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Resilient runners, Wednesday 4th December

Don't hold back with the training!

Don’t hold back with the training!

In order to become a better, more resilient runner, it’s important to also train the front and transverse planes of movement. Confused? That’s why we are here. Wednesday will once again focus on strength and conditioning that can benefit runners in numerous ways and help prevent injury.

The session will be in circuit formation and will involve some bodyweight exercises so bring a mat if you have one. We remain thorough on coaching correct technique so it’s still suitable for any one who hasn’t attended our sessions before.

MEET: Outside the lifeguard hut (corner of Hove Street and parking at King Alfred).

TIME: 7.30 -8.30 pm

COACH: Kate (07702 983744)

Book online here



Become a stronger, faster runner. Wednesday 20th November.

Light up your workout.

Light up your workout.

Lunge into half and full marathon season to help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury with regular strength and conditioning training. Most runners know the importance of this type of training but getting the balance right and having correct technique of effective running specific exercises can be hard when training alone. It’s not just for longer distance runners, any distance sees the benefits of strength and conditioning work. If you have a mat then please bring it (spares will be available) – there will be some core work and lower body exercises plus a small amount of running.

Meet: Lifeguard hut on the corner of Hove Street.

Time: 7.30 – 8.30pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Price: £5 payable online here  by choosing Weds fitness


Off road beauty, Sunday 24th Feb


Glorious skies and witty chat on the climbs!


Whether you are still basking in the glow of finishing the Brighton Half Marathon, or simply inspired by watching your friends/partners/total strangers and want to start running yourself, come and join us this Sunday.

For those training for the Bluebell race, or those joining for a social run, there is an option of a four mile or 7mile.

The four mile is suitable for those new to our running club who can currently run 5k.  It would also be good for those who ran last week’s half marathon and would prefer something more gentle.

Please DON’T jump to 7miles (Bluebell 10miles) group if you’re training for 10k.

And for our specialist marathon group,  we start to pick up our distance to 14miles on an undulating route (with a lovely downhill section) that will build your physical and mental endurance.

We finish at Hove Park cafe for coffee.


Time: 8.30am

Location: Hove Park Cafe

Price: £7 except for Marathon group: £10, for distances over 13miles

Marathon: Melissa, with Karen Russell (N.B if you would like to join our marathon training team on a drop in basis please call Rachael 07855 742195. We are a small group so it’s perfect for those runners who may be feeling isolated or overwhelmed with their current training schedule).

BlueBell & Beginners: Melanie Anning

7mile group: Kate or Rachael, with Elspeth

General etiquette: Please stay with your group when you run. If this means you don’t run with someone you know, start chatting with someone new! This helps us keep you safe, and on the right track.

Stuck in the middle of a group and not noticed where the front leaders have gone? Don’t guess. Wait for our ambassador at the back of the group.


Scenic Sunday, training run 3rd February, 8.30am



For runners starting their training for  10k and 10miles, we’ll be doing a flat, seafront 3.5miles run meeting at 8.30am on the seafront in front of King Alfred’s car park.

Half and Marathon Training Group: 13.5miles and 12miles

Get ready for a scenic stunner, heading out along River Adur, around Bamber Castle and back.

Unlike our previous runs in this area we will be keeping to the right hand side of the river going out, using the Link route to avoid the mud ( But this is the country, there will be mud once we head off this Link path so wear trail shoes if you have them!)

This weekend’s run will be working on race simulation, so we will be attempting to pick up the pace. Both groups will run together, with the half marathon group doing the final 1.5miles into Shoreham by Sea to finish.

PLEASE NOTE – because we are working on pace this weekend, we ask all those who typically run at the back of the group to meet at 8am. We will be starting earlier to give you time to work on your speed. If you are unsure whether you fit into this category, please call RAchael 07855 742195.

everyone else, meet at 8.30am as normal.

Times & Locations:

10k & 10mile BlueBell group: Meet in front of King Alfred Centre Car park, 8.30am. Running Ambassador: Mel L

12-13.5miles group:

Location: Entrance to Giant Bike shop, Shoreham next to RopeTackle Arts Centre – details here

Parking: Middle Street car park, 5minutes walk away. Free on Sundays. Please leave time to find the car park and walk to the start

Working on pace back runners:  meet 8am, Running coach: Rachael

Everyone else: 8.30am, Running coach: Kate

Running ambassadors: 13.5mile group: Elspeth, 12mile route: Tor

Drop in: £7



The Beacon run and the Catch up Course. Sunday 20th January

Don't be fooled - it's not all this level!

Don’t be fooled – it’s not all this level!

As with last week all our runners are starting out together. Meeting at Stanmer park then everyone is heading (ahem) up to Ditchling Beacon. They’ll be no stopping for ice-creams once you’re there though. Not in January anyway. This does start out slightly challenging. I can hear you ask ‘what’s new!’ The last part of the run is a decline and the views make it all worthwhile, even on the ascent. This is the same day that Fitbitch founder Rachael is running the Mumbai marathon and may have completed it before we set out. That’s one way to gear us on.

