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Hill interval training. Wednesday 9th October.

Reaching new heights

Reaching new heights

We’ve just had a fabulous Fitbitch weekend of running and there’s plenty more to come.  Next up is the Amsterdam half marathon followed by the Brooks 10k. Whether or not you are training for one of these events our Wednesday sessions are suitable for all levels of runners. This week it’s a hill session which benefits all runners, even if you’re training for a flat race.

Hill running improves the strength and endurance of the quadriceps, hip flexor and hip extensor muscle groups—so the increased ability of these muscle groups to resist fatigue (lactic acid) shows through in the latter stages of races. You’ll slow down less, improving your race times or completing a race more comfortably. Whatever your goal is, you’ll reap the benefits if you include hill training in your programme.

MEET: Peter Pan playground (next to yellowave). Madeira Drive.

TIME: 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Coach: Kate. 07702983744

Book online here



Going to the top! Hill training – Wednesday 5th June.

Views from the top.

Smiles and sea views!

Expect sunshine and sea views from the summit on Wednesday. The hill training is once again at Dukes Mound, so we are working on timed repetitions of up to 400 metres. The session is suitable for all levels and will help with race simulation for the upcoming events, Tough Mudder, South Downs and Seaford 10k or half.

There are numerous benefits to hill training and not just for our Sunday runners. Road runners of various distances will reap the rewards after hill training. It’s an effective way of building strength and power whilst also recruiting the upper body and core. An all over workout for you! We will be looking at technique and cadence at the start of the session, which will also improve your running performance on flat runs. PLEASE BRING A STOP WATCH IF YOU HAVE ONE.

MEET: Bottom of Dukes Mound. Madeira Drive – near Yellowave.

TIME: 7:30 – 8:30pm. COACH: Kate 07702983744.

Drop in fee for Wednesday sessions are £5.


Hills to boost the power in your legs. Wednesday 15th August.

So pleased we did the hill sessions!

Wednesday 15th August there will be two sessions. One for beginner runners and our Rise 8k group, details of that session will be posted soon.

Hill training – If you are following one of our current training plans (except Rise 8k) or an already fairly experienced runner, then you are all set for some power boosting, leg strengthening and stamina building hill repetitions.

Most of our runners look back at a time when tackling an uphill run seemed almost impossible. With a mix of training including regular hill sessions, the (occasional!) Sunday hills can be conquered! It is also a highly beneficial way to improve endurance and running stride for flatter, longer runs.

Please comment below if you are joining this session.

Meet: Bottom of Dukes Mound, Madeira Drive. Brighton

Time: 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Coach: Kate. 07702983744

Drop in £5

Woodland run. Sunday 1st July. Now meeting at Hove Park Cafe.

If you’ve reached a crossroads then take the FitBitch way.

Join us on a mix of woodland and open land as we run through the beautiful Stanmer Park. Located on the outskirts of Brighton, there is of course some hills! Up and down and up a little bit more. Perfect to work the heart, lungs  and tone the glutes.

There is a choice of two distances.

5 miles: This starts off rather challenging but is worth it for the scenery and the down hill finish. A suitable distance for those who are starting out on the Lake Garda 30k programme, 10k or similar distance runners who want to maintain the mileage and hard work and not forgetting females who can run a flat 4 – 5 miles and would like to train off-road. If you’re not quite there yet but like the sound of these friendly, fitness boosting sessions, we have a beginners programme starting on the 18th July. Less than ten weeks ago we had a group of beginners who haven’t looked back (especially whilst running up hill!) and now they even smile on our training runs. A true inspiration.

8 miles: This route starts off with the 5 miler’s then continues through fields as the shorter route takes a woodland path. There is a great mix of scenery and terrain, passing farm houses and poppy fields, through shaded areas and open land.

Please comment with the distance you intend to do.

Meet: Stanmer Park. Off A27 – past the white houses at the entrance, take the 1st left car park.

Time: 8:30 am

Coaches: Kate 07702983744. Rachael 07855742195. Running ambassador: Tor.

£5 drop in.

First training session for 2012 – Wednesday 4th January. Hills!

You'll still be smiling at the top.

Happy New Year to you all.  Let’s start 2012 in style with some hill repetitions. Don’t be put off by the thought of running up hill. It has huge benefits to every runner if incorporated regularly into your training plan. It’s not just a burden to be endured when you realise that you are becoming a stronger and faster runner.

Both the cardiovascular system and the muscle strength improve from hill training, helping to curb any injury that runners may sustain. For those who are training for a Half or Full Marathon then this form of training is a must. You will increase running economy allowing you to run longer without feeling fatigued.  When you stride past the ones struggling to the finish line, you’ll also have  a very toned bottom. How good will you look!

Us FitBitch Trainers know the perfect hill to suit all abilities. If you’re new to hill training then we can focus on technique to start with. If you’re old hat at it then it will be time to increase the quantity and quality. Come along and start the year with some zest.

Where: Bottom of Dukes Mound, Madeira Drive (near  Peter Pan playground)

When: Wednesday 4th Jan @ 7:30pm

Trainer: Kate. 07702983744

Drop in fee: £5

Please comment if you are joining us.