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Conditioning and the need for speed to improve your running.Wednesday 23rd January.

The reason for speed work is more than a quick dash from the horse.

The reason for speed work is more than a quick dash from the horse.

It’s important to have strong core as a runner to prevent injuries and stabilise the trunk, plus help improve technique when fatigued on an endurance run. Half and full marathon runners you will reap the benefits by including this in your training.

Another important principle as a runner is speedwork. This often gets overlooked when people are training for a long distance run. The body has a natural ability to adapt to physiological demands. Training at the same pace day after day fails to improve running performance. But break out of that comfort zone with speedwork now and then, and the body will learn to deal with the new demands. The heart will get stronger, the cardiovascular system more efficient and the muscles are able to function better at full force. That will all translate to greater strength, faster and easier endurance runs. It is a session that caters for all abilities, even if you think you can only run at one pace, you’ll be surprised at how you can go faster for a short period of time once you have had effective coaching.

MEET: Hove Street, near King Alfred car park and the lifeguard hut. Time: 7.30 – 8.30pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Drop in £5.


Pace work: Learn something new, or train for an event. Wednesday 7th March.

Whether you're setting out on a new dream, or training for the next one, doing it the FitBitch way works!

Do you ever set out for a run and feel the need to stop after a few minutes? Or are you currently training for a specific goal, whether it’s a distance or a time?

Pace work is the answer for both and will vary between every individual. It is not a competitive training session, but one where you learn to work with your body to help improve your cardiovascular system, muscular strength and improve endurance before fatigue kicks in.

While your pace is individual to you, it is certainly not easy to do alone which is why training in a group is so important.

This week, we will help you  find a pace that brings you slightly out of your  comfort zone, and help you to understand how you can work towards maintaining that pace.

This is a vital part of training for those in our group who are working towards the BlueBell 10k, Brighton Marathon on Berlin Half Marathon.

We have two Coaches, Melissa who will work with beginners and those training for the 10k, and Kate who will work with the half an marathon runners.

Where: Bottom of Hove Street, near lifeguard hut (Close to King Alfred car park which is free)

Time: 7:30 pm

Contact. Kate 07702983744. Melissa 07894146016

Please call us if any questions or concerns. Alternatively leave a comment to let us know you are joining us.