‘Show us your soles’ Pace training, Weds 14th August

Show us your soles!

Show us your soles!

In a break with tradition, this week we will meet up at Hove Park for a pace session rather than the seafront. (location below)

Whether you are a total beginner, or one of our regulars, pace sessions are an integral part of training as a runner. They help build your muscles, (better activating the glute muscles, hence it means that you should be showing the sole of your foot to the person behind you if you’re running correctly) and helps to make you faster.

We are going to make this fun though too – we won’t just set you off with a watch to try and stick to a pace. How are we going to achieve that? Well, you’ll just have to come and find out.

For beginners not used to running distance, don’t fear, we will not be running any longer than 1km at any time, and always returning to the same place.

All £5 session fees can now be made online. We are accepting payments on the day up until September when it will all have to be done online.

In the meantime, please comment here if you are coming UNLESS you pay online where we will have your details.

Remember, if you have registered with Rise UK and have NEVER done a session with Fitibtch run club or our camps, Wednesday night training (starts next week August 21st until October 2nd) is free for you on completion of a registration form that will be sent automatically on entering the Rise8k. So hurry, and register for the 8k or relay!

Time: 7.30pm prompt

Cost: £5 payable on the day or online here 

Where: Basketball courts Hove Park

Coach: Rachael


15 responses to “‘Show us your soles’ Pace training, Weds 14th August

  1. Hi. I’ll be there, thanks Jx

  2. Samantha Dack

    See you there

  3. I’ll be there!

  4. See you there

  5. I’ll be there

  6. Elspeth Hayde

    I will be there

  7. I’ll be there

  8. See you there.

  9. i’m in!

  10. Hi -would like to join you, however is anyone able to offer me a lift from Hanover, Queens park, level area?
    Many thanks Sophia 07736300581

  11. Hi, I would also like to join this evening, it will be my first time.
    Thanks, Lauren

  12. Hi, I’m coming too

  13. I can’t make it now but see you next week!

  14. Forgot to say, but will be there.

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