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Hill training or Biomechanics workshop – Wednesday 3rd July

Our courses and training sessions can get you to the top of the world (ok the top of the Downs but the view is pretty good!)

Biomechanics workshop – scroll down for hills training session

We’re kicking off our new beginners 8 week course (10k Arundel Castle Run) this Wednesday 3rd July with a biomechanics workshop (worth £10).

The course is designed to get you started on the right foot with technique analysis to ensure you run faster and avoid injury (video playback weather permitting). The course is open to those not on the 10k Arundel Castle course but you must book in advance here and places are limited.

If you can’t make it Wednesday, you can still join in the 10k Arundel Castle course this Sunday 7th.

Join the crew – sign up to the Beginners to 10k Arundel Castle Course here

To sign up to the race click here (you can still do the course without signing up for the race if you’d prefer).

You will need to commit to paying for some of this course in order to be entitled to drop in to the course runs on Sunday.

For instance, pay for the Weds course (£38) which includes the biomechanics workshop and you can pay £10 drop ins on Sundays.

Or pay for the Sunday course (£58) and you can pay drop in Weds and for the workshop separately.

Alternatively, if you know you can commit to the full 8 week course it costs £95.

These Sunday drop-ins are NOT available to anyone not signed on to the course.


Location: Lawns at bottom of Hove Street South, next to King Alfred car park

Coach: Rachel 07855 742195

Drop in not available. Pre-book online here.

Hill training

We’ll also be running a hill training session in the beautiful setting of Hove Park. It’s open to runners of all abilities and new runners are always welcome.

The benefits of hill training are numerous. It’s an effective way of building strength and power whilst also recruiting the upper body and core. We will be looking at technique as we take on hill repeats in a lovely setting.

MEET: Hove Park playground (parking is free next to the park)
TIME: 7:30 – 8:30pm.
COACH: Melissa 07894 146016
Drop in fee £5 (or check website for membership deals).


Conditioning & Release, Weds 13th Feb

AT the BlueBell run last year

Correct conditioning & foam rolling ensures you look this happy when you run

In a change to the training plan for many of you, this week we are going to be focusing on exercises to ensure the ‘switching’ on of the correct muscles for running, as well as foam rolling for performance and injury rehab.

This session is suitable for everyone from beginners to the advanced. Before conditioning with weights or loading with speed, the foundations –  ensuring the right muscles (for most of us female runners, the glute or butt muscles as most of us know them) are firing.

This then sets the correct chain of muscle activation to help ensure injury free running, upon which strength, speed and improved  performance can be built.

And for our Brighton Half Marathon and Marathon crew,  as well as our newbies, the foam rolling element will help free your body up ready for this weekend’s race.

We will be working on all these aspects this Wednesday so please purchase and bring a foam roller with you. You can get these at SweatShop on Queens Road, Brighton and many local sports stores. (SS offer 10% off for Fitbitches so please mention  us).

The best one to get is The Grid, but a simple foam type (15cms by 45cms or 15cms by 90cms) will suffice for new runners.  (and all of you reading this thinking, ‘I’ll just go and watch and then decide if I need to buy one,’ you WILL need one and should be using it  regularly. )

Wrap  up warm with lots of layers. You will be working but it will not be the same as a sprint session.



Time: 7.30pm

Where: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street, next door to King Alfred Centre

Price: £5

COACH: Rachael

Beginners & intermediate Running Courses – next dates!


Starts next week – Weds Jan 30th but don’t worry if you miss this session, you can join later.

Read all about it here

Have questions? Please email

Run Free Workshop, Sat 17th November, 12.30-4.30pm

Feet, knee lift, arms…action

Whether you are a beginner, stuck in a running rut or always seem to be plagued by running injuries, our  Running Free workshop on Saturday 17th November, 12.30-4.30pm could help.
The four hour workshop is strictly limited to 12 people (there are only 5 spaces left) and will help you to focus on technique, and more. It is to take the place of one of our one week running schools for those who can not commit to a five day camp.

