Conditioning for Running, Weds 2nd Oct


Perfect for beginners and the experienced alike, this session will focus on helping to strengthen the muscles used in running.

Running strength, power and avoiding injury is all to do with spending the least amount of time in contact with the ground. To use an analogy, if your muscles are not conditioned it is a bit like a deflated football with no rebound when it hits the floor.

Condition the muscles and get that quick, fast turnover of the legs similar to a pumped up ball. And then of course, there’s the fact that it helps ensure that your legs look damn fine too.

For our Rise 8k runners, this will be your last complimentary session and the last before the big day itself so come along and get your final race questions answered. The same goes for our Royal Parks Half Marathon runners who race on Sunday.

Don’t be put off newcomers, this session, as with ALL our Weds sessions are suitable for all.

Time: 7.30pm

Book online here

Location: HoveLawns, adjacent to Hove Street South -King Alfred Centre

Coach Melissa



2 responses to “Conditioning for Running, Weds 2nd Oct

  1. Still can’t book online with my annual code šŸ˜¦ I will be there though! x

  2. Samantha Dack

    I will be there but I don’t have a code to use for the Amsterdam training package, see you there later x

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