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Coming up THIS WEEK – our Run Summer season!


DON’T miss our next intake for our summer season of running.

This week, we start our 8 week ‘Power Your Pace’ groups training for the Bacchus Half, Bristol Half and Firle Half starts. You will need to be able to run between 7.30 and 9min miles on a sustained flat to be part of this group and must be able to already run 6miles comfortably.

You may drop in on this group BUT you must show some commitment to the course and pay for some Sunday runs. There are various options, including a half package of Sunday runs to be used at any time during the course.  All courses include the Pace workshop on Wednesday.

Book here for the Power your Pace Half Marathon

If this group is not right for you, don’t fear we have a 12 week to Half Marathon (to coincide with the Royal Parks Half Marathon and the Mizuno Amsterdam Half Marathon for those joining us in our international trip) which starts Weds 31st July (we will be having a shorter course for these half marathons but it starts at 8miles).

Again, you MUST book at least part of some of these Sundays (a half package is available) to be able to attend.  Book the Amsterdam or Royal Parks Half Marathon package (starts at 4miles) here

If you do not book a course, we will be offering five mile social runs as a drop in where we have coach availability.

So, don’t miss out on new groups starting. Questions? Email or call Rachael 07855 742195

ANNUAL MEMBERS please tell us which course you wish to do.






Run Abroad – Amsterdam Half or Marathon

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Berlin, Lisbon, Palma, Lake Garda, Paris…just some of the renowned international Fitibtch race weekends.

Are you ready to join our next one?

Come and join us in Amsterdam this October and run the Mizuno Half or Full Marathon on October 20th.

You will need to pay for your own entry, and organise your flights yourself (BA are currently the cheapest at £99 flying out Friday returning Monday or Tuesday) and you can leave all the rest to us.

This will include

  • accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis in a good quality hotel near to the centre with good transport links
  • Picking up of race packs on the weekend
  • Guided transfer by public transport to the race start to ensure you get there on time and feeling calm
  • Early pre-race breakfast at the hotel
  • Saturday morning 5k sightseeing run (optional)
  •  Saturday explore Amsterdam by bike tour (optional)
  • Celebration cocktails and dinner post race Sunday (optional)
  • Recovery spa (optional)

We are currently researching the best hotels in terms of price, quality and location and plan to have confirmed this in the next few weeks.

It will be a good quality, bespoke hotel (we don’t do budget hostels, backpackers or dorms) near to the city centre and transport links. Prices are not cheap though – be warned!

On booking the trip with us, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £50 towards the package.

We will send you a booking form, and unless you tell us who you are sharing with, we will designate you a room mate.

If you prefer a room on your own, single supplements will apply. In some cases we may need you to share a triple, in which case rooms will be cheaper.

More details about package terms and conditions once the hotel has been confirmed.

If you are a definite though for the weekend with us –  we urge you to book your flight NOW. We are flying out Friday 18.00pm on BA, departing Tues 10.55am.

And guess what? There is an electronic dance convention that same weekend (good but bad…means hotels and flights are booking FAST!)


If you want a weekend of running, fantastic food, culture, spa trips and lots of fun, don’t miss it!

Race training starts in July, August or September depending on your level – and race distance.


Beginner Runners & Beyond – the new season

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Don’t miss our next beginners to 10 package for the Brooks 10k starting Weds 24th September

Signed up for the Brighton marathon – don’t miss the  start of our training particularly if you are a beginner – 29th October

If you are already part of our running community, you will have seen all our pictures from our recent race at the Firle Half Marathon and 10k last weekend.

It was a fantastic day of incredible achievements from all. Over a third of our runners  started as beginners, so huge congratulations to Suzy Curd on her first ever half marathon (and a huuugely hilly one!) and our first time 10k runners (or first for a while!) Amy, Kathryn, Penny and Sara who only joined us just a little over eight weeks ago.

And to Karen Napleton who was the third fastest female and Suzanne Ford who showed amazing grit and determination. So many runners to mention but you were all fab!

If you have been inspired by them, or run in Firle and are now looking for your next challenge – or just a race to help you maintain your newfound running mojo, here are our next upcoming dates for 2012 and beyond (the first date indicates the race date – some tbc as they are not released yet, and the second when training starts).

If you would like to join us, you can come to any session for £5 drop in or book a package of runs (currently only the Brooks 10k package is available for booking online and our annual membership – new prices will be released for remaining packages).

Please note, we will also be releasing two ‘performance’ events next season including an adventure race and a further trail race for those looking for something different.


* Oct 7th Rise Undercliff 8k for Women, training has started £5 drop in
(available as a relay of 2k for four runners)

* Nov 18th Brooks 10k, training starts Weds 26th Sept Book here

Dec 9th Mince Pie 10miles


* Feb 17th Brighton Half Marathon, training starts 29th October

* Feb 24th Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon, starts 29th October

* March 3, INTERNATIONAL Antalya Half Marathon, Turkey, training starts 5 November

* April 14th Brighton Marathon 24 week beginners training starts 29th October, beg-int 20 weeks starts 26th November, SOS ‘argh left it too late’ rescue starts 7th Jan

* April 21st BlueBell 10k and 10miles trail

* 8th June South Downs Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon Relay

* 24th June, North Devon Trail Half Marathon and Marathon

Lake Garda 15k Runners & Beginners

Who needs caffeine when running gives you this much of a buzz?

