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Stunning Sea to Downs, Sunday 1st December

Trail running and sea views.

Trail running and sea views.

Pinch, punch first day of the month…enjoy your spectacular run with us this weekend on a run that will go from tarmac to off-road, and from flat to hills.

This 5mile run is the first of our off road route to help build distance and strength.

We are operating a new system on ALL off road routes where you will be buddied up with someone of your own pace, who you must remain with throughout the run. We will match you on the day (please note there will also be a turn and return policy in place which we shall explain on the day).

Enjoy the flat, tarmac path along the Undercliff heading out towards Rottingdean to focus on your cadence (er, or Sunday chat!) before heading inland and up!

This route is NOT suitable if you have not been training with our half marathon group. You are welcome to come in as a drop in member only if you have recently run this distance.

Location: Brighton Marina Asda Car Park (please bring money for parking)

Time: 8.20am for a strict 8.30am start

Price: Payment online only – click HERE

Coaches: Rachael and Tor



Building distance, amazing views, Sunday 11th Aug

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Join us this Sunday for a stunning trail run in the South Downs, which is open to drop-ins (only if you can currently run the distance and have done so recently)  and our course members.

There will be a 5 mile option for those who are training for the Amsterdam & Royal Parks Half Marathon. This will be a steady, up hill towards the Dyke to help you get your legs in before a stunning, speedy downhill. The catch?

There is an up to finish but you’ll feel great at the end, secure in the knowledge that you’re building leg strength and endurance, all which should help you to a speedy finish on the flat routes of Amsterdam & London.

As for our Bacchus Half marathon runners, an off-road race through Denbies vineyard, your 9.2mile route will follow the five-mile for someway before heading out over the Downs, through beautiful sheep filled valleys before a killer finish.

Yes, it’s a tough finish but so is a half marathon. psychological preparation is over half the battle when it comes to endurance races. Besides, you can then enjoy your Sunday with a glow of achievement.


We will continue to take drop in payments on the day for the remainder of August but we are phasing this out so come September, all payments should be done online for Weds and Sunday sessions.

For the meantime, please COMMENT HERE IF YOU ARE COMING.

Location: Meet second car park on Devil’s Dyke Road, the one just past Golf Farm

Time: 8.15am for a strict 8.30am departure. Late and you’ll miss us

Coaches: Rachael & Karen, 9 miles, Kate, Mel L 5 miles. Elspeth either 9 or 5.

Cost: £10