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Wednesday 18th December last training session of 2013

It's Christmas!

It’s Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas and our last training session of the year. We’ll be bringing some festive fun to a hill workout this Wednesday.

The session will help boost the muscles that engage during running, the leg muscles and the core muscles. The quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings will be tested to a level to help improve your running performance. If this doesn’t sound like fun then you’ll be surprised how we can disguise a thorough workout with a Christmas theme. You’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out what Santa has in store!

TIME and MEETING POINT: Madeira Drive. Outside Peter Pan playground at 7.30pm till 8.30.

COACH: Kate 07702 983744

Price: £5 drop in payable online in advance. If you have booked a course, please still book in for your session. click here




Stunning scenic run, Sunday 17th March, 8.30am

Happy Sunday running

Jump, smile and run.

Don’t miss our next Sunday, particularly if you are training for the BlueBell 10k or 10mile as building your mileage gradually, and your hill training is important.

Choose from 6miles (those training for 10k) or 8.5miles (training for 10miles) or if you’re new to us, come along and join us for a social run.

It will start from Hove Park, with a flat route before heading up to the Downs and returning to the park. Those on the longer route will finish with a pacey lap to help focus the mind on race strategy – and just because it’s good to finish on a high!

Our marathon group hit 19miles this week and the advantage of going long? You get to enjoy so much scenery and this route has it all. Sea, river and the downs.

It is a hilly route but where there is an up, there is a down to help you stretch out your legs.

The routes have been chosen to avoid any open fields where it will be very soggy after the snow. BUT trail shoes are probably preferable if you have them.


Running etiquette: Please note that we leave at 8.30am from the start so be there with time to get yourself ready and pay your drop in fees.

Please do not run ahead of the coach, or if you do stay within sight. Those running in the middle, if you lose sight of the front runner, you MUST wait for the ambassador bringing up the back so you don’t get lost.

8 & 6mile route please meet at Hove Park Cafe. 8mile route will be led by Melissa, 6mile by Kate. Running ambassador: Elspeth (group dependent on size)

Drop in: £7

Marathon group: Please meet Marrocco’s Cafe, Hove Seafront 8.30am

Our route will follow along the seafront to Shoreham, along the river and then up over the downs finishing at the cafe for an optional breakfast.

Coach: Rachael, Drop in: £10

Stunning Sea Or Stanmer, Sunday 10th March

Stunning Stanmer..we won't go up this way!

Stunning Stanmer..we won’t go up this way!


Whether it is social, off-road run or you are training with us for the Bluebell 10k or 10mile race in April, come and join us for a stunning run through Stanmer Park this Sunday.

There will be a choice of 5miles (10k group) or 8 miles (10mile group).

Meanwhile, our marathon group will be running 17miles from Angmering back to Hove  working on their pace for their big day.


for details for location and times, please read on below for your group. (pls arrive with time to park, and pay for your drop in sessions. These times are when we will depart).

8mile group: Meet Stanmer Park car park entrance, 8.30am, Coach: rachael, ambassador, Mel L. Drop in: £7

5mile group: Stanmer Park church car park, 8.40am. Coach: Kate Drop in £7

Marathon Group: Meet Hove Station to catch the 8.04am to Angmering arriving at 8.36am (or make your own way to Angmering for the same arrival time).  The route will finish back at Hove station. Coach: Melissa, Ambassador: Karen r.

(Please note that we welcome all runners to our marathon group but at these distances, we do require you to be able to run at least a consistent 9.45-10min mile to be included in a group run. Unsure or unable to match this pace? Get in touch and we can work on this with you on a one to one basis or suggest some method of helping you in your training).




HIf you are new to us and thinking of coming along, please get in

Conditioning and the need for speed to improve your running.Wednesday 23rd January.

The reason for speed work is more than a quick dash from the horse.

The reason for speed work is more than a quick dash from the horse.

It’s important to have strong core as a runner to prevent injuries and stabilise the trunk, plus help improve technique when fatigued on an endurance run. Half and full marathon runners you will reap the benefits by including this in your training.

