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Power your Pace Workshop. Wednesday 17th July.

Learn to finish strong and smiling!

Learn to finish strong and smiling!

What is pace, why is it important, how can you judge your own pace and improve it?

The workshop is aimed at educating runners of any ability to be able to answer the above questions regarding their own pace. This will cover training pace and why it is important to vary it, how to gauge your realistic race pace and improve as a runner. Part of the workshop involves putting into practice what you are learning so you leave with an understanding of how to use certain methods to judge your pace in training and on race day.

This is suitable for all runners from those aiming for a 5k goal, runners who want maximum benefit from training and those who have a goal to achieve a personal best at any distance race. You don’t need to be taking part in our Power your Pace 8 week plan to attend this workshop but for those that are, it will start you off with the running knowledge to follow the plan effectively.

COACH: Kate. 07702983744

MEET: Hove Park cafe @ 7.30pm – 8:30pm

The workshop is £10 and to be booked in advance via – Prices and bookings – workshops. Please note that spaces are limited



Hill training or Biomechanics workshop – Wednesday 3rd July

Our courses and training sessions can get you to the top of the world (ok the top of the Downs but the view is pretty good!)

Biomechanics workshop – scroll down for hills training session

We’re kicking off our new beginners 8 week course (10k Arundel Castle Run) this Wednesday 3rd July with a biomechanics workshop (worth £10).

The course is designed to get you started on the right foot with technique analysis to ensure you run faster and avoid injury (video playback weather permitting). The course is open to those not on the 10k Arundel Castle course but you must book in advance here and places are limited.

If you can’t make it Wednesday, you can still join in the 10k Arundel Castle course this Sunday 7th.

Join the crew – sign up to the Beginners to 10k Arundel Castle Course here

To sign up to the race click here (you can still do the course without signing up for the race if you’d prefer).

You will need to commit to paying for some of this course in order to be entitled to drop in to the course runs on Sunday.

For instance, pay for the Weds course (£38) which includes the biomechanics workshop and you can pay £10 drop ins on Sundays.

Or pay for the Sunday course (£58) and you can pay drop in Weds and for the workshop separately.

Alternatively, if you know you can commit to the full 8 week course it costs £95.

These Sunday drop-ins are NOT available to anyone not signed on to the course.


Location: Lawns at bottom of Hove Street South, next to King Alfred car park

Coach: Rachel 07855 742195

Drop in not available. Pre-book online here.

Hill training

We’ll also be running a hill training session in the beautiful setting of Hove Park. It’s open to runners of all abilities and new runners are always welcome.

The benefits of hill training are numerous. It’s an effective way of building strength and power whilst also recruiting the upper body and core. We will be looking at technique as we take on hill repeats in a lovely setting.

MEET: Hove Park playground (parking is free next to the park)
TIME: 7:30 – 8:30pm.
COACH: Melissa 07894 146016
Drop in fee £5 (or check website for membership deals).

Coming up Weds 3rd July…Beginner’s 10k Course

Friendship, progress, feel good running

Friendship, progress, feel good running

If you missed the start of our last 10k course, or are a new runner looking to progress in a friendly environment, don’t miss our beginners 8 week course to 10k Arundel Castle Run starting on Weds 3rd July (you can join on Sunday 7th).

It is NOT compulsory to enter the race as part of this course, but the Arundel 10k on Sunday 25th August, through the grounds of the castle looks like a beauty! To enter the race click here

Our running course includes a Biomechanics workshop this Wednesday 3rd July worth £10 (Open to those not on the course but must be booked in advance BOOK here – limited numbers). This will analyse the foundations of your running, to help you develop correct technique which will help make you faster and avoid injury. Weather permitting, we will provide video feedback during the session.

Thereafter, the course will help you build you strength and speed on Wednesday evenings, and distance on Sundays.

You don’t need to commit to both sessions but you will need to commit to paying for some of this course in order to be entitled to drop in to the course runs on Sunday.

For instance, pay for the Weds course (£38) which includes the biomechanics workshop and you can pay £10 drop ins on Sundays.

Or pay for the Sunday course (£58) and you can pay drop in Weds and for the workshop separately.

