Coming up Weds 3rd July…Beginner’s 10k Course

Friendship, progress, feel good running

Friendship, progress, feel good running

If you missed the start of our last 10k course, or are a new runner looking to progress in a friendly environment, don’t miss our beginners 8 week course to 10k Arundel Castle Run starting on Weds 3rd July (you can join on Sunday 7th).

It is NOT compulsory to enter the race as part of this course, but the Arundel 10k on Sunday 25th August, through the grounds of the castle looks like a beauty! To enter the race click here

Our running course includes a Biomechanics workshop this Wednesday 3rd July worth £10 (Open to those not on the course but must be booked in advance BOOK here – limited numbers). This will analyse the foundations of your running, to help you develop correct technique which will help make you faster and avoid injury. Weather permitting, we will provide video feedback during the session.

Thereafter, the course will help you build you strength and speed on Wednesday evenings, and distance on Sundays.

You don’t need to commit to both sessions but you will need to commit to paying for some of this course in order to be entitled to drop in to the course runs on Sunday.

For instance, pay for the Weds course (£38) which includes the biomechanics workshop and you can pay £10 drop ins on Sundays.

Or pay for the Sunday course (£58) and you can pay drop in Weds and for the workshop separately.

Alternatively, if you know you can commit to the full 8 week course it costs £95.

These Sunday drop-ins are NOT available to anyone not signed on to the course.

Join the crew – sign up to the Beginners to 10k Arundel Castle Course



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