Another important principle as a runner is speedwork. This often gets overlooked when people are training for a long distance run. The body has a natural ability to adapt to physiological demands. Training at the same pace day after day fails to improve running performance. But break out of that comfort zone with speedwork now and then, and the body will learn to deal with the new demands. The heart will get stronger, the cardiovascular system more efficient and the muscles are able to function better at full force. That will all translate to greater strength, faster and easier endurance runs. It is a session that caters for all abilities, even if you think you can only run at one pace, you’ll be surprised at how you can go faster for a short period of time once you have had effective coaching.

MEET: Hove Street, near King Alfred car park and the lifeguard hut. Time: 7.30 – 8.30pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Drop in £5.


Pocket Rocket Training, Weds 12th December, 7.30pm

Catapult training!

Catapult training!

Power up your run training with some pace interval work.

When you are doing pace work, you rarely feel like a rocket, more sputtering old banger. BUT regular pace interval sessions can transform your speed. And more importantly, they help you develop  correct race strategy so you know exactly what speed you are capable of running at come race day.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner and all this race talk scares you, this session is also suitable as a way of helping you build you distance, with short intervals with a rest between.

If you are part of our half and full marathon teams, come to this session with an idea of what pace you are hoping to run your race. To help you calculate this, use this handy pace calculator. Enter the time you are hoping to complete your race, and write down your min/mile pace and bring with you. Please bring a training watch if you have one. NO worries if not.



Time: 7.30pm


Coach: Rachael

Where: Hove seafront, lawns adjacent to King Alfred Centre

Drop in: £5





Sea and Hills, Sunday 25th November

Get your pre-run poses sorted!

For all our runners, from beginners to advanced and anyone new to Fitbitch, this training run will tick all the boxes.

Don’t be scared by the word hill, as this route is more about undulations to help our new runners learn how to cope with gradient to help build strength and technique. And it finishes with a nice flat all the way back.

If you are an advanced runner used to more miles we will be working on tempo instead this Sunday.

Tempo is just as important as putting in the miles and we will work on this during the latter section of this run.

We will be offering a 5 and a 6 mile route, in line with our training plans for the Brighton Marathon and Brighton Half.


Where: Meet Brighton Marina car park in Asda, far end near the car wash

Time: 8.30am

Drop in: £7

Coaches: Rachael, Kate & Melissa

RA: Karen & Mel A


Half and Marathon Training, Sunday 12th Feb


Running, opens up your world

We’re just one week away from the Brighton Half Marathon, and this is a time for our half marathon runners to start to taper. This week our Sunday run will be a flat 5.5mile run.

If you have an idea of your pace, then you should aim to run it. If not, just aim to run a bit faster than normal but don’t play around with your running speed on actual race day if you are not used to how your body should feel at a certain pace.

But for those who attended our Runner’s Mind workshop on Wednesday, try to put into practise some of the techniques that we learned.

For those training for the marathon,  Brighton or London marathon, we are going for an off-road 12 mile route.

It is a beautiful run, and if you have never joined us before and are struggling with a lack of enthusiasm for your marathon training, then this will get it back again.


Half Marathon 5 mile route

Meet: Marroccos cafe

Trainer: Melissa

Marathon 12 mile route

Meet: Asda car park (free), Marina

Trainer: Rachael and Kate

Drop in rate: £5


Marathon Training Workshop, Sun 6th Nov

Don't take the lonely road to training - take the FitBitch way!

The Brighton Marathon, 2012 may seem like a long way off but now is the ideal time to start training. It means you’ll be ready and feeling confident as you stand on the start line – and you’re more likely to get through training injury-free.
So come and start training with our FitBitch marathon coach, Kate Boys this Sunday, 6th November.
Training will start with a comprehensive workshop, that Kate is also putting on for the Rockinghorse Charity.
You will learn the importance of tempo and pace in your training, what to eat to fuel your training (and what not!) plus lots more.
Whether you are a seasoned runner, a first time marathon runner or you are simply considering it, come along to this free workshop and find out more from Kate.
Please wear running clothes but dress up warm as you will be doing some practical work as well as Q&A sessions.
Where: Withdean Sports Complex, running track. Tongdean Lane. Brighton. BN1 5JD.
Time: 11am – 1pm
Price: Free to those doing the marathon or contemplating it.