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Stanmer and beyond, Sunday 15th December

What could be at the end of this trail?

What could be at the end of this trail?

This Sunday we are running seven miles of Stanmer and over Ditchling Beacon. There’s stunning views, woodland trails and some hills. Not all up though, we’ve got a downhill for the way back.

It’s our last Sunday run of 2013 and we’re finishing on one of our favourite routes. It’s slightly challenging in places but gives an added bonus to your half marathon training. Because of the hills and off-road terrain your lower body works harder, recruiting the muscles more with less impact on the joints. Social runners are welcome to join us as long as you are up to this distance on off-road running.

MEET and TIME: First car park on the right as you drive into Stanmer Park from the A27 @ 8.20 am for an 8.30 start

Coaches and R/A’s: Kate (07702 983744), Sarah and Tor

Price, £10, bookable online only. If you need or can offer a lift then please post on our facebook page.


Seafront start to half marathon training. Sunday 24th November.

Share the experience.

Share the experience.

Whether you’re after a social run or your Brighton half marathon training has started, our Sunday route this week is a flat seafront 4 mile run. This distance is the perfect starting block for your training and by keeping it flat it will allow you to focus on the pace you anticipate to run the full distance at. Even if you are one of our regular runners and you have been running longer distances recently, keeping the mileage less and building up again will help your body recover for further training. Plus it’s a good one for a fast, flat run.

Our half marathon training runs are a great way to find your running buddy and share the experience with new or old friends. Being part of the FitBitch community offers fantastic camaraderie and support during the training and on the day of the running event.

MEET: outside Marroccos cafe. King’s Esplanade. Hove.

TIME: 8.20 am for a pre run brief. Run starts at 8.30 prompt.

Coach: Kate (07702 983744). R/A: Tor.

Price, £10, bookable online only.



A flat seafront run. Sunday 6th October.

Seaside running.

Seaside running.

What? FitBitch are doing a run on flat ground! Okay, there is a slight hill in the route but compared to our usual off-road runs, you won’t even notice. The two distances are 13.5 and 4 miles. The flat routes will give you the opportunity to work on pace and build confidence for the Amsterdam half marathon or the Brooks 10k. Our long run finishes directly up from the Saltdean undercliffs where the Rise 8k will be taking place. You can absorb the atmosphere but unfortunately we’ll be missing out on their amazing goodie bags!

While we will try to accommodate newcomers and regulars alike, these longer distance runs of 10 and more miles are NOT suitable if you can not demonstrate gradual mileage build up recently. If you have been injured and then upped your mileage please email us first before booking.

ALL BOOKINGS TO BE MADE HERE – under Sunday running. Price: £10. Payable online only.

MEET: Saltdean Lido car park.

TIME: 8:15 to start at 8:30

Coach and R/a’s: Kate 07702983744, Karen and Tor.

Strength and conditioning for runners. Wednesday 18th September.

Core for runners

Core for runners

Running is a fantastic form of exercise because all it takes is a pair of trainers.
But the more experienced you become, the more you realise that there is more to it than just plodding along the pavement.
Come to our next training session which will focus on strength and conditioning specifically for runners.
We will focus on legs, core and arm exercises designed to help build strength and improve speed and prevent injury.
This one hour session will mainly be specific exercises rather than a run, and will help give pointers on technique.

Meet Kate (07702983744) on the lawns adjacent to Hove Street by the life guard hut. Parking in King Alfred Centre. Please note, if you are doing our 0-5k BEGINNERS COURSE,  your coach Karen will also be meeting at this place.

TIME: 7.30 pm

Drop in fee: £5 to be paid online – annual members please use your code. Click here


Sunday running. Beginners or a hilly 10 mile option. 15th September.

Running is never a lonely road with Fitbitch

Running is never a lonely road with Fitbitch

We are offering two distances this week to cater for our Amsterdam half runners and for Brooks 10k and Rise 8k runners. The shorter option is two miles on a flat route which is an out and back run, good for beginners and those starting their Brooks 10k training. This will be on the Undercliffs, starting at the Marina so it’s also a good run to do as part of the Rise 8k training. Covering some of the route of your race is a great way to feel inspired and gain momentum for race day itself. There’s no pressure for pace. Our fantastic Running Ambassador Tor will help you with running tips and techniques and give plenty of encouragement.

The 10 mile route has a combination of terrain and incline and like all of our runs, takes in beautiful scenery. There’s sea and countryside all in one run. We have a lead and a back up runner on this distance so all paces are welcome as long as you are up to the distance and have recently ran at least 9 miles .

ALL BOOKINGS TO BE MADE HERE – under Sunday running. Price: £10. Payable online only.

MEET: Brighton marina. Asda car park. 10 mile runners park in the multi – storey to prevent getting a ticket.