Alternatively, if you know you can commit to the full 8 week course it costs £95.

These Sunday drop-ins are NOT available to anyone not signed on to the course.

Join the crew – sign up to the Beginners to 10k Arundel Castle Course


Training PLUS new running courses, Weds June 19th

Who wants to learn to run?

Who wants to learn to run?

Learn how to transform YOUR running style with the correct technique and posture in our Biomechanics Workshop, £10, this week (included free in the cost of our upcoming courses).

This workshop will help lay the foundations for becoming a good runner if you’re a beginner, and/or improve your running if you are already running regularly. But most importantly, it could help prevent potential injury by spotting weaknesses now.

Where possible we shall also include video playback within the session. The workshop is open to ALL (booking below) but spaces are STRICTLY limited.

First priority to Annual Members (please book online to secure your space via the link below) and any one booking our new courses which start THIS WEDS.

We have a beginners 12 week Half Marathon programme (the first ‘long’ run will start at 2.5miles) which will help you get in shape this summer, as well as train you for any of the following races: Bacchus Half, Firle or Bristol Half Marathon.

OR our BRAND NEW 6 week Beginner’s Trail Running Course (this will get ready to run the Brighton Trail Blazer).

We will ONLY be running both courses if we have sufficient numbers. In the case of the Trail running Course, there will be NO drop-ins on this course. Please consult our Prices and Booking pages (links at the bottom) for Terms & Conditions.

For our regular runners who do not want to attend the workshop, this week’s session will focus on  Strength & Conditioning for Runners. Bring your mats, rollers and skipping ropes.

Courses and workshops can be booked at the links on the bottom. For the strength and conditioning session, please comment here if you are coming.

Book the Biomechanics For Running Workshop here

Book the Beginners 12 Weeks to Half Marathon Course here

Book the 6 Week Trail Running Course here

Location for both sessions: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street, parking in King Alfred

Coaches: Rachael & Melissa

Time: 7.30-8.30pm

Drop in price for S&C: £5

Summer Running Courses starting next week!

Join the women's running revolution

Join the women’s running revolution

What with Tough Mudder, the South Downs Half, and more we have been a bit quiet on new running packages of late. Well, that’s about to change!

We start our fantastic new summer season of running packages, workshops and more next Wednesday.

Starting next Wednesday 19th June (you can join us on Sunday if you miss the first day) we have a 6 week beginners Trail Running Course, 12 week to the Bacchus Half Marathon course (come and join the Fitbitch crew as we run through the Surrey vineyard in fancy dress – or run it fast!), both with accompanying Biomechanics for Beginners Workshops (which can be booked separately) on Hove Seafront next week.


If you’re one of our regulars and looking for something more challenging, check out our new 8 week Power Your Half Marathon Pace starting July 17th, which includes a workshop on Pace when booking the course. You need to be able to run 6miles when the course starts, and to be able to run a certain pace.

There are lots, and lots more coming up including beginners to Arundel 10k course, Half Marathon training for Amsterdam, Royal Parks, Brooks 10k, Rise 8k and more.

To make sure YOU don’t miss out on new courses, subscribe to this website. JUST make sure when you get the confirmation email (check spam) you click yes to the link or it won’t work!

Booking our courses gets you great savings on our usual prices, as does our annual membership which is now £280 for the year or £160 for six months.

Marathon Rescue, Beginners Packages & More for 2013

Where will YOUR running take you this year?

Where will YOUR running take you this year?

One day before our new 2013 running season kicks off tomorrow. Don’t miss out!

Signed up for the Brighton Marathon & Brighton Half but behind on your training? Sign up for our bespoke Rescue Week 1hr per day starting Jan 7th at 6am or 7am in Hove with four times marathon runner, Kate Boys. Build your confidence and you strength and get dedicated advice about how to catch up with your training.  Book our SOS package

Beginners & Intermediate to 10k? Want to join our beautiful Sunday runs but build up from two miles? Join our 12 week course – you can drop in on any Weds but you MUST sign up for the Sunday package to run with us. No Sunday drop ins on this course. First Sunday is 3rd January Book here