Last Wednesday,  and this morning we  had a fantastic turn out for our new beginner’s running group.

If you are a beginner, and haven’t joined us yet – or saw us at, it is never too late to join as you can drop in for £5 whenever you want on Wednesdays. These sessions are suitable for all.

Plus, we  have another group starting on August 8th –  our group who are training for the Lake Garda 15k on October 14th. All the spaces for our international run have been filled but that doesn’t stop you joining our training if you want to just build your distance.

If you are already confirmed for Lake Garda, the package price is payable NOW.

That is £71 for a half package of 10 runs (minus £20 if you have paid the admin fee) or £107 for 19 runs. It is due now.

Pay to the same bank as usual.

Garda Get Together & Training run, Sat28th July

Are you part of the Fitbitch Garda crew coming to italy in October to run the marathon, 30k or 15k? Come and join us at a Parkrun get together and post run coffee on Saturday 28th July.

For those who have a long distance run to do on this weekend, we will meet early (around 7am-ish) to do the run and finish at parkrun. The 15k runners who will not have started their training runs by this date, either meet for a shorter distance run (at a later start time) meet at the cafe or  do parkrun at 9am.

Please note that on this week, all the run club training will be on Sat not our usual Sunday.

This will allow those who would like to enter the Brighton Trail Blazer (under 10k) taking place on Sunday to take part. We have a special discount entry for this if you wish to register.

Please comment HERE if you are coming to this get together. Those doing the training run beforehand we will post details nearer the time.

Interested in the Trailblazer discounted entry? Email with the subject title TrailBlazer.

Join the Garda crew – October 14th

Our next international running date is gathering momentum with a fantastic group of women all training together for one of three races around the beautiful Lake Garda.

If you want to join the group, we are doing a (huge) group race entry NOW.

If you’ve been thinking about it but haven’t got around to getting in touch do it  now!

Sign up with us now and you will get the benefits of a FitBitch discount. If you leave it, you are welcome to still come with the group but you will have to do your own race entry (we will organise everything else for an admin fee of £35, or less if you book the package).

So get in touch NOW if you haven’t already done so with your details.

Training for an event is one of the best ways to keep in shape over the summer, and if you’re new to running, the most effective way to build your distance. Why?

1. You start training with a group of women all at the same level as you – they won’t let you not turn up to training!

2. It’s fun to train in the summer. Less rain, more sunshine, no snow.

3. Your reward is not just a medal with a ribbon around it. It’s cocktails on the edge of Lake Garda in the sunshine afterwards!

5. There’s gelato. Lots of it.

Training dates start:

15k training starts 6th August

30k training starts 25th June

Marathon training – already started but it’s not too late to join



Lake Garda, First wave of entries THIS WEEK

Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of the next FitBitch international race crew.We are booking race entries THIS WEEK. You don’t need to pay for flights or accommodation but you will need to pay for race entries, and/or packages.

So far, we have

Rachael Woolston, Karen Napleton, Kate Boys, Ginny Fox, Sue Wormsley, Anna Stav, Innes Bailey, Stephanie Schier, Tor, Elspeth Hayde, Geraldine Bloomfield, and Jenny Holmes.

If I’ve missed your name off, get in touch NOW. Or if you haven’t already informed me that you are going and sent me the details as outlined below and want to come, do so NOW.

Still sitting on the fence unsure about coming? Here’s why you should…

We train in the summer. Sunshine!

Training will  help off set the barbecue bellies and bums that can occur during the summer months – yay!

It’s a great way of building up your training

You will get a fantastic weekend away with like minded women as a reward for your hard work

You will get a fantastic weekend away from the kids/partner/work as a reward for your hard work

And seriously, it will boost your self confidence like nothing else!

Here’s the details of costs again …

15k Race Ten week training starts w/c 6th August

Half package of 10 runs,  £71

Full package of 19 runs, £107

30k Race 16 Week training starts w/c 25th june

Half package of 16 runs, £95

Full package of 31 runs, £155

Marathon, 20 week training starts w/c 4th June

Half package of 20 runs, £187

Full package of 39 runs, £111

Alternatively,  you could also book an annual membership, which covers everything but the admin fee (this will be £35 if choosing this option), for the entire year of packages! A bargain at £250.

Registration for Lake Garda will be around 30EUROs but they will give us a discount for every 10th runner, the savings which will be shared amongst the group.

What do you do now? Email with the following information in this order


Date of Birth:



Estimated finish time: (not sure? 1hr 45 for 15k beginners, 3hrs for 30k beginners, who knows for marathon?!)

