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Wednesday 6th November run training – strength and stamina.

Light up and run.

Light up and run.

The Brooks 10k is almost upon us, marathon season is approaching and Winter has kicked in! What better time to beat any blues and add variety to your weekly training or to keep up and improve on the fitness that you have already built up.

This Wednesdays session is a mix of both strength work and an interval method that has proven to take minutes of athletes personal best race times. Don’t be afraid if you’re fairly new to running, you won’t be expected to take off like a firework but your legs may start to feel the beneficial burn.

There’s no need to bring anything except warm layers and water.

PLACE AND TIME: Lifeguard hut, corner of Hove Street (parking at King Alfred car park) @ 7.30 pm

COACH: Kate (07702983744)

£5 please book online here



Be an injury free runner with strength and conditioning workouts. Wednesday 23rd October.

FitBitch fun

FitBitch fun

Amsterdam completed, next up is the Brighton Brooks 10k. If you’re not already one of our regular runners then come and train with us for some amazing experiences and friendships. This Wednesday the session will be focusing on strength and conditioning work. Not just on our lower bodies but also the core and upper body. Core muscles are fundamental in stabilising us and the arms play their role too. Try running with your arms by your side! Stronger arms will help us gain power when running but don’t be alarmed, you won’t walk away looking like Popeye!

The session will be mainly compound exercises where you’ll be using a variety of muscle groups with a small amount of running thrown in. If you do have a mat them please bring it along.

PLACE AND TIME: Lifeguard hut, corner of Hove Street (parking at King Alfred car park) @ 7.30 pm

COACH: Kate (07702983744)

£5 please book online here


TO all our runners, and those who are thinking of joining us for our Brighton Half Marathon training which starts VERY SOON

In order to help us plan our half marathon and marathon training packages, please can you fill out the following poll. Preferably TODAY before 5pm October 11th.

Run & Replenish in Rottingdean, Sunday 1st September

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Our Sunday runs are now beginning to buid in miles for our Amsterdam/Royal Park runners, who will be running 8miles this week.

Meanwhile our Bacchus Half Marathon runners are just a week away from race day, and we will be building on their confidence with a 13mile run (with a 10mile get out escape route for those who want it).

Both routes start out from Rottingdean (different location meeting points please read below) and will head up until you will overlook Lewes and Kingston. The longer route will head across and down via Telscombe before doing a short out and back on the seafront to make up the miles – or to give the 10milers their escape route!

Borrowing a little bit from our sister running brand, Have Your Cake & Run Club, we’ll also be holding out a carrot to our runners this week – replenish with a cream tea in the village at the end and get to know your running mates in Amsterdam or Bacchus.


Annual members, you have been provided with a special code so that you can book without paying. Those who have purchased event packages you can just come.

8 MILE ROUTE (just over 8miles) with coach Melissa and Running Ambassadors Melanie Lankester and Elspeth. please meet at the corner of Falmer and Bazehill Road, Rottingdean. You can park here for free. MAP w

13 MILE ROUTE – meet coach Rachael, and RA Karen at Tesco car park Rottingdean.

Time: 8.15am for a strict 8.30am departure

Price: £10 payable online ONLY. This run is open to new members but only if you can currently run the distance and have done so within the last four weeks.



Wednesday 22nd May. Pace workout.


Training to run at a certain pace or increase your mileage depends on every individual. Wednesday’s pace session will help you determine what pace you can maintain for your target distance and will improve different aspects of your fitness, provide greater opportunity for recovery between training sessions and reduce the risk of injury.

BEGINNERS – As with all our Wednesday sessions this is suitable for everyone. The session is designed to allow for everyone to run however many intervals that meets their ability whilst controlling your pace.

Tough Mudder, Seaford , South Downs Half runners and those wanting to keep up fitness levels – Pace training will help you gain a pb, complete the long distance and keep variety in your training.

Comment below if you are coming along.

MEET AND TIME: 7:30 – 8:30 pm. Bottom of Hove Street, next to the lifeguard hut (opposite  King Alfred car park.) PLEASE NOTE: PARKING SPACES AT KING ALFRED MAY BE FULL DUE TO THE FESTIVAL TENT ON THE LAWNS. PARKING NEAR MARROCCOS IS THE SAME PRICE.


COACH: Kate. 07702983744


The Good Friday Run, March 29th, 8.30am

Celebration time come on, it's a celebration!

Celebration time come on, it’s a celebration!

Please scan to the post below for Wednesday’s run training

Hurrah! It’s a long weekend and the clocks go back on Sunday, a sign of Spring, even if the weather does continue to let us down!

But to avoid losing the hour of extra sleep and to celebrate an extra day off, this week’s ‘long’ run will take place on Good Friday.

It is a chance for our marathon group, who have been training on long, long runs alone to join up with rest of the Fitbitch run crew as they begin their taper.

Our Bluebell 10mile group will be running 9miles, and the marathon group 8 miles and will join forces for most of this beautiful run out past Rottingdean.

Meanwhile, our 10k training group will be stepping up to 6.5miles, again starting in the same place.

For all those who are interested, we will celebrate with a tea and hot cross bun at one of Rottingdean’s delcious tea houses after the run.

