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Stunning Sunday run for Brooks 10k & Amsterdam, Sunday 29th Sept

Beauty and the beast of trail running, a hill to get up but rewarded with a downhill

Beauty and the beast of trail running, a hill to get up but rewarded with a downhill

Get your autumn running legs on the go with this beautiful 3mile coastal route, over a mixture of terrains with some flat and undulating hills. Aimed at those training for the Brooks 10k, it is open to newcomers as well as those on our Brooks packages. With this route, you can always turn and return on your own if you feel you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

For our Amsterdam and Royal Parks Half Marathon runners (or those who are regular long distance runners) we have a 13 mile route although for those who are a little behind in their training, there is the option to meet us later and do 10miles. You will need to comment here if you choose to do this.

This longer route is a mixture of ups and downs but is a great confidence boosting run with a lovely downhill section that helps you to get your rhythm and feel strong.

While we will try to accommodate newcomers and regulars alike, these longer distance runs of 10 and more miles are NOT suitable if you can not demonstrate gradual mileage build up recently. If you have been injured and then upped your mileage please email us first before booking.

We will be offering pace groups of between a one hour 45 and 2 hour 10 half marathon time on this 13mile run (that’s on a flat – don’t panic!)

Location: Meet Tesco car park Rottingdean

Time: 8.20am for strict 8.30am departure – please note those who wish to run 10miles can meet us here at 8.50am when we should be on our return through the park to continue the remaining 10miles (please comment here if doing 10miles as well as booking online)

Coaches: Rachael & Karen on Long, Melissa on short

Please pay online – no payments on the day will be taken – £10 drop in pay HERE


Run & Replenish in Rottingdean, Sunday 1st September

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Our Sunday runs are now beginning to buid in miles for our Amsterdam/Royal Park runners, who will be running 8miles this week.

Meanwhile our Bacchus Half Marathon runners are just a week away from race day, and we will be building on their confidence with a 13mile run (with a 10mile get out escape route for those who want it).

Both routes start out from Rottingdean (different location meeting points please read below) and will head up until you will overlook Lewes and Kingston. The longer route will head across and down via Telscombe before doing a short out and back on the seafront to make up the miles – or to give the 10milers their escape route!

Borrowing a little bit from our sister running brand, Have Your Cake & Run Club, we’ll also be holding out a carrot to our runners this week – replenish with a cream tea in the village at the end and get to know your running mates in Amsterdam or Bacchus.


Annual members, you have been provided with a special code so that you can book without paying. Those who have purchased event packages you can just come.

8 MILE ROUTE (just over 8miles) with coach Melissa and Running Ambassadors Melanie Lankester and Elspeth. please meet at the corner of Falmer and Bazehill Road, Rottingdean. You can park here for free. MAP w

13 MILE ROUTE – meet coach Rachael, and RA Karen at Tesco car park Rottingdean.

Time: 8.15am for a strict 8.30am departure

Price: £10 payable online ONLY. This run is open to new members but only if you can currently run the distance and have done so within the last four weeks.



Power up – strength and conditioning training Wednesday 24th July


Our strength and conditioning session this Wednesday will focus on running-specific exercises to increase your strength and prevent injury. It’s an essential session for those of you on our Power Your Pace, Bacchus, Firle and Bristol half training plans and those of you new to running.

The set of exercises will focus particularly on increasing muscle strength. Think of it like upgrading your car engine. We’ll get your muscle fibres fired up, ready to put to use on your next run.

The session will also work on core stability, helping you to maintain good running form which becomes even more important as your body starts to tire.

Whether your goal is to set a new PB or to stay injury free make sure you join us Wednesday. Let us help you to achieve your running goals.


Meet: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street (you can park in King Alfred centre)
Time: 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Trainers: Melissa (07894 146016)
Drop in: £5.00

Coming up THIS WEEK – our Run Summer season!


DON’T miss our next intake for our summer season of running.

