Brooks 10k – pre race warm up.

Calling all our FitBitch Brooks 10k runners! Kate will be outside Yellowave from 9.15 – 9.45 on the morning for a short warm up,  race prep and of course the FitBitch photo’s.

Fitbitch Running Crew

Fitbitch Running Crew

As you know the Brooks is a flat seafront run and a good one to work on pace. The weather is currently showing that it will be dry. So wear suitable clothing for a possibly faster run than our off-road Sunday runs. Don’t forget the bin liner trick if the weather does change. Also wearing an old sweater that you don’t mind discarding (they usually go to charity)  and taking off minutes before the start, is a good way to keep warm in the starting pen. There’s no need for carb overload with a 10k but an earlier breakfast might be a good idea for a more comfortable run.

As with all our local running events, supporters are appreciated along the route. So please comment if you’re running or planning to be out to give us a wave.



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