Running Courses

We have regular beginners to 5k courses, improvers to 10k courses as well as our events based courses.

These are courses designed to get you ready for a specific race, such as the Brighton Half Marathon, Brighton Marathon and more.

Please consult our Timetable and Prices & Booking for specific dates and prices.


11 responses to “Running Courses

  1. Hello.
    Inspires by husband’s marathon effort yesterday – I would really like to start running. I’m a complete, complete beginner. Do you think I could join your next course?
    I look forward to hearing from you

  2. colleen ohara

    please can you accept me im a begginer would love to join your club looks so much fun lovin the name straight to the point lol fat bitch…

  3. Hi. Would like to sign up for 10k 8x1sessions. Can’t see where to sign up…

  4. Where do the beginners groups meet would like to joi. But cannot get to 18th but can bet there after that

  5. Hi! I’ve been sent your way regarding Rise undercliff 8k prep for the 7th of October (I’m also signed up for the Brighton Half Marathon with them in Feb) I’ve been “training” (i use the term loosely as its just treadmill work!) on my own for about 8 weeks but I’ve have 2 weeks holiday and need a little boost to make sure I can run the full course without any fear! Where’s the best place to start/who should I contact first?


  6. Karen Willsher

    Would really love to join the have cake and run course in July but can’t find it on your booking page, please direct me!

  7. Hi ladies,

    I tried to do couch to 5k a while ago, and I loved it! But I had to stop because I got knee pain (strong quads, weak glutes). I’d like to try again at starting to run, perhaps with better technique and strengthening. When is the next beginner’s course or how can I get involved?

    • HI Cat
      YOu can come along to ANY of our Weds sessions at any time, as they are suitable for all. Just comment under the appropriate post to let our coaches know and we will ensure that the session is suitable for you scaling it where necessary. We ahve day time 0-5k courses as part of our sister brand, which will launch, alongside a membership scheme in September and we will also be doing a 0-5k evening starting September. But please do come along to our weds session as soon as you can. You are not alone in suffering from tight quads, weak glutes. There should be a run club named after it…most women have the same issue! But we focus on a lot of strength and conditioning in our sessions, and also have a foam roller workshop coming up soon, that will be of enomrous benefit to you.

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