Half and Full marathon – the distances are 11 and 12 miles, which will take you  west from the Beacon before heading down past the Chattri and back towards Stanmer. The 12 milers will need to add on that extra mile in Stanmer woods at the end of the 11 mile run.

Catch up Course – You are all now more conditioned as a runner and are ready to take on the South Down hills. This requires more muscle recruitment and takes less impact on the joints. So don’t be put off by the H word. When you get to Ditchling Beacon you’ll then take a downhill back to Stanmer and through the woods. Stunning scenery for a 7 mile route.

MEET: The A27 entrance to Stanmer, parking is either the left or right side car parks and we will meet by the two houses at the entrance. Please comment if lifts are needed. Bring extra layers for the post run stretch!

11/12 mile coach: Melissa 07894 146016. Running Ambassadors: Karen and Elspeth. Drop in:£7

Catch up Course coach: Kate 07702983744. Running Ambassador: Mel L. Drop in: £10

TIME: 8:30am.

Interval training, Weds 28th Nov

Catapult training!

Get ready for a blast of a running session.

Whether you are trying our club for the first time, or training with us for the Brighton marathon or half marathon, this session will work on improving your ability to run and work at a higher intensity.

We will also be adding some conditioning work into this session and it is VITAL to tell us here if you will be attending so that we can plan accordingly.

Coach: Rachael

when: 7.30pm – don’t be late!

Where: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street

Cost: £5 drop in



Pace your pyramid, Weds 21st Nov

Fitbitch training sessions give you wings!

To improve as a runner, and see more improvements in body shape and fitness, you need to vary your training to incorporate more than just your usual length and speed of run.

This training session is designed to do just that.

Suitable for beginners, experienced runners, and an essential part of training for our Brighton Half and Marathon runners, we will be working on interval sessions that will improve your speed, help you focus on technique and give you a huge endorphin buzz to boot! Not to mention give you a psychological edge when it comes to race conditions.


Location: Lawns adjacent to Hove street by King Alfred Centre

Time: 7.30pm

Coach: Rachael

Drop in: £5

Training run, Sat 17th November, 8am

Start your running well with Fitbitch

In a change to our schedule (due to the Brooks 10k, and SpartanBeast commitments) this week’s training is on Saturday.

It is geared towards those training for the Brighton Half and Brighton Marathon but all are welcome. And as we are at the start of training, it is good for beginners whether you are training for something or not.

There will be a choice of four or five miles, in line with our current training plans.

Both will involve road runs looping up from the seafront to Hove Park and back.


Location: Life guard hut by Hove Street (where we usually meet for WEds run club)

time: 8am

Drop in: £7

Coaches: Rachael, Kate and Run Ambassador Elspeth


Pace for your race. Wednesday 14th November

Inspired by sporting hero’s?

Although running is a year round activity, there’s no denying we’ve hit training season again. Our training plans for the Brighton half and full marathon have begun and it is the last training session before the Brookes 10k and the Spartan race.

Pace is the name of the game this Wednesday. For Sundays 10k runners, it will give you one last training boost and an opportunity to ask any race day preparation questions. Spartan girls, they’ll be no obstacles but a chance to build up running performance ( or possibly a small obstacle as extra training!)

If you are starting out on the half or full marathon training, this is the key to your training. Do not be fooled into thinking it is all about our Sunday longer runs (however these sessions are just as important). Wednesdays sessions cover all the other elements required to prevent over training and injury. We will establish a suitable pace for every individual that will work you at a comfortably hard pace, to boost your endurance for longer runs. As always all abilities are welcome, whether you are running a race or you run for general fitness and please comment if you can make this session.

Meet: Hove street, on the promenade by the lifeguard hut (near King Alfred car park)

Time: 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Drop in: £5

Tempo training. Wednesday 24th October.


A quick dash from the horse was needed, hurrah for the tempo sessions!

Are you stagnating with your pace or even slowing down and do you want to get stronger and faster as a runner? Tempo training suits all abilities of runners and is a great way to spice up your training. You’ll be running at a faster pace than your steady jog which will train the body’s ability to take in more oxygen and use it to make energy in the muscles. It also helps prevent or delay the burning feeling that can occur in the muscles during running. Don’t get into the habit of training at the same pace, your body gets used to it and there’s no improvement plus the repetitive stride pattern will tighten the muscles and joints and make you more susceptible to injury. Brooks 10k runners and Spartan girls make that race a bit easier and get some tempo training in your programme. Or be a stride ahead with your Brighton full and half marathon training.

ARE YOU JOINING US? Please comment so we can provide enough Running Coaches.

Meet: Hove promenade, bottom of Hove Street, near King Alfred car park.

Time: 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Drop in: £5