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Truleigh Hill run, Saturday 7th Dec

Hmm, no 'which way did they go?' required on this route

Hmm, no ‘which way did they go?‘ required on this route

If you’re building up for the Brighton Marathon, Half Marathon, or simply wanting to enjoy a social run then DON’T miss this 6 mile run this weekend (please note if you are new to us, you MUST have run this distance recently to attend).

It’s a hilly one, aimed to build strength and endurance in both body and mind. It is an out and back route so there are no complicated turns to make.

Simply run with a Fitbitch running buddy and enjoy the spectacular views – and the motivating chat to get you up those hills.

We will be meeting slightly earlier to ensure those who would like to, can return to the seafront to meet our other runners – and kids – taking part in the Santa Dash!

Location: Devil’s Dyke car park (please note parking is £2)

Time: 8am for a strict 8.05am departure

Coach: Rachael & RA Sarah

Price: £10 payable online. If you have purchased a course please also book in using your coupon code.

Need a lift? Please leave a message on our fAcebook page www.facebook.com/inspirationalwomensfitness or on our Fitbitch Running Club facebook group.


Fartlek & Pace, Weds 7th December,

hands up who wants to do Fartleks? See, it got a unanimous vote

Getting better at running is just about putting in the miles, right? Wrong.

If you want to improve both technique, strength and speed than adding speed work is vital. Moreover, it is essential if you want to continue enjoying running because doing the same kind of running day in and day out can get boring.

Come and blow your running cobwebs away and improve your running economy, speed and strength with a mixture of fartlek – speed play – and pace.

the beauty of sessions like these are that they are also perfect for beginners. It’s short distances so you can use them to help build your distance. The more advanced can work at speed.


FitBitch Run Club will also be at the Santa Dash on Sat 10th December – come along!

Training Location: Hove Lawns to right of King Alfred Centre, Hove Street South (parking in King Alfred’s car park)

When: 7.30pm

Who: Rachael

Drop in: £5

Ho, Ho, Ho…FitBitch Xmas, 3rd & 11th December

Some of last year's FitBitch Santa's

It’s that time again to don your fluffy red Santa suit and join us in the annual 5k Santa Dash on Hove Seafront on 3rd December, at 10.30am.

This is a very friendly run and so much fun – nothing beats running down the seafront in a swarm of Santa’s. And for all you mums who have just taken up running, what better way to show your newfound fitness to your kids?

Entry is £12 and includes your Santa Suit and the fee goes to the charity www.passingiton.co.uk.

I’ll  be there and it will be great to get a bunch of FitBitches in Santa suits down! Enter online at http://www.santadash.com/pages/brighton

The following week, Sunday December 11th, our training run will be the hugely popular Mince Pie 10mile, which costs £9 to enter online. It starts at 11am and everyone who has ever done this race raves about the views and friendliness.

It’s a challenge across some undulating terrain (you know I love that word!) but all of you have trained enough to accomplish this. Entries online http://www.seafordstriders.org.uk/mincepie.html (don’t even think about doing the pay on the day option…you know you won’t!)

After the race, come and celebrate your post-run serotonin high (er, and Rachael’s 40th) with Sunday lunch at a Rottingdean pub.