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Resilient runners, Wednesday 4th December

Don't hold back with the training!

Don’t hold back with the training!

In order to become a better, more resilient runner, it’s important to also train the front and transverse planes of movement. Confused? That’s why we are here. Wednesday will once again focus on strength and conditioning that can benefit runners in numerous ways and help prevent injury.

The session will be in circuit formation and will involve some bodyweight exercises so bring a mat if you have one. We remain thorough on coaching correct technique so it’s still suitable for any one who hasn’t attended our sessions before.

MEET: Outside the lifeguard hut (corner of Hove Street and parking at King Alfred).

TIME: 7.30 -8.30 pm

COACH: Kate (07702 983744)

Book online here



Beginner’s Running Course: Notice

lets run

We’re now in our final week TONIGHT for our beginners who will complete their first 5k.

Regrettably, Karen is currently nursing a slight injury and I know that she is very disappointed not to be able to see you finish this week. BUT please go to the usual place on the seafront at Hove where you will be met by Melanie who will ensure you get the coaching and motivational help to reach your target tonight.

Reading this and want to join our next course for total beginners? It starts Weds November 20th …book online Here

Recruit your muscles – Strength and conditioning. Wednesday 26th June.

Why sit on the bench!

Why sit on the bench!

Common running injuries can result from overuse of the same muscles and repetitive running steps or when starting out as a beginner and building the distance on unconditioned muscles. Combining strength and conditioning with your weekly running has a huge impact on your running progress and helps to avoid injury.

We will be doing specific exercises to improve stabilisation strength for the loading and stance phase of running and also strengthen the muscles needed for proper pelvic position as well as knee and foot alignment. The strength and conditioning exercises will develop the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals and the core muscles.
The intensity and number of repetitions that you will need to be doing is dependent on your current level. So all abilities are welcome and you will be surprised at your progress with running when the muscles are stronger.

MEET: Bottom of Hove Street, near lifeguard hit adjacent to King Alfred car park.
TIME: 7.30pm – 8.30pm
COACH: Kate 07702983744

Beginners-Intermediate Running Course starts Jan 30th

Join our next running course

Join our next running course

Are you one of these runners?

‘I don’t like running but feel like I should to keep fit’

‘I wish I could run but I’m not good at it.’

‘I like running but get bored after ten minutes.’

‘I can never get past 5k.’

‘I used to be able to run but I’ve lost my mojo.’

Then you are not unlike hundreds of women who have joined our running club in the last three years but who now love running.

We’ve helped coach hundreds of women to distances they never imagined they would be capable of, much less enjoy. And we are talking 0-5k in four weeks, and to half marathon and marathon level in a year.

But the great thing about running is not the distances or the PBs, it’s that huge endorphin buzz you get, along with the feeling of confidence when you realise you really can achieve anything that you set your mind on.

And then there’s the side effect on your body shape too, no bad thing!

If you want to feel the Fitbitch effect for yourself, join us in training for either 10k or 10miles.

The training group will be geared towards the BlueBell Trail Race  April. You don’t HAVE to run this but it’s great to have a goal and will keep you motivated, especially as you’ll be running it with a group of women who you will have trained with for 12 weeks.

Both courses will start at a distance of four miles (perfect if you have just finished our Beginners 0-5k course). The price of the package will include a training plan, Wednesday (7.30pm) and/or Sunday (8.30am) training, as well as a Fitbitch race t-shirt. (you can choose both sessions or use a half package across either session).

Most Weds sessions take place in Hove, Sunday sessions start from different locations.

For prices and bookings, visit our brand website. If you’re a complete beginner then don’t miss our next 0-5k course, details via the same link.

Beginners & intermediate Running Courses – next dates!


Starts next week – Weds Jan 30th but don’t worry if you miss this session, you can join later.

Read all about it here

Have questions? Please email info@fitbitchbootcamp.com

Beginners & Brighton Half Marathon training group, Weds 31st Oct

Fitbitch run club will help you surpass your run goals – and have fun

If you have signed up to our Brighton Half marathon group, or you’ve been hearing about us for a while and are interested in joining, this Wednesday’s training session is the perfect time to start (if you are a regular, we have a training session for you too!)

In this session, we will assess your running style, posture, biomechanics (with video playback weather and light permitting).
The running aspect will be light and our focus will be on assessing the foundations of your running, and going through the strength and stability work essential for improving your running and helping you stay injury-free.

If you have not signed up to one of our packages (annual or event specific) you can still attend any sessions you would like for £5 on Wednesday and £7 on Sunday.

If you are coming along to this session PLEASE COMMENT HERE so we can ensure we have enough running coaches to provide the attention each runner requires.

DON’T panic if you can’t make this session. Whatever your level, you can drop in at any time to Fitbitch.

Half marathon runners who are regulars with us, you can choose to do this session or the other session that we will post. BROOKS 10K RUNNERS, please note that you will be able to transition to the Half marathon training in November (or intermediates) following a 12 week programme.

Location: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street and the King Alfred Centre

Parking: King Alfred Centre

Time: 7.30pm

Coaches: Rachael(and more depending on numbers)

Price: £5



Brighton Half Marathon Training, 2013 starts Weds 31st Oct

Some of our Brighton Half Marathon crew last year

NEXT WEEEK our Brighton Half Marathon training group starts.

