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Stanmer and beyond, Sunday 15th December

What could be at the end of this trail?

What could be at the end of this trail?

This Sunday we are running seven miles of Stanmer and over Ditchling Beacon. There’s stunning views, woodland trails and some hills. Not all up though, we’ve got a downhill for the way back.

It’s our last Sunday run of 2013 and we’re finishing on one of our favourite routes. It’s slightly challenging in places but gives an added bonus to your half marathon training. Because of the hills and off-road terrain your lower body works harder, recruiting the muscles more with less impact on the joints. Social runners are welcome to join us as long as you are up to this distance on off-road running.

MEET and TIME: First car park on the right as you drive into Stanmer Park from the A27 @ 8.20 am for an 8.30 start

Coaches and R/A’s: Kate (07702 983744), Sarah and Tor

Price, £10, bookable online only. If you need or can offer a lift then please post on our facebook page.


Seafront start to half marathon training. Sunday 24th November.

Share the experience.

Share the experience.

Whether you’re after a social run or your Brighton half marathon training has started, our Sunday route this week is a flat seafront 4 mile run. This distance is the perfect starting block for your training and by keeping it flat it will allow you to focus on the pace you anticipate to run the full distance at. Even if you are one of our regular runners and you have been running longer distances recently, keeping the mileage less and building up again will help your body recover for further training. Plus it’s a good one for a fast, flat run.

Our half marathon training runs are a great way to find your running buddy and share the experience with new or old friends. Being part of the FitBitch community offers fantastic camaraderie and support during the training and on the day of the running event.

MEET: outside Marroccos cafe. King’s Esplanade. Hove.

TIME: 8.20 am for a pre run brief. Run starts at 8.30 prompt.

Coach: Kate (07702 983744). R/A: Tor.

Price, £10, bookable online only.



Become a stronger, faster runner. Wednesday 20th November.

Light up your workout.

Light up your workout.

Lunge into half and full marathon season to help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury with regular strength and conditioning training. Most runners know the importance of this type of training but getting the balance right and having correct technique of effective running specific exercises can be hard when training alone. It’s not just for longer distance runners, any distance sees the benefits of strength and conditioning work. If you have a mat then please bring it (spares will be available) – there will be some core work and lower body exercises plus a small amount of running.

Meet: Lifeguard hut on the corner of Hove Street.

Time: 7.30 – 8.30pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Price: £5 payable online here  by choosing Weds fitness


Flow like the River. Sunday 21st July. 6 mile run.

River views, house boats and playgrounds.

River views, house boats and playgrounds.

If you’re part of our beginner’s group to half marathon this six mile run is a perfect one to get your legs in and work on pace and is also open to social runners *(read below) who are already able to run 6miles.

It is also the first run of our NEW POWER YOUR PACe Half Marathon group, training for Bacchus, Firle and Bristol.

We shall be aiming to progress this group to a PB and are aiming to help pace the front runners to a 8min mile pace. Don’t fear, there will another coach ensuring that the rest of the group do not slip below 9min miles.

But it’s not all serious – the scenery is stunning, the weather should be sunny and there’s a great playground at the start to have a little pre-run warm up.

Although the distance is 6 miles its advised that you bring some water to keep yourself hydrated if the Sun is still shining for us.

PLease comment here if you are coming

*Please note that should you wish to join the training group to progress in distance we ask you to commit to some of the course payment. Half Packages are available

MEET:  Shoreham Beach. Beach Green. Car park, near the house boats and playground. 8.15am ready to run at 8.30.

COACHES: Kate (07702983744)  and Melissa 07894146016. R/A Elspeth.

£10 drop in fee for social runners.

The Good Friday Run, March 29th, 8.30am

Celebration time come on, it's a celebration!

Celebration time come on, it’s a celebration!

Please scan to the post below for Wednesday’s run training

Hurrah! It’s a long weekend and the clocks go back on Sunday, a sign of Spring, even if the weather does continue to let us down!

But to avoid losing the hour of extra sleep and to celebrate an extra day off, this week’s ‘long’ run will take place on Good Friday.

It is a chance for our marathon group, who have been training on long, long runs alone to join up with rest of the Fitbitch run crew as they begin their taper.

Our Bluebell 10mile group will be running 9miles, and the marathon group 8 miles and will join forces for most of this beautiful run out past Rottingdean.

Meanwhile, our 10k training group will be stepping up to 6.5miles, again starting in the same place.

For all those who are interested, we will celebrate with a tea and hot cross bun at one of Rottingdean’s delcious tea houses after the run.

PLEASE COMMENT HERE IF YOU ARE COMING. IF YOU ARE NEW, PLEASE EMAIL info@fitbitchbootcamp.com so we can send you relevant forms.

Running Etiquette – please stay within your group and do not run ahead of your lead runner. If you are faster, we can devise ways to work you harder – but stay with your coach.

If you decide to turn back, please inform your group running leader before you do so.

And please arrive with plenty of time to park, register and pay as we leave for the run at 8.30am.  Ensure you are sufficiently dressed – trail shoes would be advisable, as well as gloves and something to keep your head warm.

Marathon group: Rachael, 07855 742195

9 mile group: Kate

6 mile group: Mel L & Elspeth

Location: Rottingdean car park on the main sea road in front of Tesco. It is Pay and Display

Time:8.30am departure

Drop ins: All runs £7



Conditioning and the need for speed to improve your running.Wednesday 23rd January.

The reason for speed work is more than a quick dash from the horse.

The reason for speed work is more than a quick dash from the horse.

It’s important to have strong core as a runner to prevent injuries and stabilise the trunk, plus help improve technique when fatigued on an endurance run. Half and full marathon runners you will reap the benefits by including this in your training.