It will be taught by Fitbitch founder, Rachael Woolston, but will be open to men and women.

What will it cover?**

  • Assessment of running posture, technique and footfall – and how this relates to running efficiency
  • The Anatomy of movement – a look at the biomechanics of running, along with simple tests to assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • Run specific conditioning and stability work, including work for the all-important feet
  • How to improve your speed with metronomes and more
  • Foam Rolling and Yoga for Runners – how to foam roller, and yoga postures to help prevent injury and boost performance

You don’t need to worry about whether you are fast enough, or how far we will run. We will be running but more from a technique perspective so you do not need to worry about whether you will be able to run the distance or be fast enough.

Where: Hove Enterprise Centre, Basin Road North, Hove
BN41-1UY, free parking

When: Saturday 17th November, 12.30-4.30pm

Price: £50

To book email

Beginners & Brighton Half Marathon training group, Weds 31st Oct

Fitbitch run club will help you surpass your run goals – and have fun

If you have signed up to our Brighton Half marathon group, or you’ve been hearing about us for a while and are interested in joining, this Wednesday’s training session is the perfect time to start (if you are a regular, we have a training session for you too!)

In this session, we will assess your running style, posture, biomechanics (with video playback weather and light permitting).
The running aspect will be light and our focus will be on assessing the foundations of your running, and going through the strength and stability work essential for improving your running and helping you stay injury-free.

If you have not signed up to one of our packages (annual or event specific) you can still attend any sessions you would like for £5 on Wednesday and £7 on Sunday.

If you are coming along to this session PLEASE COMMENT HERE so we can ensure we have enough running coaches to provide the attention each runner requires.

DON’T panic if you can’t make this session. Whatever your level, you can drop in at any time to Fitbitch.

Half marathon runners who are regulars with us, you can choose to do this session or the other session that we will post. BROOKS 10K RUNNERS, please note that you will be able to transition to the Half marathon training in November (or intermediates) following a 12 week programme.

Location: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street and the King Alfred Centre

Parking: King Alfred Centre

Time: 7.30pm

Coaches: Rachael(and more depending on numbers)

Price: £5



Pace, conditioning & Injury prevention, Weds 10th October

The Grid Roller – the ‘hardest’ version

Whether you are jetting off with us to Lake Garda this week, part of our Brooks team, a Rise runner looking for their next goal, or simply someone who would like to join us for the first time, this session is suitable for all.
This Wednesday will be a mixture of conditioning, along with a timed 1k pace run for our newbies. Whether you are fast, medium or slow, it doesn’t matter. Knowing what pace you are now will improve your training, and it will enable you to see how much you have progressed when we next time your 1km in around 8 weeks.

Garda girls, do  not fear. We won’t be tiring out your legs but we will be giving you a workout, both in terms of conditioning and a relaxed pace session. It is good to keep your legs ticking over. If you rest, you rust!

At the end of the session, weather permitting, we will be spending some time on the use of a foam roller. It would be ideal if you can ALL buy one and bring it with you.

If you are planning on making a commitment to running, a foam roller is vital to help prevent injury and only cost around £15. (the one pictured costs more but go to any reputable running shop and they will be able to show you what you need). Not much compared to having expensive massages if you neglect this important part of your training, as essential as actually getting out and running.

Use it correctly, and you could say goodbye to knee pain, calf tightness and the associated plantar issues this can bring. Garda Girls, please bring your rollers too.

Nick Rivett Sport and SweatShop both sell them and provide 10% discount to Fitbitch runners.

Please also bring a skipping rope if you have one, and wear your watch if you have one with a timer.


Where: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street, parking in King Alfred Centre

Drop in: £5

Coaches: Rachael & Melissa

Have we changed YOUR running?

Do you think we deserve the accolade of Women’s Running Group of 2012?

Whether we have introduced you to a form of exercise that you now love and enjoy, or have motivated you to become a better runner or to run that bit further, Women’s Running magazine are looking for their group of 2012.

