Happy Hill training, Weds 30th Oct


The hills are alive with runners getting stronger

Why should you train on hills, even if you’re a beginner?
Because hills are your friend,  helping to strengthen and condition you as a runner, both physically and mentally.

And with a hill, you can see the top which actually makes it easier to focus on reaching your target.

This session is suitable for ALL – if you are a complete beginner, we will be using this session to build up your distance, if you are one of our runners training for Brooks, this will help improve your mental strength not to mention leg power for the 10k.

If you think we only train seasoned runners, think again. All but a few handful of our runners started with us as beginners. Now they are posting impressive race times but we ALL started somewhere, including us coaches.

Location: Dukes Mound near Yellowave. If you need a lift, comment below as someone may be able to help. Our beginners course, as usual will meet at our Hove location on the seafront.

Sessions cost £5 and must be booked online here.

Time: 7.25pm for a strict 7.30pm start

Coach: Rachael

IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS SUNDAY 2ND THERE WILL BE NO WEEKEND RUN due to both coaches participating in races

There is also no training run on November 17th due to the Brooks 10k race


3 responses to “Happy Hill training, Weds 30th Oct

  1. I can’t see the location anywhere, is it Dukes Mound?

  2. Yes please if anyone could offer me a lift from Dyke Road / Droveway area? Thanks, Belinda

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