The Pyramids of Brighton, Weds 11th

2013-10-20 11.50.59

Learn what the right pace feels like so you don’t have to write it on your arm

You’re right we are not talking about Cairo here but a training technique suitable for ALL levels, whether you want to join us for a one off session or are a regular.

It involves running a variation of distances to build up to a peak, and then returning back down the pyramid to your starting distance.

It is great for working on pace, helping you to get a handle on what your pace should be over distance and for mental focus.

It does not matter what level you are right now, our pyramids are an effective way of building pace and speed, or just distance if you are a complete beginner.

None of these distances will be long, so don’t worry!

Location: Hove seafront, near King Alfred Centre

Time: 7.25pm for a strict 7.30pm start

Coach: Rachael

Price: £5 drop in payable online in advance. If you have booked a course, please still book in for your session. click here




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