Flow like the River. Sunday 21st July. 6 mile run.

River views, house boats and playgrounds.

River views, house boats and playgrounds.

If you’re part of our beginner’s group to half marathon this six mile run is a perfect one to get your legs in and work on pace and is also open to social runners *(read below) who are already able to run 6miles.

It is also the first run of our NEW POWER YOUR PACe Half Marathon group, training for Bacchus, Firle and Bristol.

We shall be aiming to progress this group to a PB and are aiming to help pace the front runners to a 8min mile pace. Don’t fear, there will another coach ensuring that the rest of the group do not slip below 9min miles.

But it’s not all serious – the scenery is stunning, the weather should be sunny and there’s a great playground at the start to have a little pre-run warm up.

Although the distance is 6 miles its advised that you bring some water to keep yourself hydrated if the Sun is still shining for us.

PLease comment here if you are coming

*Please note that should you wish to join the training group to progress in distance we ask you to commit to some of the course payment. Half Packages are available

MEET:  Shoreham Beach. Beach Green. Car park, near the house boats and playground. 8.15am ready to run at 8.30.

COACHES: Kate (07702983744)  and Melissa 07894146016. R/A Elspeth.

£10 drop in fee for social runners.


9 responses to “Flow like the River. Sunday 21st July. 6 mile run.

  1. I’ll be there and offering lifts from Hanover 07765115585

  2. Clare Lusted

    I’ll be there 🙂

  3. I will be dropping in : )

  4. I’ll be there 🙂

  5. I’ll be there.

  6. I’ll be there for the 6 mile

  7. I won’t be there tomorrow, I’m going to a 40th in Sevenoaks. Can I join the Wednesday session instead please?

  8. I will be there x

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