Strength and conditioning for all abilities. Wednesday 28th August.

Conditioning for runners

Conditioning for runners

How will strength and conditioning benefit my running?

Strength and conditioning is exercise that allows the body to work with less stress during running. You will notice an improvement in all other areas of your fitness program. If you are just starting out, you may notice how running is difficult and your body doesn’t respond that well to some of the movements. When you begin conditioning, you allow the body to open up and work more easily during running.  Strength and conditioning will reduce your risk of injury, improve bone and joint health, assist in post workout muscle recovery, increase flexibility, decrease muscular soreness, improve both muscular and cardio endurance, and will just overall improve your running level.

MEET: Hove Park playground.

TIME: 7.30 -8.30pm

COACH: Kate. 07702983744

£5 via our online booking system (free to Rise runners – who have just started training with Fitbitch) but check the website for package deals and annual membership.


13 responses to “Strength and conditioning for all abilities. Wednesday 28th August.

  1. Elspeth Hayde

    I will be there.

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  3. I’ll be there

  4. Samantha Dack

    I’ll be there, thank you

  5. I’ll be there

  6. Allyson Bardsley

    me too!

  7. I’ll be there, thanks

  8. See you there xxx

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  10. Karen Russell

    Will see you there !

  11. Samantha Dack

    Sorry sorry – I won’t be there after all, stuck in london

  12. Last minute decision – I’m coming

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