Building distance, opening up views, Saturday 29th June

New friends, new achievements, new views!

New friends, new achievements, new views!

One of the best things about building up distance in a run – or working towards this, is not just the sense of accomplishment but the fact that you also get to see so much more of your surroundings.

Think you can’t escape the city without a car? Think again.

This Saturday’s route will reveal a fantastic off road route up to the Downs where few may suspect it exists.

If you are doing our trail running course, or our beginners to half marathon then this is a crucial step in your training as it will be an off road route where we will navigate mixed terrain.

It is a hilly run but it is all good fun and we will work with you on technique so you finish feeling fab.

There is a 3mile run for our beginners group which is NOT available as a drop in, unless you have signed up to our Weds, Sunday or full package (still available if you wish to do so

And we have a five mile social run for our regulars on a drop in basis. The front group will work on a fast pace so get ready for a good heart pumping blast.

Don’t worry if you’d prefer a laid back approach though – our run ambassador will lead those after a more leisurely run.

Location: Hove Park, by the small roundabout corner of Goldstone and Woodland Drive

Time: 8.15am for a strict 8.30am departure

Coaches: 3 mile group Melissa with Elspeth

5 mile group, Rachael with Mel Anning


6 responses to “Building distance, opening up views, Saturday 29th June

  1. 5 for me please! Thanks

  2. Suzanne Ford

    I’ll be there for 5 miles.

  3. I will be dropping in for 5 miles, I haven’t done more than a slow 2/3 miles for a while – so please be kind!
    Jenny Ray

  4. I will be there for 3

  5. Ill be there for 5 miles

  6. Hi. I’ll be there for the 5mile.

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