This week, we start our 8 week ‘Power Your Pace’ groups training for the Bacchus Half, Bristol Half and Firle Half starts. You will need to be able to run between 7.30 and 9min miles on a sustained flat to be part of this group and must be able to already run 6miles comfortably.

You may drop in on this group BUT you must show some commitment to the course and pay for some Sunday runs. There are various options, including a half package of Sunday runs to be used at any time during the course.  All courses include the Pace workshop on Wednesday.

Book here for the Power your Pace Half Marathon

If this group is not right for you, don’t fear we have a 12 week to Half Marathon (to coincide with the Royal Parks Half Marathon and the Mizuno Amsterdam Half Marathon for those joining us in our international trip) which starts Weds 31st July (we will be having a shorter course for these half marathons but it starts at 8miles).

Again, you MUST book at least part of some of these Sundays (a half package is available) to be able to attend.  Book the Amsterdam or Royal Parks Half Marathon package (starts at 4miles) here

If you do not book a course, we will be offering five mile social runs as a drop in where we have coach availability.

So, don’t miss out on new groups starting. Questions? Email or call Rachael 07855 742195

ANNUAL MEMBERS please tell us which course you wish to do.





Hill training or Biomechanics workshop – Wednesday 3rd July

Our courses and training sessions can get you to the top of the world (ok the top of the Downs but the view is pretty good!)

Biomechanics workshop – scroll down for hills training session

We’re kicking off our new beginners 8 week course (10k Arundel Castle Run) this Wednesday 3rd July with a biomechanics workshop (worth £10).

The course is designed to get you started on the right foot with technique analysis to ensure you run faster and avoid injury (video playback weather permitting). The course is open to those not on the 10k Arundel Castle course but you must book in advance here and places are limited.

If you can’t make it Wednesday, you can still join in the 10k Arundel Castle course this Sunday 7th.

Join the crew – sign up to the Beginners to 10k Arundel Castle Course here

To sign up to the race click here (you can still do the course without signing up for the race if you’d prefer).

You will need to commit to paying for some of this course in order to be entitled to drop in to the course runs on Sunday.

For instance, pay for the Weds course (£38) which includes the biomechanics workshop and you can pay £10 drop ins on Sundays.

Or pay for the Sunday course (£58) and you can pay drop in Weds and for the workshop separately.

Alternatively, if you know you can commit to the full 8 week course it costs £95.

These Sunday drop-ins are NOT available to anyone not signed on to the course.


Location: Lawns at bottom of Hove Street South, next to King Alfred car park

Coach: Rachel 07855 742195

Drop in not available. Pre-book online here.

Hill training

We’ll also be running a hill training session in the beautiful setting of Hove Park. It’s open to runners of all abilities and new runners are always welcome.

The benefits of hill training are numerous. It’s an effective way of building strength and power whilst also recruiting the upper body and core. We will be looking at technique as we take on hill repeats in a lovely setting.

MEET: Hove Park playground (parking is free next to the park)
TIME: 7:30 – 8:30pm.
COACH: Melissa 07894 146016
Drop in fee £5 (or check website for membership deals).

Building distance, opening up views, Saturday 29th June

New friends, new achievements, new views!

New friends, new achievements, new views!

One of the best things about building up distance in a run – or working towards this, is not just the sense of accomplishment but the fact that you also get to see so much more of your surroundings.

Think you can’t escape the city without a car? Think again.

This Saturday’s route will reveal a fantastic off road route up to the Downs where few may suspect it exists.

If you are doing our trail running course, or our beginners to half marathon then this is a crucial step in your training as it will be an off road route where we will navigate mixed terrain.

It is a hilly run but it is all good fun and we will work with you on technique so you finish feeling fab.

There is a 3mile run for our beginners group which is NOT available as a drop in, unless you have signed up to our Weds, Sunday or full package (still available if you wish to do so

And we have a five mile social run for our regulars on a drop in basis. The front group will work on a fast pace so get ready for a good heart pumping blast.

Don’t worry if you’d prefer a laid back approach though – our run ambassador will lead those after a more leisurely run.

