 2.5mile run.

Suitable for all, this is a flat seafront run with two expert coaches who will guide you through running techniques that could transform your running. The second part of the run will focus on pace and improving speed.


Package prices are still available and the best deal prices and booking page. these include a training plan.

Drop in: £10

Time: 8.20am for an 8.30am departure.

Where: Marrocco’s Cafe King’s Esplanade Hove. Best place to park, King Alfred Centre.

Coaches: Rachael and Mel Anning

(This is the only run this weekend other than Tough Mudder training on Sat, which costs £15 drop in if you are not doing our camp).


4 responses to “Beg-Int Run Training, Sunday 19th May

  1. why is a drop in so expensive now ? Its doubled in six months, and seems an awful lot just to be accompagnied on a run, I can’t afford it which is a shame because I’m finding my solitary runs harder as the years go by.

    • Hi Hatt, our Weds runs are still £5 and we’ve kept our Sunday runs at £5-7 for over three years. You can still take advantage of this price if you book one of our courses or a batch of sunday runs. This means we get the chance to develop your running in a much more effective way than just dropping in occasionally. Our new course has just started – first run this weekend. Price here

      As for the drop in price, this has had to go up because we provide a professional service to our runners, including coaching, organising the routes and ensuring we now have between two and three coaches per running group, each feeding back coaching advice.

      All of our coaches and running ambassadors are professionally qualified and ensured and we use mapping systems to ensure you get access to some of the most stunning off road routes in the area, most of which have been tested beforehand.

      I’m really sorry if this means it is now out of your budget -it was a very difficult decision for us to take as we’d dearly love to be able to offer running for all. But we have costs to cover to ensure we can provide a professional coaching service where you both learn new techniques, and are coached right up to a race or event with stunning routes and a group of like minded women.

  2. I’ll be there 🙂

  3. Going to have to do a later 2.5 on my own on Sunday – son has cricket match at 9 and husband away. should be the only sunday like this on this package!
    den x

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