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Seafront start to half marathon training. Sunday 24th November.

Share the experience.

Share the experience.

Whether you’re after a social run or your Brighton half marathon training has started, our Sunday route this week is a flat seafront 4 mile run. This distance is the perfect starting block for your training and by keeping it flat it will allow you to focus on the pace you anticipate to run the full distance at. Even if you are one of our regular runners and you have been running longer distances recently, keeping the mileage less and building up again will help your body recover for further training. Plus it’s a good one for a fast, flat run.

Our half marathon training runs are a great way to find your running buddy and share the experience with new or old friends. Being part of the FitBitch community offers fantastic camaraderie and support during the training and on the day of the running event.

MEET: outside Marroccos cafe. King’s Esplanade. Hove.

TIME: 8.20 am for a pre run brief. Run starts at 8.30 prompt.

Coach: Kate (07702 983744). R/A: Tor.

Price, £10, bookable online only.




Wednesday 6th November run training – strength and stamina.

Light up and run.

Light up and run.

The Brooks 10k is almost upon us, marathon season is approaching and Winter has kicked in! What better time to beat any blues and add variety to your weekly training or to keep up and improve on the fitness that you have already built up.

This Wednesdays session is a mix of both strength work and an interval method that has proven to take minutes of athletes personal best race times. Don’t be afraid if you’re fairly new to running, you won’t be expected to take off like a firework but your legs may start to feel the beneficial burn.

There’s no need to bring anything except warm layers and water.

PLACE AND TIME: Lifeguard hut, corner of Hove Street (parking at King Alfred car park) @ 7.30 pm

COACH: Kate (07702983744)

£5 please book online here


Condition your body for running, Weds 27th Feb

Who wants to get in shape?

Who wants to get in shape?

Whether you are coming for the first time, or one of our regulars, this session is one of our essential building blocks to making a good runner.

To be an efficient, good runner, and to help avoid injuries, it is essential to build strength in the correct muscles that help you to run.

And for those of you who have taken up running to get in shape, this is a bonus as these muscles happen to be your legs, butt and core muscles!

So wrap up warm and come on down for this session. Bring a mat if you have one and get ready to work on the muscles which create stability, strength and correct movement function as you run.


Location: Lawns adjacent to King Alfred Centre, Hove Street

Coach: Rachael

Time: 7.30pm

Price: £5 drop in

Be inspired this February…

For all those who run with us but don’t know anything about the other aspects of what we offer, read on.

This month is all about inspiration at Fitbitch…and we have some exciting fitness camps starting next Monday.

These are also good camps to help build balance and stability, all crucial aspects of running.


Scenic Sunday, training run 3rd February, 8.30am



For runners starting their training for  10k and 10miles, we’ll be doing a flat, seafront 3.5miles run meeting at 8.30am on the seafront in front of King Alfred’s car park.

Half and Marathon Training Group: 13.5miles and 12miles

Get ready for a scenic stunner, heading out along River Adur, around Bamber Castle and back.

Unlike our previous runs in this area we will be keeping to the right hand side of the river going out, using the Link route to avoid the mud ( But this is the country, there will be mud once we head off this Link path so wear trail shoes if you have them!)

This weekend’s run will be working on race simulation, so we will be attempting to pick up the pace. Both groups will run together, with the half marathon group doing the final 1.5miles into Shoreham by Sea to finish.

PLEASE NOTE – because we are working on pace this weekend, we ask all those who typically run at the back of the group to meet at 8am. We will be starting earlier to give you time to work on your speed. If you are unsure whether you fit into this category, please call RAchael 07855 742195.

everyone else, meet at 8.30am as normal.

Times & Locations:

10k & 10mile BlueBell group: Meet in front of King Alfred Centre Car park, 8.30am. Running Ambassador: Mel L

12-13.5miles group:

Location: Entrance to Giant Bike shop, Shoreham next to RopeTackle Arts Centre – details here

Parking: Middle Street car park, 5minutes walk away. Free on Sundays. Please leave time to find the car park and walk to the start

Working on pace back runners:  meet 8am, Running coach: Rachael

Everyone else: 8.30am, Running coach: Kate

Running ambassadors: 13.5mile group: Elspeth, 12mile route: Tor

Drop in: £7



The longer route – run along the river. Sunday 6th January. 10 miles.

Hurrah no hills!

A scenic start to 2013.

It’s our first Sunday training session of 2013 and we’re ready to make dreams a reality. Whether it’s to improve general fitness, gain a pb, run your first marathon, enjoy a social run or lose some Christmas pounds, our sessions are a great way to meet your goals and keep you focused.

