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Absolute Beginners 0-5k Course, starts Weds Oct 16th

We ALL started as beginners at some point

We ALL started as beginners at some point

Want to finally get off that sofa and learn to run without feeling like you’re going to pass out?

Want the added motivation of training with a group all with the same aim, along with excellent coaching to help ensure you not only learn to run, but you learn to run well?

Then don’t miss our next four week, women’s only 5k course, which starts Weds October 16th at 7.30pm with our fab coach, Karen.

No experience is required, just a willingness to learn and try. What you will get in return? New friends, a love of running and the ability to just get up and go out and run whenever you want. Not to mention even a slimmer body too.

It costs £40 for the four weeks, including a training plan. Meet new running buddies, learn to run, have fun…join the Fitbitch community

Our next courses for non-beginners will be Brighton Half Marathon and Marathon training, although we are currently training for the Brooks 10k and drop ins always run on Weds and Sunday.

Book here under running courses


Power your Pace Workshop. Wednesday 17th July.

Learn to finish strong and smiling!

Learn to finish strong and smiling!

What is pace, why is it important, how can you judge your own pace and improve it?

The workshop is aimed at educating runners of any ability to be able to answer the above questions regarding their own pace. This will cover training pace and why it is important to vary it, how to gauge your realistic race pace and improve as a runner. Part of the workshop involves putting into practice what you are learning so you leave with an understanding of how to use certain methods to judge your pace in training and on race day.

This is suitable for all runners from those aiming for a 5k goal, runners who want maximum benefit from training and those who have a goal to achieve a personal best at any distance race. You don’t need to be taking part in our Power your Pace 8 week plan to attend this workshop but for those that are, it will start you off with the running knowledge to follow the plan effectively.

COACH: Kate. 07702983744

MEET: Hove Park cafe @ 7.30pm – 8:30pm

The workshop is £10 and to be booked in advance via http://www.fitbitchbootcamp.com – Prices and bookings – workshops. Please note that spaces are limited


Training PLUS new running courses, Weds June 19th

Who wants to learn to run?

Who wants to learn to run?

Learn how to transform YOUR running style with the correct technique and posture in our Biomechanics Workshop, £10, this week (included free in the cost of our upcoming courses).

This workshop will help lay the foundations for becoming a good runner if you’re a beginner, and/or improve your running if you are already running regularly. But most importantly, it could help prevent potential injury by spotting weaknesses now.

Where possible we shall also include video playback within the session. The workshop is open to ALL (booking below) but spaces are STRICTLY limited.

First priority to Annual Members (please book online to secure your space via the link below) and any one booking our new courses which start THIS WEDS.

We have a beginners 12 week Half Marathon programme (the first ‘long’ run will start at 2.5miles) which will help you get in shape this summer, as well as train you for any of the following races: Bacchus Half, Firle or Bristol Half Marathon.

OR our BRAND NEW 6 week Beginner’s Trail Running Course (this will get ready to run the Brighton Trail Blazer).

We will ONLY be running both courses if we have sufficient numbers. In the case of the Trail running Course, there will be NO drop-ins on this course. Please consult our Prices and Booking pages (links at the bottom) for Terms & Conditions.

For our regular runners who do not want to attend the workshop, this week’s session will focus on  Strength & Conditioning for Runners. Bring your mats, rollers and skipping ropes.

Courses and workshops can be booked at the links on the bottom. For the strength and conditioning session, please comment here if you are coming.

Book the Biomechanics For Running Workshop here

Book the Beginners 12 Weeks to Half Marathon Course here

Book the 6 Week Trail Running Course here

Location for both sessions: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street, parking in King Alfred

Coaches: Rachael & Melissa

Time: 7.30-8.30pm

Drop in price for S&C: £5

Breaking it down to build speed, Weds training 7.30pm

Know your body, boost your running

Know your body, boost your running

Whether you are new to our club, just signed up to our new course (which you can still do) or are part of our current training groups, this session will be perfect.

We will be working on improving your speed with interval work. For those unsure of pace, this will also be an opportunity to understand what pace is all about and how you can use this in your training.

It will also help supercharge your endorphins for the rest of the week ahead!


Those who have booked a new course, please bring a refundable £5 deposit for you training bracelet.

Location: the lawns adjacent to King Alfred Centre, usual place

Time: 7.30pm

Price: £5 drop in, or part of your course

Coach: Rachael


Pocket Rocket Training, Weds 12th December, 7.30pm

Catapult training!

Catapult training!

Power up your run training with some pace interval work.

When you are doing pace work, you rarely feel like a rocket, more sputtering old banger. BUT regular pace interval sessions can transform your speed. And more importantly, they help you develop  correct race strategy so you know exactly what speed you are capable of running at come race day.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner and all this race talk scares you, this session is also suitable as a way of helping you build you distance, with short intervals with a rest between.

If you are part of our half and full marathon teams, come to this session with an idea of what pace you are hoping to run your race. To help you calculate this, use this handy pace calculator. Enter the time you are hoping to complete your race, and write down your min/mile pace and bring with you. Please bring a training watch if you have one. NO worries if not.



Time: 7.30pm


Coach: Rachael

Where: Hove seafront, lawns adjacent to King Alfred Centre

Drop in: £5





Lake Garda 15k Runners & Beginners

Who needs caffeine when running gives you this much of a buzz?

Last Wednesday,  and this morning we  had a fantastic turn out for our new beginner’s running group.

If you are a beginner, and haven’t joined us yet – or saw us at parkrun.com, it is never too late to join as you can drop in for £5 whenever you want on Wednesdays. These sessions are suitable for all.

Plus, we  have another group starting on August 8th –  our group who are training for the Lake Garda 15k on October 14th. All the spaces for our international run have been filled but that doesn’t stop you joining our training if you want to just build your distance.

If you are already confirmed for Lake Garda, the package price is payable NOW.

That is £71 for a half package of 10 runs (minus £20 if you have paid the admin fee) or £107 for 19 runs. It is due now.

Pay to the same bank as usual.

Beauty of the Downs run, Sun 27th May

Nothing beats a Sunday run on the Downs

Whether you are new to running or an experienced FitBitcher, nothing beats an early summer run on the Downs on a Sunday morning.

Admittedly, where there are the Downs there are hills but with so much more to look at you don’t notice them as much. Besides, the post-Sunday morning endorphins that last way in to Monday make up for it all.

There will be three distances to choose from this week so please read the blog carefully, and comment where you are going to meet us. If you are running late for a meeting place, or change your mind about coming last-minute please TEXT us (don’t call, I’ll be running!). If we don’t hear from you, and you are not at the designated meeting place we won’t wait.

4mile route – a steady uphill, a beautiful down hill with a final sting in the tail back to your car. Meet the second car park on Devil’s Dyke Road at 8.40am

5mile route – same as above with more of the uphill to start. Meet the FIRST car park on Devil’s Dyke Road, just after the road forks (the right is Saddlescombe Road) at 8.30am

8mile route – This will be an out and back route with quite a few hills but a lovely downhill section for those who want to work on their speed and negative split. Er, or those who just want to catch up in the latter half of the run on what’s going on in Homelands. Meet the FIRST car park on Devil’s Dyke Road at 8.30am.

Parking is free. Where is Devil’s Dyke Road? Here…http://g.co/maps/rwrfs

Beginner’s Group will be taken by Tor, our fab running ambassador.

Longer route, Rachael 07855 742195

Drop in: £5

If you can offer a lift, please include in your comment. If you have paid for a package please ensure you wear your membership band or you may have to pay again!