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Beginner’s Running Course: Notice

lets run

We’re now in our final week TONIGHT for our beginners who will complete their first 5k.

Regrettably, Karen is currently nursing a slight injury and I know that she is very disappointed not to be able to see you finish this week. BUT please go to the usual place on the seafront at Hove where you will be met by Melanie who will ensure you get the coaching and motivational help to reach your target tonight.

Reading this and want to join our next course for total beginners? It starts Weds November 20th …book online Here


Absolute Beginners 0-5k Course, starts Weds Oct 16th

We ALL started as beginners at some point

We ALL started as beginners at some point

Want to finally get off that sofa and learn to run without feeling like you’re going to pass out?

Want the added motivation of training with a group all with the same aim, along with excellent coaching to help ensure you not only learn to run, but you learn to run well?

Then don’t miss our next four week, women’s only 5k course, which starts Weds October 16th at 7.30pm with our fab coach, Karen.

No experience is required, just a willingness to learn and try. What you will get in return? New friends, a love of running and the ability to just get up and go out and run whenever you want. Not to mention even a slimmer body too.

It costs £40 for the four weeks, including a training plan. Meet new running buddies, learn to run, have fun…join the Fitbitch community

Our next courses for non-beginners will be Brighton Half Marathon and Marathon training, although we are currently training for the Brooks 10k and drop ins always run on Weds and Sunday.

Book here under running courses


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Banish the barbecue and rose wine bloat of summer with our brand new courses for total beginners to 5k AND our Brighton Brooks 10k course.

Both courses are strictly limited in terms of numbers so don’t leave it too late to book

Our four weeks beginners Zero-5k course, every Wednesday starts September 4th at 7.30pm and is designed for TOTAL beginners, costing £40. Book here

Coached by our fab running ambassador, Karen Russell, who started as a beginner and has now run three marathons and understands completely what it’s like to start from scratch.

Price: £40 for four Weds including a training plan. Location: sessions will take place at either Hove seafront (definitely 1st week) or Hove Park.

Brooks 10k Runner’s Course – starts Weds 11th September or Sunday 15th September – Price, starts from £40 Book here

Have you signed up to run the Brooks 10k and wondering what you’ve got yourself in for? Don’t worry, we’ve helped hundreds of women enjoy their training and cross that finish line feeling confident with a smile on their face and a sprint in their legs. Yes, really.

The course runs on both Weds evenings and Sunday mornings (details on our booking page) but you can choose to do either or both sessions.

Sundays focus on building distance, Weds on strength and technique sessions.



Your Pace or Mine? Training Weds 10th July

Your pace or mine?

Your pace or mine?

Improve your speed, and get your running body in better shape with this week’s sunny session on Weds evening.

Suitable for all levels, including newcomers (please fill in the form on the new members page if you are coming for the first time), we will be working on short runs at a faster pace.

Don’t worry, there will be a pace to suit all but we WILL be working you outside your usual comfort zone as it is only by making you run faster in some training sessions that you improve.

In a departure from our usual location, this week’s session will be at Hove Park, meeting by the basketball courts. Please leave any valuables in your car. Bring a heart rate monitor if you have one.


AND DON’T FORGET, IF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT PACE, what it is, why it is useful and how to work out your pace for a half marathon or 10km, then book next week’s running Pace Workshop

The Pace workshop will be free to those booking our Run It Fast courses for the Bacchus/Bristol/Firle Half Marathons (these are available to book as a package of half Sunday’s too if you can’t commit to all – Book here

Time: 7.30pm

Coach: Rachael

Drop in; £5


Sunny weekend run, Downs and Sea

Don't miss the poppy run! They won't be there next week!

Don’t miss the poppy run! They won’t be there next week!

Don’t miss this Sunday’s run with the weather currently forecast for beautiful sunshine.

For our beginner’s group who are training for Arundel 10k (or just training for the distance) we are starting off with a 2.5kms run along the seafront with coach, Melissa.

She will build on your technique knowledge as you run and of course, help you keep going to get to distance. Please note, you need to have signed up to part of this course (either Weds only, or the Sunday option) to attend this particular run. Signing up to Sunday course is a much more cost effective. (Sign up here )

For those training for the Bacchus Half Marathon, and our social runners we are building on our off road running experience with a just over 4 mile (just because it’s a low mileage regulars, don’t think it’s easy peasy!) gorgeous run on the Downs.

It has hills but what goes up, must come down so you’ll enjoy some rewarding downhills and a huge sense of accomplishment at the end.

We will have two running members of staff on this run so you can run it fast at the front, or use it as a leisurely enjoyable Sunday run.


2.5kms runners meet Melissa, Marrocco’s on Kings Esplanade seafront in Hove

4mile runners, meet Rachael plus Elspeth or Mel A in the second car park on Devil’s Dyke Road, just past the sign for the Golf Farm.

Drop in fee for non course members (not including 10k course) £10

Time: 8.15am for a strict 8.30am departure

Hill training or Biomechanics workshop – Wednesday 3rd July

Our courses and training sessions can get you to the top of the world (ok the top of the Downs but the view is pretty good!)

Biomechanics workshop – scroll down for hills training session

We’re kicking off our new beginners 8 week course (10k Arundel Castle Run) this Wednesday 3rd July with a biomechanics workshop (worth £10).

The course is designed to get you started on the right foot with technique analysis to ensure you run faster and avoid injury (video playback weather permitting). The course is open to those not on the 10k Arundel Castle course but you must book in advance here and places are limited.

If you can’t make it Wednesday, you can still join in the 10k Arundel Castle course this Sunday 7th.

Join the crew – sign up to the Beginners to 10k Arundel Castle Course here

To sign up to the race click here (you can still do the course without signing up for the race if you’d prefer).