Location: Hove Park, by the small roundabout corner of Goldstone and Woodland Drive

Time: 8.15am for a strict 8.30am departure

Coaches: 3 mile group Melissa with Elspeth

5 mile group, Rachael with Mel Anning

Beauty & the beast training run, Sunday 21st April

time to ditch the thermals?

time to ditch the thermals?

Whether you are a beg-int looking for a fun group to run with, or you are part of our crew training for the beginners Kamikaze Adventure Race, South Downs or Seaford Half Marathon & Tough Mudder foundation runs – you’ll love this Sunday’s training run.

We will be offering a 3miles (beg-int, Kamikaze teams) run, along with a six mile tarmac to off-road route that will go out over Rottingdean to Saltdean and return (longer route) and a small loop for the shorter distance.

It is a beautiful run (and the forecast is for blue skies) but there is a hill – hence the beast!

But our run ambassadors and coaches will ensure we are there to help coax you up the hill – and it will make you stronger.

And for the advanced, faster runners amongst you, we have a twist. …You’ll just have to come along and see what it is!

Drop ins are welcome at £10 but package prices are also available (missed or going to miss a Sunday session the package? use against our yoga classes on Monday).


Please be on time as we will be leading a dynamic warm up at 8.30am which you will require.

Location: Rottingdean Tesco Car Park (pay and display_

Drop in: £10

Time: 8.15am for an 8.30am departure

3miles, Melissa with Melanie A

6 miles, Kate with Elspeth

Please note that ALL our package prices are bookable from our sister site. – which you can link to from here via our Courses Pages.



Super Sunday – marathon training Sunday 24th March

One of our marathon crew benefitting from the beautiful training routes

It’s the big one for our marathon runners as we take on 21 miles together.

You may not have realised, but you’ve already done the biggest chunk of your training and next week you’ll start to taper. Don’t forget to look back and appreciate everything you’ve achieved already. Well done!

If you’re feeling anxious or nervous, don’t worry – it’s completely normal. If you’ve got any concerns or questions no matter how silly they seem – talk to us, we are here for you. All the coaches have been through marathon training and will understand what you may be feeling.

And remember all our runclub members are behind you. You are not alone!

To make sure you’re in tip top condition for Sunday, drink plenty of water during Saturday and do something fun and relaxing on Saturday night to ensure you minimise any worries and sleep well.

Are you foam rollering reguarly? Honestly?! Remember recovery is key to this phase of training. Look after yourself with regular rollering – including before you run.

We’ll start at the King Alfred Centre, and head along the seafront to Saltdean before heading back across the Downs to Woodingdean and homeward via Ovingdean.

As some of the run is in the Downs, there will be a couple of hills but the majority of the route is flat.

Meet: Car park at King Alfred centre
Time: 8.30am
Coach: Melissa (07894 146016)

Tempo run – Wednesday 30th January

This fitbitch had been doing her tempo training!

Whether you’re a seasoned runner, beginner or first timer, everyone is welcome at our mid-week training session. For those of you running the half or full marathon, this session will build on your previous efforts. For those of you running the Bluebell 10k, this will be a great kick start to your training.

You’ll all be working at your own ability and racing goals, so everyone is welcome. And before you start to groan at the thought of speedwork, let us tell you why this will benefit you as a runner – not just your race time.

Tempo means pace. It’s about running faster than you would on your long run, but not quite as fast as you would for a hundred metre dash in order to teach your body to use oxygen more efficiently.

By running at your lactate threshold (the point where your legs start to get tired), your body produces lactic acid. The more you train at this level, the better your body becomes at re-cycling the lactic acid as fuel, keeping that heavy leg feeling at bay. And with fresher legs you can run further (and faster) – which is just the ticket for a 10k, half or full marathon.

Meet: Hove Promenade, in front of King Alfred car park (parking free after 6pm)
Time: 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Trainer: Melissa (07894 146016)
Drop in £5.00

Beginners & intermediate Running Courses – next dates!


Starts next week – Weds Jan 30th but don’t worry if you miss this session, you can join later.

Read all about it here

Have questions? Please email