Days of arrival/departure if known

FitBitches in Lake Garda: 15k, 30k or Marathon

Have you been inspired by our runners who recently ran in the Berlin Half Marathon and 25k?

Or have you simply looked at the photographs and thought, ‘Ohh, that looks like a good excuse for a holiday?’

Well, now is your chance to be part of our friendly crew training for our next  international race in the beautiful Lake Garda on October 14th.

What is so fantastic about this race destination (er, aside from the food, the sunny weather, the lake side swimming, the Prosecco, the gelato…ooh, the list goes on) is the fact that there is a race distance to suit all.

Choose from 15k (perfect for those wanting their next challenge after a 10k, or those wanting to focus on improving their speed), 30k (bored of half marathons and looking to see what it feels like to run just a few more miles) and the full marathon, for those who have got the Big M bug.

How does it work? You can either choose a package from the one below, which includes a free training plan and a race t-shirt, or continue to pay for drop in sessions.

In addition, we will be levying a small administrative fee for organising hotels, meals, transfers and more. This will be £20 for those booking a package, £35 for those doing drop ins. (This will rise to £45 from August 1st).

It does not include the cost of flights, transfers or accommodation (although we will arrange all of this except flight bookings).

We have already looked into flights and accommodation and you can budget as follows, although depending on how many book, we may get a discount on hotel rates.

Bed and breakfast, 40euros pp per night

Flights to Verona with Easy Jet, currently under £100 return (Rachael is flying out Thursday EasyJet departure 10am, arriving 1pm. Er, and not coming back until Thursday!)

Transfer to Lake Garda, 40euros return

Race entry 12-25 euros according to race (please bear in mind there is usually a rental fee for the race chip too). WE WILL BE ATTEMPTING TO DO A GROUP RACE ENTRY SO YOU DON’T NEED TO REGISTER YOURSELF UNLESS YOU WANT.

Choose your package (these prices all include the admin fee). The half package can be used against either Wednesday or Sunday runs.

15k Race Ten week training starts w/c 27th August

Half package of 10 runs,  £71

Full package of 19 runs, £107

30k Race 16 Week training starts w/c 2nd July

Half package of 16 runs, £95

Full package of 31 runs, £155

Marathon, 20 week training starts w/c 4th June

Half package of 20 runs, £187

Full package of 39 runs, £111

Alternatively,  you could also book an annual membership, which covers everything but the admin fee (this will be £35 if choosing this option), for the entire year of packages! A bargain at £250.

Registration for Lake Garda opens Monday 11th May. It may be better to wait until registration is confirmed before booking flights although there are so many distances to choose we would assume it will not be a problem.

What do you do now? Email with the following information in this order


Date of Birth:



Estimated finish time: (not sure? 1hr 45 for 15k beginners, 3hrs for 30k beginners, who knows for marathon?!)

Days of arrival/departure if known

How to pay? We will send you our bank details. Registration to the race will not be done until we have received payment.

**Please note, race fees and package fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Get Voting for your next FitBitch Run Abroad

On the start line

Are you ready for your next – or in deed your first – running challenge?

Every year, we choose two international races to enter, and the autumn one is always the best of the lot.

It provides a fantastic summer season of run training,  keeping you on the straight and narrow during a season when exericse oftens slip in favour of barbecues and rose wine! And it means you get a last gasp of sunshine before autumn (Iknow, a long way off yet!)

But best of all, it provides you with an incentive to step up to a distance that may seem scary because the reward is a fantastic weekend away.

So far, we’ve done Paris, Lisbon, Palma and we are off to Berlin in May. But which race tickles your fancy in the autumn?

Lake Garda with a run around the beautiful lake with its promise of fantastic food and lovely weather? Provence with its beautiful scenery and a delicious  glass of crisp rose to celebrate? Or back to Palma, which impressed us  with its food, welcome and beach life?!

In our packages we include a training plan, yoga for runners manual, regular training runs and all the organisation of hotel, restaurants and sightseeing (Friday and Sunday). Which leaves you free to focus on your running…to the shops, cocktail bars and beach!

Vote now – you can vote for more than once choice. And don’t worry, voting does not tie you in to actually committing to coming out. We are just trying to establish where our next challenge will be.

Running Newbies and Returners

Become part of our friendly running group

While many of our running group are reaching the end of their current training cycle next weekend to run the Brighton Half Marathon (we will be posting final details about where to meet, etc later in the week), we are starting a new wave of training for those returning to running or starting afresh.

It means we will now be putting on weekend runs for those who are only ready for shorter runs, although this coming week this weekend training run will be on Saturday morning (as we’ll be at the Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday cheering on our runners).

So, if you are a beginner, or returning to running, now is the time to join us and start our next wave of training. This Wednesday night training will also be a good starting point.

If you are interested in joining us, and becoming part of a friendly group of female runners who constantly achieve their goals (we are currently training a group of TOTAL beginners to marathon level, some of whom had only ever run 5k before), then get in touch.

And pencil Wednesday and Saturday into your diary! More details to come.