A 16 week programme, our package includes a training plan, free FB race t-shirt, expert coaching on technique, strength and improving speed on Weds sessions, and beautiful guided runs on Sunday to help build up distance.

The packages are suitable for total beginners as well as intermediate runners.

Our first session will be on the lawns by Hove Street, adjacent to King Alfred Street and will be an introductory session where we will assess your running style, technique and biomechanics (7.30-8.30pm).

It will help you to understand the foundations of running and why getting this right is so important (if you miss this session, you can still join the group).

You can choose between paying for a half package, where you can use your sessions on Weds or Sunday. Or sign up for the full shebang and train Weds and Sunday. All those who sign for a package will be entitled to one complimentary Yoga for Runners session.

Don’t want to sign up to a package? Pay for a drop in of £5 Weds or £7 Sunday.

For package prices click here

(Those training for the Brooks 10k and planning on also doing the Half Marathon, you will have the opportunity to join this group after your race and build up on a 12 week plan).

N.B Once purchased sessions from packages must be used by Race day. They are non transferable and non refundable.

For frequently asked Questions please click here

Women’s Running: Beginners & Biomechanics, Weds 27th September

Who wants to become a runner?

Want to start running, or return to running and get off on the right foot? Then don’t miss this Wednesday’s training session specifically designed for you. (please note, there will be another session for our regular runners).

Don’t worry if you have never run before, or not done so for a while, as this session will focus on techniques involving your posture, gait, and footstrike to help make your running easier and with less chance of injury.

Even if you are a regular runner who is prone to injury, this session will be a worthwhile one, helping to pinpoint weaknesses in the way your body moves, that could be resulting in injury – or that will eventually lead to injury if you do not address it now.

Start with this session to help build the foundations to becoming a strong runner, like the hundreds of women who are now regular Fitbitch runners.


What do you need to bring? Nothing except yourselves, your usual running shoes and wear something warm as there will be some standing. Also a yoga mat to lie on although we have some you can borrow.

time: 7.30pm

Price: £5 drop in, or book our packages entitling you to a training plan for 10k, t-shirt and either 8 or 15 runs to be used across any Weds or Sunday. Book here

Where: the lawns adjacent to Hove Street, by King Alfred Centre where you can park.  Map here

Coach: Rachael, 07855 742195

Blackberries & Mirabelles, Training Sun 16th, 8.30am



Scenery Sunday – the view from the top

If you ran Firle last week, carry on your running buzz with this fantastic training run this Sunday and don’t let all that training now slip.

As for all those who are training for the Rise 8k, Garda 15k, 30k or marathon, don’t miss climbing the next rung in your running ladder toward your goal on race day.

If you are new to run club but already running four miles or more please feel free to come along. Total beginner? Training starts Sept 26th.

As per your plans we will be offering the following distances: 4, 7 and 15 miles. Those who want to go longer,  the four and seven mile routes are an out and back and easy to navigate to enable you to run further before turning back.

If you are a beginner though, or just returning to running after injury/having a baby/or just having slipped off the running wagon, do not be tempted to run miles longer than you have done recently.

Where will the route go? It will go up to just before Devil’s Dyke, a steady and gradual climb before heading out to Edburton Hill (there’s a clue there somewhere) and returning.

Those going longer, we’ll get most of the hills out of the way with fresh legs before going down to Bramber Castle and back along to Poynings. But keep something in the tank, you’ve got to get back up to the Dyke to go downhill to the end!

For all our runners, it’s blackberry-tastic up there so you may want to bring your tupperware post run to go picking. Those going long, we can fuel our running with nature’s bounty – the mirabelles are out!


Location: Second car park on Devil’s Dyke Road (just before Brighton & Hove Golf Club ) Map here Free parking

15 mile route with Rachael 07855 742195

7 mile & 4 mile route with Melissa, 07984 146016

Running ambassadors, Melanie Anning (short) Karen Russell and Tor Del Federico (medium)




New route for Sunday 2nd Sept –

Look out for the blackberries on the route!

Due to the air show at Shoreham we have changed the route for this Sunday which will now start from Rottingdean.

OUr beginners training for Rise will still get a flat route, which will cover some of the route that they will be doing on race day so it is a chance to get accustomed to the terrain (flat) and the variable weather conditions (windy).

For the rest of our Firle and Garda crew, there now will be a few hills but nothing like you are used to on these Sunday runs.

Once we reach Telscombe Cliffs we will be going inland and turning at TElscombe church (where the five mile route will retrace its steps back to the start) and heading towards the river (the 8 mile route will turn just before this).

For the longer route we will follow the river before turning to run through Southease, over the downs to Saltdean before rejoining the path at sea level.

For a final one mile finish we will be putting on the speed to finish past Rottingdean followed by a walk back and stretch down.


Location: Rottingdean car park in front of Tesco (parking is free until 9am, thereafter bring money)

Time: 8.30am

Drop in: £5

12 miles Rachael 07855 742195

8 miles Melissa 07984 146016

3 miles Kate 07702 983744