Another important principle as a runner is speedwork. This often gets overlooked when people are training for a long distance run. The body has a natural ability to adapt to physiological demands. Training at the same pace day after day fails to improve running performance. But break out of that comfort zone with speedwork now and then, and the body will learn to deal with the new demands. The heart will get stronger, the cardiovascular system more efficient and the muscles are able to function better at full force. That will all translate to greater strength, faster and easier endurance runs. It is a session that caters for all abilities, even if you think you can only run at one pace, you’ll be surprised at how you can go faster for a short period of time once you have had effective coaching.

MEET: Hove Street, near King Alfred car park and the lifeguard hut. Time: 7.30 – 8.30pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Drop in £5.


The longer route – run along the river. Sunday 6th January. 10 miles.

Hurrah no hills!

A scenic start to 2013.

It’s our first Sunday training session of 2013 and we’re ready to make dreams a reality. Whether it’s to improve general fitness, gain a pb, run your first marathon, enjoy a social run or lose some Christmas pounds, our sessions are a great way to meet your goals and keep you focused.

Half and full marathon training are both 10 miles this Sunday and it’s flat. For those who are training for the full marathon you will be encouraged to work on negative splits, running the second half at a slightly faster pace. If you learn to conserve your resources for the first part of the run, they’ll be available to you in the later stage as you pass the surviving shufflers.

Coach Melissa 07894146016. R/A’s Middle runner Tor. Back up runner Karen Russell.

Location: Meet car park by Lower Beach Road, Shoreham-by-Sea – map here. you will need to pay for parking but it is cheap. If the car park is still closed, there is street parking nearby. Comment if you need a lift. Even if you are a new runner with us, please don’t be afraid to ask. PLEASE NOTE THE 5 MILE ROUTE FOR OUR NEW RUNNER’S ‘CATCH UP’ STARTS AT HOVE SEAFRONT.

Drop in: £7

Time: 8.30am

Pace work: Learn something new, or train for an event. Wednesday 7th March.

Whether you're setting out on a new dream, or training for the next one, doing it the FitBitch way works!

Do you ever set out for a run and feel the need to stop after a few minutes? Or are you currently training for a specific goal, whether it’s a distance or a time?

Pace work is the answer for both and will vary between every individual. It is not a competitive training session, but one where you learn to work with your body to help improve your cardiovascular system, muscular strength and improve endurance before fatigue kicks in.

While your pace is individual to you, it is certainly not easy to do alone which is why training in a group is so important.

This week, we will help you  find a pace that brings you slightly out of your  comfort zone, and help you to understand how you can work towards maintaining that pace.

This is a vital part of training for those in our group who are working towards the BlueBell 10k, Brighton Marathon on Berlin Half Marathon.

We have two Coaches, Melissa who will work with beginners and those training for the 10k, and Kate who will work with the half an marathon runners.

Where: Bottom of Hove Street, near lifeguard hut (Close to King Alfred car park which is free)

Time: 7:30 pm

Contact. Kate 07702983744. Melissa 07894146016

Please call us if any questions or concerns. Alternatively leave a comment to let us know you are joining us.


FitBitches at the Brighton Half Marathon – are you ready to join?

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Congratulations to all our the incredible FitBitches who ran this weekend’s Brighton Half Marathon. If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘Ooh, yes but they’re proper runners. I couldn’t do that.’

They are all runners, but around half of they started from not being able to run 5k. And they have got to where they are now, not through blood and tears but with laughter and new-found friends.

If you want to train with us and transform your running or experience of running, now is the time to join us. We’re training for 10ks, (BlueBell Run, April 29th), Half Marathon, 25ks and Brighton Full Marathon.

Drop in for training either Wednesday or Sunday, or pay for a package of runs and a training plan. We are a women’s running group but we focus on the individual.

And special mention must be given to Elsbeth Hayde for her genius cut off tights to keep her arms warm. And the attention to detail from Belinda Muir. The new wait listed Chanel nail varnish to match her sunglasses (she said it wasn’t deliberate. Yeah, yeah).

Relaxed and ready to race: arrangements, Sunday 18th Feb


Congratulations, you’ve got to the start line! OK, so you have not actually run the Brighton Half Marathon yet. But for all of you feeling nervous and wondering whether you can do it, remind yourself where you started.

Just a little under four months ago, many of you started training with us having only just completed a 5k. You faced hills with trepidation, and worried about going on long runs in case you got left behind. And now? You may still face hills with a worried face but you do them. And now 5-8miles seem like a relaxing stroll in the park.

So whoever you are, whichever race you are doing, if you worry whether you can do it just remind yourself of all you have achieved and know that you can.

Anyway, enough of the cheese, on to the practical stuff.

This week, all of you should be ensuring you hydrate well every day (don’t wait until 8am on race day to neck 2 litres of water), eating well and crucially, sleeping well too. Make sure you know exactly what you are going to wear on the start line (wear a layer that you can throw a way so that you can keep warm while in the starting pens), what pace you are going to aim for, and where you are going to meet your fellow FitBitches of course.

The arrangements for the day:

Arrive: 8am to drop your bags at the baggage drop which is to be found opposite Peter Pan Playground on Madeira Drive.

Warm up: 8.15am Peter Pan Playground – come and meet us, Rachael, Kate and Melissa for a pre-race warm up and pep talk. If you’re running late text 07855 742195 (if you want to have any pics taken or leave your phone with anyone, I’m not running and so I’m happy to keep hold of stuff for you).

Stretch down (and final finisher’s pictures you know me!) after the race by Peter Pan.

If you are going to join us for the warm up pre-race pep talk PLEASE COMMENT HERE so we know to look out for you. Any pre-race jitters, worries, questions about training or nutrition, comment here and we will answer.