Do you want to get fit, and have fun while learning to run further and faster?

Our club is for women of ALL levels, even if you are someone who currently finds it hard to run for a bus, or you are a keen runner who would like to get faster.

We offer complete beginners and improvers courses, as well as group training for race events, plus running fitness sessions.

Many of us have also started where you may be starting now, as beginners, so we know all the tricks the mind can play and how to keep you motivated to carry on further and faster than you thought possible.

Our previous successes speak for themselves – 5k runners to 12mile cross-country Hell Runners in 10 weeks. Anything is possible.


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  1. I nearly come every week, but it’s just so early! Sunday is one of two very precious lie-ins a week. The thing is I go to bed most Saturday nights planning to come, and then at 7.30am when the alarm clock goes off, I just think “well I guess I could just have a lie in and then go and run on my own a little bit later on”. I really like the idea of this week’s run and know I’ve been missing out on a lot of fun. Maybe I am alone in this, but the start time was even 10am I would most definitely come along!

  2. Sorry – I posted this in totally the wrong place. I was meant to put it on this week’s Lewes run page! Lx

  3. Hi I am an intermediate runner who needs a group to drop in with when my husband is home early enough for me to escape!

    I wanted to know where your Wednesday sessions are says 7.30 but unsure where and any details of weekend runs. Sorry for silly questions but can’t seem to find it on the site
    Please help I need the sanity that running brings!

    Thanks Jenny

    • Hi Jenny
      sorry for the delay in responding – Iv’e been away.
      every session varies according to what type of training we do although most of Weds sessions are Hove Lawns.
      you need to subscribe to the site and then you will get the info sent direct to your inbox every time we post details of the week’s training.

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