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‘Show us your soles’ Pace training, Weds 14th August

Show us your soles!

Show us your soles!

In a break with tradition, this week we will meet up at Hove Park for a pace session rather than the seafront. (location below)

Whether you are a total beginner, or one of our regulars, pace sessions are an integral part of training as a runner. They help build your muscles, (better activating the glute muscles, hence it means that you should be showing the sole of your foot to the person behind you if you’re running correctly) and helps to make you faster.

We are going to make this fun though too – we won’t just set you off with a watch to try and stick to a pace. How are we going to achieve that? Well, you’ll just have to come and find out.

For beginners not used to running distance, don’t fear, we will not be running any longer than 1km at any time, and always returning to the same place.

All £5 session fees can now be made online. We are accepting payments on the day up until September when it will all have to be done online.

In the meantime, please comment here if you are coming UNLESS you pay online where we will have your details.

Remember, if you have registered with Rise UK and have NEVER done a session with Fitibtch run club or our camps, Wednesday night training (starts next week August 21st until October 2nd) is free for you on completion of a registration form that will be sent automatically on entering the Rise8k. So hurry, and register for the 8k or relay!

Time: 7.30pm prompt

Cost: £5 payable on the day or online here 

Where: Basketball courts Hove Park

Coach: Rachael


Flow like the River. Sunday 21st July. 6 mile run.

River views, house boats and playgrounds.

River views, house boats and playgrounds.

If you’re part of our beginner’s group to half marathon this six mile run is a perfect one to get your legs in and work on pace and is also open to social runners *(read below) who are already able to run 6miles.

It is also the first run of our NEW POWER YOUR PACe Half Marathon group, training for Bacchus, Firle and Bristol.

We shall be aiming to progress this group to a PB and are aiming to help pace the front runners to a 8min mile pace. Don’t fear, there will another coach ensuring that the rest of the group do not slip below 9min miles.

But it’s not all serious – the scenery is stunning, the weather should be sunny and there’s a great playground at the start to have a little pre-run warm up.

Although the distance is 6 miles its advised that you bring some water to keep yourself hydrated if the Sun is still shining for us.

PLease comment here if you are coming

*Please note that should you wish to join the training group to progress in distance we ask you to commit to some of the course payment. Half Packages are available

MEET:  Shoreham Beach. Beach Green. Car park, near the house boats and playground. 8.15am ready to run at 8.30.

COACHES: Kate (07702983744)  and Melissa 07894146016. R/A Elspeth.

£10 drop in fee for social runners.

Pace work: Learn something new, or train for an event. Wednesday 7th March.

Whether you're setting out on a new dream, or training for the next one, doing it the FitBitch way works!

Do you ever set out for a run and feel the need to stop after a few minutes? Or are you currently training for a specific goal, whether it’s a distance or a time?

Pace work is the answer for both and will vary between every individual. It is not a competitive training session, but one where you learn to work with your body to help improve your cardiovascular system, muscular strength and improve endurance before fatigue kicks in.

While your pace is individual to you, it is certainly not easy to do alone which is why training in a group is so important.

This week, we will help you  find a pace that brings you slightly out of your  comfort zone, and help you to understand how you can work towards maintaining that pace.

This is a vital part of training for those in our group who are working towards the BlueBell 10k, Brighton Marathon on Berlin Half Marathon.

We have two Coaches, Melissa who will work with beginners and those training for the 10k, and Kate who will work with the half an marathon runners.

Where: Bottom of Hove Street, near lifeguard hut (Close to King Alfred car park which is free)

Time: 7:30 pm

Contact. Kate 07702983744. Melissa 07894146016

Please call us if any questions or concerns. Alternatively leave a comment to let us know you are joining us.


Devil’s Dyke run complete!

Get ready for some pace running

Getting up on a Sunday morning for an 8.30am run may seem hard. But if you’re meeting lots of other women who are all waiting for you, it does make it easier. And once you’re on the run itself, time and most crucially those pesky miles go past so quickly.

Today, there were a variety of different distances and speeds from 6miles to just over 11miles. A fantastic, sunny run over the beautiful Downs.

Our next meet in Wednesday 26th January, 7.30pm for a pace run. Location Marroccos on Hove Seafront. All Brighton & Hove women are welcome on drop-in basis of £5. This is suitable for ALL levels. Contact Rachael fbfitness@aim.com or call 07855 742195.