Up hill, down hill! Wednesday 7th August.

Conquering the hills.

Conquering the hills.


This Wednesday is a stamina hill workout to promote endurance and strength. There are plenty of other benefits to hill training which include increase in lower body strength  including the hip flexors (great for improving hip stability), improves stride frequency and length, neuromuscular co-ordination, and both aerobic and anaerobic power. Not forgetting the calories you burn as you sculpt your bottom half.

This session is suitable for all levels and we will be running repetitions at individual paces using the RPE scale, which will be explained during the warm up.

MEET: Bottom of Dukes Mound, Madeira Drive.

TIME: 7.30 – 8.30pm.

Coach: Kate. 07702983744.

Drop in: £5.




17 responses to “Up hill, down hill! Wednesday 7th August.

  1. Haha, great pic! I’ll be there. See you Weds 🙂 x

  2. I’m in. See you on Wed

    • Alexandra Gillett

      I’m really sorry but can’t make tonight- I thought I’d be finished moving flat by now but it turns out I need all of tonight to scrub old flat. Sorry but everyone on Sunday x

  3. I’d like to come along and try it out as a drop in! Amy

    • Great Amy, look forward to seeing you. Again, same as Hannah, can you fill in the New Members joining form prior to attending. thx

  4. Hi! I’d like to come along on weds as a first timer, I hope that’s ok. I don’t know the area very well & am hoping there’s somewhere nearby I can lock my bike? Thanks Hannah

  5. I’ll be there

  6. I’ll be there! I’m looking for a lift there and back if anyone can help please? Dyke Road / Droveway area 🙂

  7. See you there.

  8. I’m in – I love Dukes Mound training! (I may regret saying this…)

  9. I’ll be there

  10. I’m going to do my best to come but i need a lift – is anyone coming from west hove? Dxx

  11. Elspeth Hayde

    I will be there x

  12. Samantha Dack

    I’ll be there as a Duke’s Mound novice, see you there

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