Half and full marathon training are both 10 miles this Sunday and it’s flat. For those who are training for the full marathon you will be encouraged to work on negative splits, running the second half at a slightly faster pace. If you learn to conserve your resources for the first part of the run, they’ll be available to you in the later stage as you pass the surviving shufflers.

Coach Melissa 07894146016. R/A’s Middle runner Tor. Back up runner Karen Russell.

Location: Meet car park by Lower Beach Road, Shoreham-by-Sea – map here. you will need to pay for parking but it is cheap. If the car park is still closed, there is street parking nearby. Comment if you need a lift. Even if you are a new runner with us, please don’t be afraid to ask. PLEASE NOTE THE 5 MILE ROUTE FOR OUR NEW RUNNER’S ‘CATCH UP’ STARTS AT HOVE SEAFRONT.

Drop in: £7

Time: 8.30am

Are you inspired? Join us

Our Brighton Marathon crew

As I write this, it’s exactly 9am on Sunday 15th April, just as our marathon runners, who have been training since November 2011 prepare to cross the start line of the Brighton Marathon, 2012.

Before you think they must all be seasoned runners, think again. For every one of our runners it is their first ever marathon. They are mums, girls about town, just like you.

Whatever distance you would like to train for, be it 5k, a marthon or even an ultramarathon, we can you help you.

Our next training packages start April 30th, although Wednesday sessions at 7.30pm can be dropped in on whenever you like and are suitable for ALL levels.

Upcoming races we will be doing training packages for include beginners to 10k, half marathon and a full marathon in Lake Garda. Come join us!

Conditioning for Runners, Weds 4th April

Conditioning for all

Conditioning is a vital part of training for any runner, whether you are a beginner or seasoned strider. Why?

Imagine a ball that is not pumped up properly. Try to bounce it and it spends longer in contact with the floor and will not rebound high. In contrast, a  pumped up ball spends less time in contact with the floor and bounces high.

This is the difference between a conditioned muscle and an unconditioned muscle. The better your condition, the less injury you will have and the more efficient you will as a runner.

Ahem, and let’s not forget, a toned muscle looks a darn sight more attractive too!

This training session will focus on this area and is suitable for all levels of runner. If you have a yoga mat please bring it, along with a skipping rope if you have one.


Location: Lawns by Hove Street South

Time: 7.30pm

Parking: King Alfred’s Car Park

Coach: Rachael

Drop in: £5

Beginners/Returners to Running Training session, Weds 15th Feb

Get ready to transform your running experience

Have you been inspired to take up running by a friend recently? Or, have you always wished you could run and lacked confidence? Or perhaps you already do run and would love to train with a group but have been put off joining other running groups who are currently doing long distances?

If this sounds like youthen now is the time to join our running group.

Whether you are merely looking for a social group to run with, or you want to start training for a 10k, half marathon or even beyond this, get in on the ground level with our beginners and returners (i.e. those who run but have not done any distance for a while, or are returning from injury) training session.

This session takes some of the elements of our Running School weeks, to analyse your foundations, posture and biomechanics. This helps us, and you understand how you can build yourself into a strong, injury free runner.

The first part of the session will be indoors to allow us to analyse your movement patterns and posture, before heading outside for a short run. If this sounds bewildering to you, and you are thinking ‘I just want to run,’ don’t worry it will all make sense.

Whatever your level, this is a session not to be missed.

Location: Flat 4, 4 St Aubyns, Hove, BN3 2TB (parking in KIng Alfreds car park, a five minutes walk away)

Time: 6.45pm

What to wear: Usual running stuff but layers so you can take them off inside.

Cost: £5 drop in – places are STRICTLY limited so you need to book in advance by leaving a comment here

Coach: Rachael, 07855 742195

Strength & Conditoning Training, Wed 1st Feb

Conditioning for runners session

This week we are focusing on strength and conditioning, a part that many runners neglect in their training but which is as vital as the running itself (and the flexibility work…ahem!)

We don’t want you to miss out on your pace work though so we will start with a few fast 1k pace runs, building on from our focus at last week’s training.

Please arrive on time – you are late you will have to wait for us at the lifeguards hut where we will be returning (fairly rapidly!).

This session will involve running, kettlebells, biomechanics exercises and more. Wrap up WARM! Layers can be shed for the running session but you will need layers and gloves for the second half (my car will be parked there for things to be left in).

Coach: Rachael
Drop in: £5
Location: Hove Lawns,near Hove Street South and King Alfred Centre. Meet lifeguard hut, same place as last week.
Parking: King Alfred Centre
Time: 7.30pm