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Wednesday 6th November run training – strength and stamina.

Light up and run.

Light up and run.

The Brooks 10k is almost upon us, marathon season is approaching and Winter has kicked in! What better time to beat any blues and add variety to your weekly training or to keep up and improve on the fitness that you have already built up.

This Wednesdays session is a mix of both strength work and an interval method that has proven to take minutes of athletes personal best race times. Don’t be afraid if you’re fairly new to running, you won’t be expected to take off like a firework but your legs may start to feel the beneficial burn.

There’s no need to bring anything except warm layers and water.

PLACE AND TIME: Lifeguard hut, corner of Hove Street (parking at King Alfred car park) @ 7.30 pm

COACH: Kate (07702983744)

£5 please book online here



Running muscles! Wednesday 24th April, strength and conditioning.

Lift off with strong muscles.

Lift off with strong muscles.

We’ve just had another wondrous weekend of running. The sun was shining for our Bluebell 10k and 10 milers and our weekly Sunday run club. It doesn’t stop there as there’s always new goals to aim for on our running calendar.

In order to achieve our running dreams, improve our performance and prevent injury from kicking in, we need to do regular strength and conditioning. It can be a costly decision not to include strength work in your training. The session will be quite dynamic with some floor work included. If you are coming along, would like a lift or have any questions then please leave a comment.

What to bring: If you do have a mat then bring it along. There are spares.

Meet: The lawns adjacent to King Alfred car park (bottom of Hove Street) 7.30 – 8.30pm

£5 drop in.

Coach: Kate. 07702983744

Saturday 6th October. 8:00 am start. A Saturday run for all.

Scenery Sunday – the view from the top

That’s not a mistake in the day and time (yes, I know by error I jumped a month ahead in last weeks post!) Due to the Rise 8k and The Royal Parks Half Marathon, we are having our group run on the Saturday at an earlier time of 8am.

Once again we are offering a range of distances. If you are following one of are training plans, we suggest you stick to the distance stated for this weekend. For Brooks 10k runners, the choice of distance is dependant on individual ability. This weeks run is an introduction to the glorious off-road routes, where the views of the sea appear over the fields.

The shortest route is 4 miles, which will turn back at 2 miles and head back to Hove Park, which is everyone’s starting point. All distances start with an incline. But good news, it’s a great way to work on muscular strength as well as endurance.

For those who opt for the 5 mile route, you will stay on the Downs for a loop which takes you back to the park from a different direction. If you decide to cut your run shorter at the half way point then you can do a there and back with the 4 mile runners. Or vice versa, if you feel that you are capable to go that extra mile then you can. As long as you inform our Running Ambassadors before switching.

There is a 6 mile option which is the same off road route as the 5 miles, but adding on the distance by doing a wider lap round Hove.

An 8 mile route will take you slightly further over the Downs before looping back into Hangleton.

All routes end up back in Hove Park which is a convenient stop for coffee after the post run stretch.

Meet: Top corner of Hove Park. Junction of Goldstone Crescent and Woodland Drive. Parking is free.

Time: 8:00 am

Coaches: 8 miles – Kate 07702983744

6 miles – Melissa 07894146016. Running Ambassador: Karen R

4 and 5 miles – Tor and Mel L

Drop in £5

It is important to comment if you are able to join us this week.

Working on strength and speed. Wednesday 18th July.

There’s no holding a FitBitch back.

Non-beginners this Wednesday the focus is on strength and conditioning with some high intensity runs thrown in.

Running requires good coordination of the muscles working together, including the core. Having a varied programme of strength and conditioning exercises in your running schedule will augment the capacity of your cardiovascular system and help prevent injury. You will only see improvements  when you work your body out of its comfort zone. If you want to run further, faster or non-stop up the hills this training session is a must.

Please bring a skipping rope and a mat if you have them.

Meet: Opposite Peter Pan’s playground. Madeira Drive.

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Time: 7:30 – 8:30 pm



Build up your running speed and increase your strength. Wednesday 25th April.

Have you got the power.

Have you got the power?

Some of us are still buzzing from  The Bluebell 10 and marathon fever and inspired to become a stronger runner. That may not be a desire to run that distance, an improvement in running ability is rewarding enough. Strength and speed go hand in hand to enhance this. The combination of the two creates more running power. The body needs to be trained in order to run faster, this is where the speed training works alongside the strength. A complete stride during running requires strength, not only in the lower body. The stronger the body, the longer the stride thus creating more speed.

For a mid to long distance runner (Berlin crew!), this training helps you not only to be more powerful but to keep some energy in reserve as you’re using less energy expenditure. For other runners, this training method will help your running improve and also give you awareness of footstrike and technique.

Where: Hove seafront, promenade by Courtney Terrace (bottom of Fourth Ave)

When: 7.30pm

Coach: Kate. 07702983744

£5 drop in.

Leave a comment if you can join us.