Don’t vote for us because you feel like you should. Vote for us if you feel like we really have helped you make a positive change in your life.

We don’t do what we do just because we are a business.

Our club is staffed by women who love running and who want to communicate that – and the great sense of empowerment, not to mention endorphins running provides, to as many women as possible.

If you feel strongly about how our club has helped to change your figure, fitness and more besides and would like to vote for us, (or you would like to nominate a particular coach or running ambassador) please follow this link.

Hurry though, deadline is coming up fast!

Even if you don’t have time to enter or don’t wish to, we would love to hear how running with us, has changed you if at all.

Brooks 10k, Brighton Half and Brighton Marathon for Beginners

Start now while there are still blue skies!

So, you’ve signed up for the Brighton Half or the Brighton Marathon and are beginning to feel the first twinges of nerves?

Or, more likely, you are burrowing your head in the sand and thinking you’ll start worrying about it nearer the time.

If you are a beginner, or someone returning to running after a long break, NOW is the timeto start training  if you are doing the marathon or the half. Here’s why..

1. It’s warmer, there is less rain (yes, really) and more likelihood of blue skies at this time of year. 

And that means it’s more  likely that you will feel like getting out the door to run. Wait until later in the year when it’s cold and wet, and when you have not yet felt ‘the runner’s high’ which makes you run in all weathers, and finding the motivation to start will be far harder.

2. To avoid the ‘Eeek, I’ve not started training,’ horror that hits in January

The Brighton Marathon is so far away, for most new runners it does not feel like a reality until often it’s too late. All of a sudden it is Xmas.

And even then, you’re likely to think, ‘Oh well, I may as well wait until after Christmas so I can start afresh when I’m stopped drinking.’

Then, it’s January and if you’re a beginner, or even an intermediate, that is way, way too late and will almost certainly end in injury because of the demands you will put on your body with the excessive volume of training you will need to do.

Start now, and you will be able to build gradually so it will seem achievable and your body will be ready for it.

3. It’s fun. Why put off what hundreds of Fitbitch runners do every week, not out of obligation or to adhere to some attempt to lose weight. But simply because it leaves them feeling good. (although, it does help you shape up too, which can’t be bad.)

Think about setting yourself a ‘stepping stone’ race, like the Brooks 10k which will help lay the foundations, not only of your running strength but your confidence too.

Our eight week training package starts THIS WEDNESDAY. Details here.

From there you can join our 12 weeks to Brighton Half group, or our 22 week Brighton Marathon group which starts when that group finishes.

Details, prices and booking information for these groups will be posted this week here.

Any questions, please get in touch with Rachael on 07855 742195 or email

Visit here for details of the Brooks 10k Package. Training for Brighton Half And then you won’t train because you’ll

Women’s Running: Beginners & Biomechanics, Weds 27th September

Who wants to become a runner?

Want to start running, or return to running and get off on the right foot? Then don’t miss this Wednesday’s training session specifically designed for you. (please note, there will be another session for our regular runners).

Don’t worry if you have never run before, or not done so for a while, as this session will focus on techniques involving your posture, gait, and footstrike to help make your running easier and with less chance of injury.

Even if you are a regular runner who is prone to injury, this session will be a worthwhile one, helping to pinpoint weaknesses in the way your body moves, that could be resulting in injury – or that will eventually lead to injury if you do not address it now.

Start with this session to help build the foundations to becoming a strong runner, like the hundreds of women who are now regular Fitbitch runners.


What do you need to bring? Nothing except yourselves, your usual running shoes and wear something warm as there will be some standing. Also a yoga mat to lie on although we have some you can borrow.

time: 7.30pm

Price: £5 drop in, or book our packages entitling you to a training plan for 10k, t-shirt and either 8 or 15 runs to be used across any Weds or Sunday. Book here

Where: the lawns adjacent to Hove Street, by King Alfred Centre where you can park.  Map here

Coach: Rachael, 07855 742195