TIME: 8.15 am to start at 8.30.

Coaches. 10 miles: Kate and Melissa. 2 miles: Tor.  Phone contact for the day: 07702983744 (Kate)



Strength and conditioning for all abilities. Wednesday 28th August.

Conditioning for runners

Conditioning for runners

How will strength and conditioning benefit my running?

Strength and conditioning is exercise that allows the body to work with less stress during running. You will notice an improvement in all other areas of your fitness program. If you are just starting out, you may notice how running is difficult and your body doesn’t respond that well to some of the movements. When you begin conditioning, you allow the body to open up and work more easily during running.  Strength and conditioning will reduce your risk of injury, improve bone and joint health, assist in post workout muscle recovery, increase flexibility, decrease muscular soreness, improve both muscular and cardio endurance, and will just overall improve your running level.

MEET: Hove Park playground.

TIME: 7.30 -8.30pm

COACH: Kate. 07702983744

£5 via our online booking system (free to Rise runners – who have just started training with Fitbitch) but check the website for package deals and annual membership.

Up hill, down hill! Wednesday 7th August.

Conquering the hills.

Conquering the hills.


This Wednesday is a stamina hill workout to promote endurance and strength. There are plenty of other benefits to hill training which include increase in lower body strength  including the hip flexors (great for improving hip stability), improves stride frequency and length, neuromuscular co-ordination, and both aerobic and anaerobic power. Not forgetting the calories you burn as you sculpt your bottom half.

This session is suitable for all levels and we will be running repetitions at individual paces using the RPE scale, which will be explained during the warm up.

MEET: Bottom of Dukes Mound, Madeira Drive.

TIME: 7.30 – 8.30pm.

Coach: Kate. 07702983744.

Drop in: £5.



Flow like the River. Sunday 21st July. 6 mile run.

River views, house boats and playgrounds.

River views, house boats and playgrounds.

If you’re part of our beginner’s group to half marathon this six mile run is a perfect one to get your legs in and work on pace and is also open to social runners *(read below) who are already able to run 6miles.

It is also the first run of our NEW POWER YOUR PACe Half Marathon group, training for Bacchus, Firle and Bristol.

We shall be aiming to progress this group to a PB and are aiming to help pace the front runners to a 8min mile pace. Don’t fear, there will another coach ensuring that the rest of the group do not slip below 9min miles.

But it’s not all serious – the scenery is stunning, the weather should be sunny and there’s a great playground at the start to have a little pre-run warm up.

Although the distance is 6 miles its advised that you bring some water to keep yourself hydrated if the Sun is still shining for us.

PLease comment here if you are coming

*Please note that should you wish to join the training group to progress in distance we ask you to commit to some of the course payment. Half Packages are available

MEET:  Shoreham Beach. Beach Green. Car park, near the house boats and playground. 8.15am ready to run at 8.30.

COACHES: Kate (07702983744)  and Melissa 07894146016. R/A Elspeth.

£10 drop in fee for social runners.

Going to the top! Hill training – Wednesday 5th June.

Views from the top.

Smiles and sea views!

Expect sunshine and sea views from the summit on Wednesday. The hill training is once again at Dukes Mound, so we are working on timed repetitions of up to 400 metres. The session is suitable for all levels and will help with race simulation for the upcoming events, Tough Mudder, South Downs and Seaford 10k or half.

There are numerous benefits to hill training and not just for our Sunday runners. Road runners of various distances will reap the rewards after hill training. It’s an effective way of building strength and power whilst also recruiting the upper body and core. An all over workout for you! We will be looking at technique and cadence at the start of the session, which will also improve your running performance on flat runs. PLEASE BRING A STOP WATCH IF YOU HAVE ONE.

MEET: Bottom of Dukes Mound. Madeira Drive – near Yellowave.

TIME: 7:30 – 8:30pm. COACH: Kate 07702983744.

Drop in fee for Wednesday sessions are £5.


Running muscles! Wednesday 24th April, strength and conditioning.

Lift off with strong muscles.

Lift off with strong muscles.

We’ve just had another wondrous weekend of running. The sun was shining for our Bluebell 10k and 10 milers and our weekly Sunday run club. It doesn’t stop there as there’s always new goals to aim for on our running calendar.

In order to achieve our running dreams, improve our performance and prevent injury from kicking in, we need to do regular strength and conditioning. It can be a costly decision not to include strength work in your training. The session will be quite dynamic with some floor work included. If you are coming along, would like a lift or have any questions then please leave a comment.

What to bring: If you do have a mat then bring it along. There are spares.

Meet: The lawns adjacent to King Alfred car park (bottom of Hove Street) 7.30 – 8.30pm

£5 drop in.

Coach: Kate. 07702983744