You will need to commit to paying for some of this course in order to be entitled to drop in to the course runs on Sunday.

For instance, pay for the Weds course (£38) which includes the biomechanics workshop and you can pay £10 drop ins on Sundays.

Or pay for the Sunday course (£58) and you can pay drop in Weds and for the workshop separately.

Alternatively, if you know you can commit to the full 8 week course it costs £95.

These Sunday drop-ins are NOT available to anyone not signed on to the course.


Location: Lawns at bottom of Hove Street South, next to King Alfred car park

Coach: Rachel 07855 742195

Drop in not available. Pre-book online here.

Hill training

We’ll also be running a hill training session in the beautiful setting of Hove Park. It’s open to runners of all abilities and new runners are always welcome.

The benefits of hill training are numerous. It’s an effective way of building strength and power whilst also recruiting the upper body and core. We will be looking at technique as we take on hill repeats in a lovely setting.

MEET: Hove Park playground (parking is free next to the park)
TIME: 7:30 – 8:30pm.
COACH: Melissa 07894 146016
Drop in fee £5 (or check website for membership deals).

Building distance, opening up views, Saturday 29th June

New friends, new achievements, new views!

New friends, new achievements, new views!

One of the best things about building up distance in a run – or working towards this, is not just the sense of accomplishment but the fact that you also get to see so much more of your surroundings.

Think you can’t escape the city without a car? Think again.

This Saturday’s route will reveal a fantastic off road route up to the Downs where few may suspect it exists.

If you are doing our trail running course, or our beginners to half marathon then this is a crucial step in your training as it will be an off road route where we will navigate mixed terrain.

It is a hilly run but it is all good fun and we will work with you on technique so you finish feeling fab.

There is a 3mile run for our beginners group which is NOT available as a drop in, unless you have signed up to our Weds, Sunday or full package (still available if you wish to do so

And we have a five mile social run for our regulars on a drop in basis. The front group will work on a fast pace so get ready for a good heart pumping blast.

Don’t worry if you’d prefer a laid back approach though – our run ambassador will lead those after a more leisurely run.

Location: Hove Park, by the small roundabout corner of Goldstone and Woodland Drive

Time: 8.15am for a strict 8.30am departure

Coaches: 3 mile group Melissa with Elspeth

5 mile group, Rachael with Mel Anning

Spring into running, Sat 13th April, 8.30am

Spring into running

Spring into running

Get your Spring running season on the go this Saturday (usual weekend run is on Sunday except for this week) with our training run for beginners who would like to train for the Heroes 10k – or just want to train for fun.

And don’t miss our ‘Escape & Chase’ special run for those training for Tough Mudder or the Bluebell 10k and 10miler.

All runs are open to everyone even if you have not been before as drop ins  at £10 although they are better value if you purchase a package, which include the cost of the runs and a complimentary training plan.  (except TM).

If you buy a package and can’t make a Sunday run, you can use it at our Yoga for Runners classes on Monday evenings, 6pm.

Routes this Saturday:

Our beginners to 10k run will be 2.5mile flat run along the seafront.

BlueBellers have a final post race run of 6 miles with a steady uphill and a downhill all the way back.

Tough Mudder crew (anyone like to join our crew training for this contact rachael 07855 742195) are on for a five mile run.

But there is a twist…both BB & TM groups will be running together but when the five mile crew turn early, their task will be to increase their pace on their return to avoid being caught. Bluebell runners on six miles, your job is to catch them.

This will help everyone work on their pace and give this week’s training run more focus. No one will get left behind so don’t worry if you are a slower runner, although we will be encouraging you to join in the ‘hunt’ or the escape!


Location: Corner of St Aubyns South and King’s Esplanade (by the trampolines on Hove seafront)

When: Saturday, 8.30am (please arrive before this time as this is when we will leave)

Parking: Seafront metres or King Alfred Centre car park

Price: £10

Coaches: Rachael & Kate

Ambassadors: Elspeth and Melanie L





0-5k Beginner’s Running Courses, Starts Friday Feb 15th at Lark On Lowther, or Monday 18th Feb at Hove Park Cafe


Take the right step into running

Always wanted to learn how to run? Now is your chance with our fantastic new 0-5 courses on either Monday or Friday mornings.

These courses are for total newbies to running, or those who used to run a loooong time ago and have not run in years.

We will give you the conditioning exercises to help build your strength and get you from 0 to 5k in just four one hour sessions in four weeks. Yes, really.

Meeting at popular cafes in Brighton and Hove, we call these our ‘have your cake and eat it,’ courses. Why?

Because by the end of the session you can enjoy a guilt-free (small) slice of cake.

Dedicated small friendly groups with expert coaches, these courses will get you to the stage where you are ready to join our Sunday off road running courses.

They are fun, effective and once you’re done? You have a fantastic way of keeping fit and in shape that costs little and fits into your schedule.

Our next courses will run from Lark on Lowther near Blakers Park on  Friday and from Hove Park Cafe at Hove Park on Monday 9.30am – 10.30am.

Courses cost £40. Payable in advance. Limited spaces available. For enquiries email or call Rachael 07855 742195.

For booking click here

Breaking it down to build speed, Weds training 7.30pm

Know your body, boost your running

Know your body, boost your running

Whether you are new to our club, just signed up to our new course (which you can still do) or are part of our current training groups, this session will be perfect.

We will be working on improving your speed with interval work. For those unsure of pace, this will also be an opportunity to understand what pace is all about and how you can use this in your training.

It will also help supercharge your endorphins for the rest of the week ahead!


Those who have booked a new course, please bring a refundable £5 deposit for you training bracelet.

Location: the lawns adjacent to King Alfred Centre, usual place

Time: 7.30pm

Price: £5 drop in, or part of your course

Coach: Rachael