Interval training, Weds 27th

hands up who wants to learn to run?

hands up who loves Weds run fitness?

Whether you’re part of our new Brighton Half Marathon training group, or you’re a beginner or beyond who wants to drop in, come and join us this week for some interval training.

Perfect for all levels because interval training is just about running short distances (at speed for those experienced runners), although we will combine this session with interval strength & conditioning work, focusing on the butt and the core.

This is essential for ALL runners to help prevent injuries and make you stronger. It also happens to be great for getting you into shape for Xmas. A win win!

Anyone new should fill out our online joining form before attending, which takes a few minutes.

Please book online to secure your space. If you have an exercise mat, please bring it.

Location: Hove Street, parking in King Alfred Centre on the seafront

Time: 7.25pm for a strict 7.30pm warm up

Coach: Rachael

Book online here




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