Total Beginners – Have your cake and eat it 0-5k at Lark on LowtherLearn how to run – and have a cake guilt-free at the end of the session. Or stick to your New Year detox! Starts 11th January Book here

Workshop: Establishing your perfect pace for race day confidence, Tues 8th January 6am or 7am

Workshop: Unconventional training techniques for running success – how  metronomes, cadence and hill work could transform your training, Thur 9th Jan, 6am or 7am

Both workshops 20GBP each. Book here


Run Free Workshop, Sat 17th November, 12.30-4.30pm

Feet, knee lift, arms…action

Whether you are a beginner, stuck in a running rut or always seem to be plagued by running injuries, our  Running Free workshop on Saturday 17th November, 12.30-4.30pm could help.
The four hour workshop is strictly limited to 12 people (there are only 5 spaces left) and will help you to focus on technique, and more. It is to take the place of one of our one week running schools for those who can not commit to a five day camp.

It will be taught by Fitbitch founder, Rachael Woolston, but will be open to men and women.

What will it cover?**

  • Assessment of running posture, technique and footfall – and how this relates to running efficiency
  • The Anatomy of movement – a look at the biomechanics of running, along with simple tests to assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • Run specific conditioning and stability work, including work for the all-important feet
  • How to improve your speed with metronomes and more
  • Foam Rolling and Yoga for Runners – how to foam roller, and yoga postures to help prevent injury and boost performance

You don’t need to worry about whether you are fast enough, or how far we will run. We will be running but more from a technique perspective so you do not need to worry about whether you will be able to run the distance or be fast enough.

Where: Hove Enterprise Centre, Basin Road North, Hove
BN41-1UY, free parking

When: Saturday 17th November, 12.30-4.30pm

Price: £50

To book email

Workshop: The Runner’s Mind: Calm nerves, Race techniques, Weds 8th, 7.30pm

Learn to calm pre-race jitters...even on a start line like this!

This Wednesday, don’t miss our mental performance workshop, with mental performance coach, Midgie Thompson of Bright Futures Coaching.

This will help you learn strategies to cope with pre-race jitters, along with tips to give you the mental edge during a race.

The session will last 90minutes with the last 15 minutes open for a Question and Answer format.

Location: Studio 57, Ethel Street, Hove (parking is available at the back of the studio). Come around to the front of the building (called Agora) and buzz Studio 57. Once buzzed in go through the door straight ahead and the studio is first on the left.

Price: £15. Book online or on the door



Marathon Rescue Package, starts Jan 5th 2012

So, you’ve waited until January to start your training for the Brighton marathon and you are now panicking?

Or perhaps you’ve been  injured and are  are trying  to get back on track and are worried about how far you have fallen behind on your training.

Well, there is no need to worry  because our marathon rescue package  will get you back on track. It includes a 30min free telephone consultation with our dedicated marathon coach, Kate Boys (who has run numerous marathons including New York and Brighton) a training plan, and twice weekly training sessions (Wednesday at 7.30pm and Sunday, 8.30am).

You should be able to run 10k comfortably but if you don’t fit this criteria, we can offer you personalised training sessions (open to men and women) to get you back on top of things.

The marathon training package costs £110 for both training sessions, or £55 if only doing one session per week. To book email or for further details, call Kate on 07702 983744.

Gait & Biomechancis for Runners Workshop: Weds 9th Nov, 7-9.30pm

Slow down your running movement to help boost your speed

Whether you have just started running, or you are an experienced runner, the opportunity to take part in this workshop should not be missed.
Identifying issues with the way your body moves could help prevent you becoming injured, and will certainly make you a stronger runner.
Some of those who have done our one week running school are already aware of some of these issues, but this workshop will help you understand it more fully.
To read more about gait analysis and what you can expect to learn from the workshop, you can read the article that founder, Rachael Woolston wrote for click here
All those attending the workshop will get £10 off the service, and our FitBitch trainers are also offering exclusive special one-to-one deals on biomechanical training to focus on any areas that then come to light.
Numbers are strictly limited to 15 for this workshop so book soon via our Prices and Booking page at if you are interested.
Price: £20
Location: Studio 57, The Agora Building
Ground Floor West Wing
Ellen Street
Hove East Sussex