Sunny weekend run, Downs and Sea

Don't miss the poppy run! They won't be there next week!

Don’t miss the poppy run! They won’t be there next week!

Don’t miss this Sunday’s run with the weather currently forecast for beautiful sunshine.

For our beginner’s group who are training for Arundel 10k (or just training for the distance) we are starting off with a 2.5kms run along the seafront with coach, Melissa.

She will build on your technique knowledge as you run and of course, help you keep going to get to distance. Please note, you need to have signed up to part of this course (either Weds only, or the Sunday option) to attend this particular run. Signing up to Sunday course is a much more cost effective. (Sign up here )

For those training for the Bacchus Half Marathon, and our social runners we are building on our off road running experience with a just over 4 mile (just because it’s a low mileage regulars, don’t think it’s easy peasy!) gorgeous run on the Downs.

It has hills but what goes up, must come down so you’ll enjoy some rewarding downhills and a huge sense of accomplishment at the end.

We will have two running members of staff on this run so you can run it fast at the front, or use it as a leisurely enjoyable Sunday run.


2.5kms runners meet Melissa, Marrocco’s on Kings Esplanade seafront in Hove

4mile runners, meet Rachael plus Elspeth or Mel A in the second car park on Devil’s Dyke Road, just past the sign for the Golf Farm.

Drop in fee for non course members (not including 10k course) £10

Time: 8.15am for a strict 8.30am departure


11 responses to “Sunny weekend run, Downs and Sea

  1. See you there for 4 miles

  2. Me too!

  3. Suzanne Ford

    Be there for the 4 miles.

  4. I will be there for 4 miles
    Anyone fancy a lift from Hanover just text
    07765115585 flying back saturday

  5. I will be there for 4 miles.

  6. I’ll be there for 4 miles please, although will be taking it at a lesuirely pace 🙂

  7. 4 please! See you there!

  8. Change of plan going away now so won’t make this weeks run but enjoy!

  9. I’m gonna come if I can get a lift back – any offers…to 7 Dials/station area? Thanks

  10. Cant make it now, enjoy the sun x

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