PLEASE COMMENT HERE IF YOU ARE COMING. IF YOU ARE NEW, PLEASE EMAIL info@fitbitchbootcamp.com so we can send you relevant forms.

Running Etiquette – please stay within your group and do not run ahead of your lead runner. If you are faster, we can devise ways to work you harder – but stay with your coach.

If you decide to turn back, please inform your group running leader before you do so.

And please arrive with plenty of time to park, register and pay as we leave for the run at 8.30am.  Ensure you are sufficiently dressed – trail shoes would be advisable, as well as gloves and something to keep your head warm.

Marathon group: Rachael, 07855 742195

9 mile group: Kate

6 mile group: Mel L & Elspeth

Location: Rottingdean car park on the main sea road in front of Tesco. It is Pay and Display

Time:8.30am departure

Drop ins: All runs £7



Breaking it down to build speed, Weds training 7.30pm

Know your body, boost your running

Know your body, boost your running

Whether you are new to our club, just signed up to our new course (which you can still do) or are part of our current training groups, this session will be perfect.

We will be working on improving your speed with interval work. For those unsure of pace, this will also be an opportunity to understand what pace is all about and how you can use this in your training.

It will also help supercharge your endorphins for the rest of the week ahead!


Those who have booked a new course, please bring a refundable £5 deposit for you training bracelet.

Location: the lawns adjacent to King Alfred Centre, usual place

Time: 7.30pm

Price: £5 drop in, or part of your course

Coach: Rachael


Conditioning and the need for speed to improve your running.Wednesday 23rd January.

The reason for speed work is more than a quick dash from the horse.

The reason for speed work is more than a quick dash from the horse.

It’s important to have strong core as a runner to prevent injuries and stabilise the trunk, plus help improve technique when fatigued on an endurance run. Half and full marathon runners you will reap the benefits by including this in your training.

Another important principle as a runner is speedwork. This often gets overlooked when people are training for a long distance run. The body has a natural ability to adapt to physiological demands. Training at the same pace day after day fails to improve running performance. But break out of that comfort zone with speedwork now and then, and the body will learn to deal with the new demands. The heart will get stronger, the cardiovascular system more efficient and the muscles are able to function better at full force. That will all translate to greater strength, faster and easier endurance runs. It is a session that caters for all abilities, even if you think you can only run at one pace, you’ll be surprised at how you can go faster for a short period of time once you have had effective coaching.

MEET: Hove Street, near King Alfred car park and the lifeguard hut. Time: 7.30 – 8.30pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Drop in £5.


Festive Sunday Run, Sunday Dec 16th

So pleased we did the hill sessions!

Get your Fitbitch poses out…t-shirt to the best pose!

Come and join us for our last Sunday run before our Xmas break (we will return on Weds 2nd January, with a new beginners to 10k group as well as our usual training for the Brighton Half and Full Marathon).

If you liked last week’s run, you will love this one too, which takes in the beauty of the Downs.

There will be a 6.5miles and 8miles, just a little under that which is on the training plan for some. But do not fear, there are some hills which will compensate.

And don’t panic, there are some lovely flat parts to as it winds down through the Downs.

This is a new route so even if you’re one of our regular runners, this is a newbie and it’s lovely.



Remember this is the last one before XMas and New year. Our dedicated training groups can meet each other for runs by posting on our closed training group Facebook pages.

For everyone else, please Like our usual Facebook page if you have not done so already and you can communicate here. If you end up being our 350th like, you’ll even get a complimentary 7am Hove camp in January.


6.5miles PLEASE meet on the SECOND CAR PARK past the fork on Devil’s Dyke Road

8miles PLEASE MEET the FIRST car park just past the fork on Devil’s Dyke Road

Price: £7

Time: 8.30am

Coaches: Rachael (TBC), Kate and Melissa

Run Ambassadors: Tor, Elspeth & Melanie Anning


Run training for Beginners, Brooks 10k & Spartan Nov 4th

Hands up who loves Sunday Run club!

Have you just joined us this week and are training for the Brighton Half, or considering it? Or are you part of our club training for the Brooks 10k or Spartan Beast.

Whatever the case, we have a training run specifically geared for you this Sunday.
Beginners – whether you are a complete newbie, or you came to our Wednesday technique session this week, this run is for you.

It’s a flat, 4mile route along the sea (with a few surprises!) to give you a chance to focus on your technique. (If you find the route too long you can turn and return at any time on your own as the route is easily navigable).Coach: Rachael with RA Elspeth Hayde

Brooks 10k runners – last week was a hilly one, so this week it is about focusing on race strategy. We will be working on pace with a flat 5mile route along the seafront. Coach: Melissa with RA Mel Lankester

Spartanor those who want to go long. Get ready for a 10mile route that will take in strength and conditioning along the route, to replicate what you could face on November 18th. Think stairs, commando crawls and hills.

Climbing up from the seafront to the Downs, get ready for some surprise conditioning all the way along the route. Coach: Kate with RA Karen Russell


Where to meet: Marrocco’s, 8 kING’S eSPLANADE, Hove seafront (Parking at King Alfred centre or pay and display on the road) – Stay for a coffee after the run if you fancy!

Time: 8.30am

Drop in: £7