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Become a stronger, faster runner. Wednesday 20th November.

Light up your workout.

Light up your workout.

Lunge into half and full marathon season to help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury with regular strength and conditioning training. Most runners know the importance of this type of training but getting the balance right and having correct technique of effective running specific exercises can be hard when training alone. It’s not just for longer distance runners, any distance sees the benefits of strength and conditioning work. If you have a mat then please bring it (spares will be available) – there will be some core work and lower body exercises plus a small amount of running.

Meet: Lifeguard hut on the corner of Hove Street.

Time: 7.30 – 8.30pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Price: £5 payable online here  by choosing Weds fitness



Power your Pace Workshop. Wednesday 17th July.

Learn to finish strong and smiling!

Learn to finish strong and smiling!

What is pace, why is it important, how can you judge your own pace and improve it?

The workshop is aimed at educating runners of any ability to be able to answer the above questions regarding their own pace. This will cover training pace and why it is important to vary it, how to gauge your realistic race pace and improve as a runner. Part of the workshop involves putting into practice what you are learning so you leave with an understanding of how to use certain methods to judge your pace in training and on race day.

This is suitable for all runners from those aiming for a 5k goal, runners who want maximum benefit from training and those who have a goal to achieve a personal best at any distance race. You don’t need to be taking part in our Power your Pace 8 week plan to attend this workshop but for those that are, it will start you off with the running knowledge to follow the plan effectively.

COACH: Kate. 07702983744

MEET: Hove Park cafe @ 7.30pm – 8:30pm

The workshop is £10 and to be booked in advance via http://www.fitbitchbootcamp.com – Prices and bookings – workshops. Please note that spaces are limited


Training PLUS new running courses, Weds June 19th

Who wants to learn to run?

Who wants to learn to run?

Learn how to transform YOUR running style with the correct technique and posture in our Biomechanics Workshop, £10, this week (included free in the cost of our upcoming courses).

This workshop will help lay the foundations for becoming a good runner if you’re a beginner, and/or improve your running if you are already running regularly. But most importantly, it could help prevent potential injury by spotting weaknesses now.

Where possible we shall also include video playback within the session. The workshop is open to ALL (booking below) but spaces are STRICTLY limited.

First priority to Annual Members (please book online to secure your space via the link below) and any one booking our new courses which start THIS WEDS.

We have a beginners 12 week Half Marathon programme (the first ‘long’ run will start at 2.5miles) which will help you get in shape this summer, as well as train you for any of the following races: Bacchus Half, Firle or Bristol Half Marathon.

OR our BRAND NEW 6 week Beginner’s Trail Running Course (this will get ready to run the Brighton Trail Blazer).

We will ONLY be running both courses if we have sufficient numbers. In the case of the Trail running Course, there will be NO drop-ins on this course. Please consult our Prices and Booking pages (links at the bottom) for Terms & Conditions.

For our regular runners who do not want to attend the workshop, this week’s session will focus on  Strength & Conditioning for Runners. Bring your mats, rollers and skipping ropes.

Courses and workshops can be booked at the links on the bottom. For the strength and conditioning session, please comment here if you are coming.

Book the Biomechanics For Running Workshop here

Book the Beginners 12 Weeks to Half Marathon Course here

Book the 6 Week Trail Running Course here

Location for both sessions: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street, parking in King Alfred

Coaches: Rachael & Melissa

Time: 7.30-8.30pm

Drop in price for S&C: £5

Hill acceleration. Wednesday 8th February.

Winter and a hill but still smiling!

Conquering any gradient during a run is quite an exhausting challenge, but  a rewarding one and definitely has great physiological benefits. Obviously one, being that you will run up hills better with some hill training. But there are lots of  benefits, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a pointless training method because you haven’t got a Ben Nevis race on your to-do list.

Training sessions that vary are important for any runner. Your body adapts to the same schedule and the benefits to your muscles and cardiovascular system come to a halt if they get use to the same workout. Intensity is important. However the each individuals levels of intensity are just as important. Hill running for a conditioned runner will be slightly different to someone starting out.

For those who have taken part in our renowned hill sessions then once again you will be encouraged to up the intensity and run at 5k pace or faster on hill sprints. If you are new to this training, or possibly back from an injury then we will focus on technique and combine lower body strengthening at the foot of the hill.

Please leave a comment if you are joining us, or if you have any questions regarding our training sessions.



Time: 7:30pm

Trainer: KATE 07702983744

£5 drop in

Sunday 15th January. 5, 8 or 9 miles, Off – road running. Refresh the joints and work the muscles.

Don't take the lonely road to training - take the FitBitch way!

There’s not many places that offer you both the glorious landscape of sea and country in one glance. Just like there isn’t many sports that give you the opportunity to appreciate the views. Some of our Sunday running sessions take us on an off-road experience, where the scenery makes the  effort you’ll be putting in, seem much more enjoyable.

In addition to enjoying the surroundings, your muscles get a maximum workout.    The joints get a rest from the pavement pounding that road running requires and your  sense of balance gets challenged as you use your muscle fibres to stabilise your steps. Amplify the calories burnt from road running too, once you set of on the trails. Especially when there’s hill work thrown in!

This week we will be meeting in Hove Park where we will head west towards Hangleton then up into the Downs towards Devils Dyke. Look out for Deer racing ahead, but no pressure to race against them, it’s a steady run at a pace that suits whatever ability you are.

Once again there is a choice of distance. We have a shorter route of 5 miles, which will head north  towards The Dyke.

The longer run will be up to 9 miles with more hill work. The last mile is an extra loop of the Common just before turning towards  Hove Park, so if 8 miles is more suitable for you then it’s an option to miss the last mile out.

Please comment below if you are joining us and what distance you are running. Thank you.

Meet: Hove Park Cafe

Time: 8:30am

Trainer: Kate, Naomi and Melissa (5 miles)

Contact: Kate 07702983744

Drop in £5